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Families covered: Skipwith of Matheringham, Skipwith of Newbold Hall, Skipwith of Ormesby (Ormsby)

Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (a 1527)
m1. Elizabeth Tyrwhit (dau of Sir William Tyrwhit of Kettleby)
1. Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1587)
  m1. Elizabeth Page (dau of Sir Richard Page of Beechwood)
A. Sir Richard Skipwith of Ormesby
  m. Mary Chamberlain (dau of Sir Ralph Chamberlain of Gidding)
  i. William Skipwith of Ormesby
  m1. (sp) Anne (relict of Sir Robert Constable)
  m2. (sps) Anne Portington (dau of Thomas Portington of Portington)
  ii. Edward Skipwith of Ormesby (dspms)
  m. Christian Ask (dau of Robert Ask of Aughton)
iii. Henry Skipwith of Ormesby (d 07.03.1629-30)
  m. Margaret Fulwar (dau of Richard Fulwar of Copwood) ## here? ##
  a. William Skipwith of Ormesby
  m. Elizabeth Redding (dau of Richard Redding of Harrow-on-the-Hill)
  (1) Sir Fulwar Skipwith, 1st Bart of Newbold Hall (d c1678)
  m1. Dorothy Parker (dau of Thomas Parker of Anglesey Abbey)
(A) Humberton Skipwith (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Cony (dau of Sir George Cony)
  (i) Sir Fulwar Skipwith, 2nd Bart of Newbold Hall (d 13.05.1728)
  m. (19.08.1703) Mary Dashwood (dau of Sir Francis Dashwood, Bart)
  (a) Sir Francis Skipwith, 3rd Bart of Newbold Hall (d 06.12.1778)
  m. (1734) Ursula Cartwright (dau of Thomas Cartwright of Aynho)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas George Skipwith, 4th Bart of Newbold Hall (dsp 1790)
  m. Selina Shirley (dau of George Shirley of Ettington)
(b) Mary Skipwith (bur 29.10.1736)
  m. Edward Charles Thomas Clerke of Watford (bpt 19.03.1694-5, bur 19.01.1750-1)
  (c)+ other issue - Fulwar Humberston, George (b c1718, d 1729), Elizabeth
  (ii) Elizabeth Skipwith (b c1679, d 16.05.1704)
  m. (12.10.1697) William Craven, 2nd Lord of Hampsted Marshall (b c1668, d 09.10.1711)
  (B)+ other issue - Fulwar, Elizabeth
  m2. Elizabeth Skipwith (dau of Edward Skipwith of Grantham) @@ below
  (2) Elizabeth Skipwith (bpt 03.11.1611, bur 28.11.1668) possibly of this generation
  m1. John Newcomen of Saltfleetby (bur 29.08.1657)
  m2. (c10.1660) Robert Maddison of Trusthorpe (b c1622, a 1660)
iv. Catherine Skipwith
  m. Charles Ayscough
  v. Susan Skipwith
  m. William Skipwith of Utterby
  B. Frances Skipwith
  m1. Francis Constable of Burstwick (possibly Ralph, brother of Sir John)
  m2. (Sir) Ralph Ellerker of Risby
C. Anne Skipwith
  m. Francis Kersey
  D. Mabilla Skipwith
  m. Thomas Skipwith of Utterby
  E. Elizabeth Skipwith
  m. Thomas Portington of Portington
  F. Mary Skipwith
  m. George Methem
  G. Margaret Skipwith
  m. John Try of Harwick
  m2. Anne Tothby (dau of John Tothby of Tothby)
  H. Edward Skipwith of Benisthorp
  m. Mary Hansard (dau of Richard Hansard of Bickersthorpe)
  i. Edward Skipwith of Gosberton and Grantham
  m. Elizabeth Hatcher (dau of Sir John Hatcher of Coteby)
a. Edward Skipwith
  m. Alice Prickett (dau of Marmaduke Prickett)
  (1) Edward Skipwith (dsp)
  b. Sir Thomas Skipwith, 1st Bart of Matheringham (d 06.1694)
  m1. Elizabeth Lathom (dau of Ralph Lathom of Upminster)
  (1) Sir Thomas Skipwith, 2nd Bart of Matheringham (d 06.1710)
  m. Margaret Bridges (dau of George, Lord Chandos)
  (A) Sir George Bridges Skipwith, 3rd Bart of Matheringham (dsp 04.06.1736)
  m. Martha Pitt (dau of Dr. Robert Pitt)
  (B) Lucy Skipwith
  (2) Susan Skipwith
  m. Sir John Williams, Bart of Minster Court
m2. Elizabeth Rea (dau of Sir John Rea of London)
  c. Charles Skipwith (dsp)
  m. Martha Fleming (dau of John Fleming)
  d. William Skipwith (dsps)
  m. Dorothy Hawkridge (dau of Anthony Hawkridge)
  e. Elizabeth Skipwith
  m1. Sir George Cony
  m2. Sir Fulwar Skipwith, 1st Bart of Newbold Hall (d c1678) @@ above
f. daughter
  m. Sir Edward Boshe
  g. Mary Skipwith
  m. ?? Buck of Linwholme
  h.+ other issue - John (dsp), Henry (d unm), daughter (d unm)
  ii. Elizabeth Skipwith
  m. Richard Osney of Louth
2. Lionel Skipwith ancestor of Skipwiths of Calthorp
3. John Skipwith of Walmsgate
  A. Lionel Skipwith (dsp)
  B. Mary Skipwith (d before 20.10.1627) probably of this generation
  m. John Newcomen of Saltfleetby (bur 01.05.1621)
4. George Skipwith of Cotes of Cottenham
5. Elizabeth Skipwith
  m. Thomas Clifford of Brakenburgh
6. Anne Skipwith
  m. (1545) William Hatcliffe of Hatcliffe
7. Bridget Skipwith
  m. Brian Cave of Ingarsby
8. Eleanor or Jane Skipwith
  m. (before 28.07.1535) Richard Bolles
m2. Alice Dymoke (dau of Sir Lionel Dymoke of Scrivelsby)
9. Henry Skipwith of Prestwould, Leicestershire (d 1588)
  m. Jane Hall (dau of Francis Hall of Grantham)
10. Margaret Skipwith (d 06.05.1583)
  m1. (04/5.1539) George Tailboys, 2nd Lord (b c1522, dsp before 06.09.1540)
  m2. (20.02.1546/7) Sir Peter Carew of Mohun's Ottery (dsp 27.11.1575)
  m3. (20.07.1579) Sir John Clifton of Barrington (d 25.05.1593)
11. daughter
  m. Tristram Tyrwhitt of Granby (dsp, of Kettleby family)

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Skipwith of Newbold Hall), BEB1844 (Skipwith of Matheringham), BP1934 (Skipwith)
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