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Families covered: Smyth of Barbaville, Smyth of Gaybrook

William Smyth of Ranagham Manor & Castle, Bishop of Killah, Kilmore & Raphoe (b 1644, d 24.02.1699)
m. (29.05.1672) Mary Povey (d 1730, dau of Sir John Povey, Chief Justice)
1. Ralph Smyth (dsp 1757)
  m. Anne Lanier (dau of Col. Sir John Lanier)
2. James Smyth (d 1759, Archdeacon of Meath)
  m. (06.1713) Catharine Vesey (dau of John Vesey, Archbishop of Tuam)
  A. Ralph Smyth of Fieldstown, Sheriff of co. Westmeath
  m. (04.04.1748) Judith Cramer (dau of Balthazar John Cramer by Judith Butler, dau of 1st Viscount Lanesborough)
  i. Ralph Smyth of Gaybrook, Sheriff of co. Westmeath (b 1751, d 1817)
  m1. Mary Harrison (dau of M. Harrison)
  a. Catherine Smyth (dsp)
  m. (15.11.1807) George Cavendish of Leixlip Castle (son of Sir Henry, Bart, by Baroness Waterpark)
  b.+ other issue (d young)
  m2. (1799) Hannah Maria Staples (d 16.02.1849, dau of Sir Robert Staples, Bart of Dunmore)
  c. Ralph Smyth of Gaybrook (b 1800, dsp 1827)  
  m. (16.02.1822) Georgina Capell (d 19.10.1835, dau of John Thomas Capell, son of 4th Earl of Essex)
  d. Robert Smyth of Gaybrook, Sheriff of co. Westmeath (b 20.07.1801, d 28.07.1878) had issue
  m. (20.05.1830) Henrietta Frances Alexander (dau of Nathaniel Alexander, Bishop of Meath)
  e. Mary Jane Smyth (d unm 27.02.1843)
  f. Anne Smyth (d 25.01.1892)
m. (1830) Walter MacGeough Bond of Drumsgill (d 17.03.1866)
  g. Elizabeth Selina Smyth (d 13.06.1885)
  m. (13.08.1839) Francis Longworth-Dames of Greenhill (d 06.10.1863)
  ii. James Smyth (d 1781, Captain RN)
  B. Edward Smyth 'of Callow Hill', Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (a 1747)
  m. Eleanor Raphson (dau of John Raphson)
  i. Catherine Smyth
  m. Joseph Stock, Bishop of Killala
  ii. Anna Maria Smyth
  m. William Newcombe, Archbishop of Armagh
  iii. Eleanor Smyth
  m. Henry Palmer (Archdeacon of Ossory)
  iv. Jane Smyth
  C. James Smyth of Bath (Rev.)
  m. Hannah Reynell (dau of Arthur Reynell of co. Kildare)
  D. William Smyth
  m. Charlotte Stewart (dau of Capt. Charles Stewart of Lisburn & Clunie by Rose, dau of Roger Hall of Narrow Water)
  i. James Smyth (Rev.)
m. Joanna Ryan
  a. William St. John Smyth of Ballymoney (d 01.1847, Rev.) had issue
  m. Mary Mant (dau of Henry Mant)
b. Mary Smyth (d unm 1857) not mentioned by BIFR1976, reported by a contributor (AL, 13.03.11)
  ii. Ralph Smyth had issue
  m. Amelia St. George Browne (dau of Rev. Thomas Adderley Browne)
  iii. Anne Smyth
  m. Philip Stewart (Major)
iv. Katherine Smyth (d 19.03.1809)
  m. Richard Stewart of Calgorm
  E. Anna Maria Smyth
  m. (1733) William Waller of Allenstown (d 02.10.1796)
3. William Smyth of Barbaville (b 1692, d 22.04.1769)
  m. (c1713) Barbara Ingoldsby (d 18.05.1738, dau of Col. Sir George Ingoldsby of Gortkilleen (by Mary, dau of James Gould of Ballybricken), son of Sir Richard of Lethenborough by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Oliver Cromwell of Hinchinbrooke, cousin of The Protector)
  A. Ralph Leonard Smyth of Barbaville (b 01.06.1717, d 09.12.1790)
m. (27.12.1748) Frances Clarke (dau of Darby Clarke of Kildare) @1@ below
  i. William Smyth of Barbaville (b 11.01.1750, d 13.03.1810)
  m. (26.06.1783) Catherine Meade Ogle (d 04.1826, dau of William Meade Ogle of Drogheda by Mary, dau of James Barlow of Drogheda)
  a. Ralph Leonard Smyth of Barbaville & Newpark (b 29.06.1784, d 24.06.1814) had issue
  m. (20.07.1808) Elizabeth Lyster (d 01.07.1845, dau of Capt. Matthew Lyster of Newpark by Helena Kelly)
  b. William Meade Smythe of Deerpark (b 16.05.1785, d 09.06.1866) had issue
  m. (08.1815) Isabella Mary Howard (d 10.09.1840, dau of William Howard, 3rd Earl of Wicklow)
  c. Henry Meade Smythe of Newton (b 10.01.1787, d 01.1862) had issue
  m. (23.08.1836) Francis Barbara Cooke (b 1817, d 1906, dau of Rev. Richard Cooke) @2@ below
  d. John Smythe (b 17.07.1791, d 1850, rector of Dromiskin) had issue
  m. Harriet Elford Wyatt (d 06.1842, dauof Rev. John Wyatt of Suffolk)
  e. Althea Maria Smyth (b 28.03.1789, dsp 02.1879)
  m. Rev. Thomas Rice Fosbery (d 04.02.1828, son of George of Kildimo)
  f. Frances Ann Smyth (b 17.09.1792, d 1850)
  m. Col. Thomas Francis Wade (Dept. Adj. Gen. for Ireland, son of Robert of Clonebraney)
  g. Catherine Elizabeth Smyth (b 24.06.1800, ds 23.10.1878)
  m. (1819) John Hamilton of The Grove (d 1847, son of Henry of Ballymacoll)
  h.+ other issue - Michael (b 12.04.1795, d 182*), Robert Leavens (b 19.09.1796, d young), Frederick (b 28.02.1798, d unm 12.1821)
  ii. Ralph Smyth of Drogheda (b 30.03.1761, d 06.04.1826, Captain, 4th son)
  m. (1784/5) Mary Schoales (bur 04.02.1850, dau of George Schoales, alderman of Drogheda)
a. Ralph Smyth of Newtown House, Termonfeckin (b 1786, d 1865) had issue
  m. Ann Crawford (dau of Rev. Charles Crawford of Drogheda)
  b. Robert Geoffrey Smyth (d young)
  c. Mary Hannah Smyth (d 16.06.1844)
  m. (10.121812) St. George Smith of Greenhill (d 04.03.1873, son of Henry of Beabey)
  iii. Barbara Smyth (b 03.03.1751, d c1817)
  m. (28.07.1774) John Cooke of Cookesborough (son of Richard)
a. Richard Cooke of Ballyneal (Rev.)
  (1) Frances Barbara Cooke (b 03.12.1817, d 01.03.1906)
  m. (23.08.1836) Henry Meade Smythe of Newton @2@ above
  iv. Ann Smyth (b 16.02.1753)
  m. (12.1781) John William Digby (son of Simon of Landenstown)
  v. Frances Smyth (b 15.02.1764, d 27.03.1847)
  m. (04.06.1787) Sir Hugh Crofton, 2nd Bart of Mohill Castle (d 06.01.1834)
vi.+ other issue - Ralph (b 01.1752, d infant), Ralph (b 30.06.1759, d before 1761), James (b 23.12.1762, d unm after 1785), Charles (b 10.04.1761, d young), Frances (b 07.03.1754, d before 1758), Mary (b 10.1755, d unm after 1785), Frances (b 04.07.1758, d before 1764)
  B.+ other issue - William (b 07.1714, d 05.1717), Mary (b 01.1715/6, d 02.1716/7)
4. Elizabeth Smyth
  m. (15.02.1696) Edward Smyth, Bishop of Down & Connor (d 16.10.1720)
5. Mary Smyth (d 23.10.1753)
  m. Thomas de Burgh of Oldtown (d 10.10.1730)
6. Frances (or Anne) Smyth
  m. Darby Clarke of Kildare
  A. Frances Clarke (d 12.09.1773, youngest dau)
  m. (27.12.1748) Ralph Leonard Smyth of Barbaville (b 01.06.1717, d 09.12.1790) @1@ above
7. Alice Smyth
  m. Rev. John Echlin (nephew of John, Archbishop of Tuam)

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