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Families covered: Livesey of Livesey (Livesay or Levesey)

Adam de Bury of Livesey, etc. (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Roger de Bury (a 1227)
2. William de Bury of Livesey = William de Livesey (a 1227, 1246)
  A. Henry de Livesey possibly father or uncle of ...
  i. William de Livesey
VCH repports that "The relationship of Henry to William de Livesey is uncertain." It is not clear whether that refers to this William and the following Henry or between this William and the above Henry.
  a. Henry de Livesey (a 1336)
  (1) Henry de Livesey
  m. (c1336) Cecily de Sutton (dau of Thomas de Sutton)
  (A) John de Livesey (d by 1389) successor to Henry
  (i) John Livesey of Livesey (a 1431, a 1445) succeeded by ...
  (a) Geoffrey Livesey of Livesey succeeded by ...
  ((1)) John Livesey of Livesey (d before 20.07.1504)
  ((A)) Giles Livesey of Livesey (d 1521) - continued below
  m. (c1494) Alice Talbot (dau of John Talbot of Salesbury)



Giles Livesey of Livesey (d 1521) - continued above
m. (c1494) Alice Talbot (dau of John Talbot of Salesbury)
1. James Livesey of Livesey (b c1502, d 1548)
  This generation omitted by Visitation (St. George, Lancashire, 1613, 'Levesey') which starts with Richard's father Gyles.
  m. (by 1521) Alice Rushton (dau of James Rushton of Pouthalgh)
  A. Richard Livesey of Livesey (d 1591)
  m. (26.04.1543) Ellen Lister (dau of Christopher Lister of Middop)
  i. John Livesey (dvp 1575)
  m. (mcrt 1575) Jennet Isherwood (dau/coheir of John Isherwood of Pleasington by Margaret)
  a. James Livesey of Livesey (b c1578, dsp 1619)
m. Alice Bradshaw (dau of James Bradshaw of Darcy Lever)
  b. John Livesey of South Hykeham, Lincolnshire
VCH reports that, when James of Livesey died in 1619, his manor & estates passed to Ralph, younger son of John Livesey of South Hykeham. It seemed reasonable to presume that this John, previously mentioned by VCH as brother of James & Mary, was that John. However, John is not mentioned by Visitation (St. George, Lancashire, 1613, 'Levesey') which suggests that he may have died young. Nevertheless, Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, 'Livesay of Livesay') starts with a John Livesay of Livesay father (by Elizabeth Cartwright) of Raphe "whom James Livesay ... adopted as his heir". The fact that John is shown as by Dugdale as "of Livesay" indicates that he was probably of or at least close to the main line. Consequently, we show this John as father of James's heir Ralph by ...
  m. Elizabeth Cartwright (dau of ?? Cartwright of Ossington)
  (1) Ralph Livesey of Livesey (b c1611, d 1695)
  m1. Mary Radcliffe (dau of William Radcliffe or Ratcliffe of Manchester)
  (A) James Livevsey (b 1628, dvp 1632)
  m2. Anne Clayton (dau of Thomas Clayton of Fulwood (Fullwood))
  (B) Ralph Livesey of Livesey (b c1657, d 1725, 3rd son of this marriage)
m. Anne
  (i) Porter Livesey of Livesey (d unm 1747)
  (ii) William Livesey
  (a) Ralph Livesey of Livesey (d 1766)
  m. Mary Consett (dau of Ralph Consett (later Bell) of Brawith Hall)
  ((1)) Mary Livesey (b c1756, d unm 1774)
  VCH reports that Mary's aunt Elizabeth "enjoyed a life interest in the estates until her death" and that they then passed to Ralph's brother-in-law, Ralph Bell of Thirsk then Ralph's 2nd son Robert (b 1768) who "assumed the additional surname and arms of Livesey" but about 1806 "sold the manor with various estates in Livesey" to a member of the Feilden family.
(b) Elizabeth Livesey (d 1801)
  m. Daniel Wilson of Lancaster
  (C)+ other issue - John (d infant), James (d infant), Elizabeth, Martha, Sarah, others?
  Also mentioned by Dugdale were ...
  (2) Elizabeth Livesey
  m. George Sim of London
  (3)+ other issue - William of Staple Inn, Roger in Ireland (a 1664)
  c. Mary Livesey
  m. Thomas Parker of Loveley
  ii. George Livesey or Livesay of Sutton "a younger son of the house of Livesay", possibly of this generation
  m. _ Skillicome of Prees
  B. Margaret Livesey or Livesay probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Walmesley of Sholay or Sholley (d 04.1584)
2. Anne Livesey probably of this generation
  m. Roger Rishton of Pontalghe

Main source(s): VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, 'Townships: Livesey')
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