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Families covered: Skipwith of Beakby, Skipwith or Ormesby (Ormsby), Skipwith of Skipwith

Jeffrey de Schypwith
m. Mariana (dau of William de Manithorp)
1. Reginald de Skipwith (a 1208)
  A. Sir William de Skipwith of Skipwith (a c1250)
  m. Alice Thorp (dau of Sir John Thorp of Thorp)
  i. Sir William de Skipwith of Thorp and Beakby
  m. Isabel de Arches (dau of Sir Robert de Arches of Wranby)
  a. John de Skipwith of Beakby
  m. Margaret de Flinton (dau of Herbert de Flinton)
  (1) William de Skipwith (d 1337-8)
m. Margaret (dau of Ralph FitzSimon of Ormsby)
  (A) John Skipwith of Ormsby or Ormesby (dsp 1337-8)
  (B) Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby (d 1391, judge, Chief Justice of Ireland)
  m. Alice Hiltoft (dau of Sir William de Hiltoft of Ingoldnells)
  (i) Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby, Ingoldnells, etc
BP1934 reports that William died unmarried. BEB1844 does not identifty a spouse/partner but reports that he had a daughter ...
  (a) (Elizabeth) Skipwith
  m. George, 'Lord' Monboucher
  (ii) John Skipwith of Ormesby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 15.07.1415)
  m. Alice Tilney (dau of Sir Frederick Tilney of Tilney)
  (a) William Skipwith (dvpsp)
(b) Sir Thomas Skipwith of Ormesby (d c1427)
  m. Margaret Willoughby (dau of John Willoughby, 3rd Lord of Ereseby)
  ((1)) Sir William Skipwith, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (dvp)
  m1. Joan Mortimer (dau of Sir Robert Mortimer)
m2. Agnes Constable (dau of Sir John Constable of Burton Constable)
  ((A)) Sir John Skipwith of Ormesby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire
  m. (1480) Catherine FitzWilliams (dau of Richard FitzWilliams of Wadsworth)
  ((i)) Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (a 1527)
  m1. Elizabeth Tyrwhit (dau of Sir William Tyrwhit of Kettleby)
  m2. Alice Dymoke (dau of Sir Lionel Dymoke of Scrivelsby)
  ((ii)) Katherine Skipwith
  m. Sir Thomas Heneage of Hainton
  ((iii)) Mary Skipwith possibly a generation earlier?
  m. George FitzWilliams of Mablethorp
((iv)) Elizabeth Skipwith
  m1. Anthony Riggs
  m2. Matthew Thimelby (d c1551)
  ((v)) Margaret Skipwith confusion with just above??
  m. Richard Yarborough
  ((vi)) Agnes Skipwith possibly of this generation, confusion just above??
  m. Charles Yarborough
  ((B)) Alice Skipwith
  m. Sir John Markham (a 1488)
  (c) Patrick Skipwith ancestor of Skipwiths of Utterby and Snore
  (iii) Alice Skipwith
  m. Robert Willoughby, 4th Lord of Eresby (d 09.08.1396)
  (iv) Margaret Skipwith (d 01.07.1415)
  m. Sir Henry Vavasor of Haslewood (d 27.03.1413)
  (v)+ other issue - Patrick, Stephen, Thomas
  (C) Sir Ralph Skipwith ancestor of Skipwiths of Hepburgh
2. Gerard de Skipwith

Main source(s): BEB1844 (Skipwith of Newbold Hall), BP1934 (Skipwith)
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