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Families covered: Livesey of Kent, Livesay of Sutton

George Livesey or Livesay of Sutton
m. _ Skillicome of Prees
1. Lawrence Livesay of Sutton
  m. Elizabeth Standish (dau of _ Standish of Scoles)
  A. George Livesay of Sutton (d c1648)
  m. Cecilie Stanley (dau of John Stanley of Lyddiat)
  i. Lawrence Livesay of Sutton (b 1634-5, a 1665)
  m. Margery Broiugh (dau of Edward Brough of Little Crosby)
  a.+ issue (a 1665) - Cecilie (b 1658-9), Margaret, Mary, Anne
  ii.+ other issue - George, Anne
  B. Christhopher Livesay of Sutton (d c1649)
  m. Elizabeth Eccleston (dau of _ Eccleston of Eccleston)
  i.+ issue - Mary, Margaret, Alice, Elianor
  C. Margaret Livesay
  m. Matthew Kenyon of Sutton
  D. Elizabeth Livesay
  m. Matthew Bushell of Bold
2. Ursula Livesay
  m. Reynold Lancaster of Wrainhill



?? Levesey or Livesey
1. Edmund Levesey or Livesey of Parva Markham, Nottinghamshire
  m. _ Nevill of Nottinghamshire
  A. Henry Levesey or Livesey
  i. daughter
  m. _ Roken or Koken
  B. Alexander Levesey or Livesey
Visitation identifies Alexander's wife as "Anna filia .... ffrechwell de Slaby [Staveley]". BEB1841 identifies her as "Anne, Fleshwell, of Slaby". We presume to treat this as meaning that she was possibly ...
  m. Anne Frescheville (dau of ?? Frescheville of Staveley)
  i. Robert Livesey of Steatham, Sheriff of Sussex & Surrey (a 1592, 1602) identified in Visitation (Kent, 1530+1572+1623, Levesey) as "of Tooting"
  m1. Amy Brooke (dau of John Brooke of London)
  a. Martha or Matilda Livesey
  m. Sir Edward Peyton, Bart (d 04.1657)
  m2. Elizabeth Berkeley (dau of Maurice Berkeley of Wymondham (by Margaret Harrington), widow of Robert Pakenham)
  b. Alexander Livesey named Edward by Berry
(1) Robert Livesey (a 1619)
  c. William Livesey (dsp)
  d. Gabriel Livesey of Hollingborne, Sheriff of Kent (d 18.03.1622)
m(2). Anne Sondes (dau of Sir Michael Sondes of Throwley)
  (1) Sir Michael Livesey of East Church (Kent), Bart (b c1611, a 10.1663, dspm)
  Sir Michael "sided with the parliament in the troubled times in which he lived, acted as one of the king's judges, and signed the death warrant of the ill-fated Charles. He died before the Reformation, nevertheless immediately after that event, an act of parliamend passed, for his attainder and the forfeiture of all his lands ... The Baronetcy was of course extinguished". TCB (vol 2, 'Livesey or Lyvesey', p29+) names 2 daughters and identifies his wife as Elizabeth. It appears that this was ...
  m. Elizabeth Clinton (dspm c1666, dau of Sir Henry Clinton or Fynes)
  (A) Deborah Livesey
  (B) Anne Livesey
  m. Sir Robert Sprignell, 2nd Bart (dsp)
2. Robert Levesey (3rd son?)
  A. daughter
  m. _ Brouley of Spoundon
3. Nicholas Levesey
  A. John Levesey
  i. William Levesey (dsp)
  ii. Stephen Levesey
  a. William Levesey
  iii. John Levesey
  a. John Levesey
  (1) Rodolph (Ralph) Levesey of Minster in the Isle of Sheppey
  m. Petronilla Allen (dau of John Allen of the Isle of Sheppey)
  (A) daughter
  B. William Levesey
  i. Peter Levesey
  C. Nicholas Levesey
  i. daughter
  D. daughter
  m. _ Rose
4.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, John (dsp, Dean of Tuxford)

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(2) For lower section (initially uploaded within a Temporary page on 10.12.08, reviewed 24.12.16) : BEB1841 ('Livesey of East Church'), Visitation (Kent, 1619, 'Levesey'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p197)
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