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Families covered: Lamont of Inveryne, Lamont of Lamont, Lamont of Monydrain, Lamont of Robroyston, Lamont of Stillaig

As may be seen here, the ScotsWeb site reports that "Clan Lamont claim descent from Lauman who lived in Cowal in 1238. Tradition gives this Lauman a descent from an Irish prince named Anrothan O’Neill. Clan Lamont like several other clans, such as Clan MacEwen of Otter, Clan Maclachlan, Clan MacNeil of Barra, and the MacSweens, all claim descent from Anrothan O’Neill, who left Ireland for Kintyre in the 11th century."
Farquhar (living in the 12th century)
1. Malcolm Macerachar (d by 1235)
  BP2003 suggests that Malcolm's spouse may possibly have been a dau of Somerled of Argyll. Provisionally, we show her a generation later, following the suggestion by William Skene, in 'The Highlanders of Scotland' (2nd edition by Alexander Macbain (1902), p254), that Angus MacRory (father of James father of Jean who Alexander, 4th Steward) "was the ancestor of the Lamonds". Skene reports that "From Laucmanus the clan appear to have taken the name of Maclaman or Lamond; and previous to Laumanus they unquestionably bore the name of Macerachar, and clan ic Earachar".
  m. ?? (dau of Angus MacRory son of Somerled)
  A. Laumon (d 1293)
  i. Malcolm (a 1295)
  a. (Sir) John 'Mor' Lamont (d 1353)
  (1) Duncan (d 1381)
  (A) Robert Lamont of Innertyne (d 1433)
  m. Anne (dau of ??, Lord of the Isles)
  (i) Celestin Lamont (dvp)
(a) Duncan Lamont of that ilk (d 1448)
  ((1)) Sir John (Ian) Lamont of that ilk of Inverreyne (b 1437, d 1488)
  m. Agnes (dau of ??, Lord of the Isles)
  BP2003 reports that Sir John died "leaving several daughters". Probably of this generation were ...
  ((A)) Agnes Lamont
  m. Dugald Campbell of Auchinbreck & Kilmichael (d 1497)
  ((B)) Lilias Lamont
m. Charles Robertson of Lude (d c1500??)
  ((C)) Mariota Lamont
  m. Colin Campbell of Otter
  ((2)) Duncan Lamont of that ilk
  m. (c1498) Gelis Buchanan (dau of (Walter) Buchanan of that ilk)
  ((A)) Sir John Lamont of that ilk (b 1498, d 1568)
  BP2003 identifies John's 1st wife as Mair Campbell. She was possibly ...
m1. Jean Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll)
  m2. Fynert Cowall
  m3. Margaret Smollett
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  ((i)) Robert Lamont (dvpsp c1540)
((ii) Duncan Lamont of that ilk (d 1579) - continued below
  m. Isabel Stewart
  ((iii)) Archibald Lamont of Stillaig (d c1587) had issue
  ((iv)) Robert Lamont of Silvercraigs (d c1580) had issue
  ((v)) Walter Lamont of Auchagoyl (d 1593/1603) had issue
  ((vi)) Mariota Lamont possibly of this generation
  m. John Campbell (a 06.1568, Captain of Carrick)
  ((B)) Allan Lamont (Lawmonth) of Ellenhill & St. Andrews, Fife (d 1574, youngest son)
  m1. Helen Melville of Carnbee
  m2. Margaret Moncrieff
((C))+ other issue - Archibald (dsp c1548), Robert (dsp 1558, parson of Kilmodan), Walter (dsp 1575, parson of Kilmodan), Angus of Derybruich (d c1570, had issue), John (d c1563, clerk of Kilfinan, priest of St. Andrews)
  (ii) son ancestor of the Bourdonns of Feddall (and possibly Lamonts in Skye)
  (iii) son ancestor of the Landesses in Paisley & Blantyre
  (iv) son ancestor of the McTurners in Luss
  (v) Christina Lamont possibly of this generation --
  m. (1396) Colin Campbell of Ardkinglas (d 1434) --
  (2) Mary (or Isabella) Lamont possibly of this generation --
  m. Sir Archibald Campbell of Lochow (d by 1394) --
  ii. Malmory (d 1296)
m. Christian MacDougall
  iii. son
  The following link is highly speculative! BP2003 suggests that Laumon had a son who is "considered to be ancestor of the Lyons of Glamis".
  a. ??
  Uncertain on number of intevening generations.
  (1) ??
  (A) Sir John Lyon of Forteviot, 1st of Glamis, Chamberlain (d 04.11.1382) --
  m. (c08.1376) Johanna Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots) --
  iv. Jennet Lamont possibly of this generation
  m. Dugald Campbell of Craignish (d c1270)
2. Duncan (a c1235) ancestor of the McSorley Lamonts of Moneydrain
3. David (a 1270, monk in Paisley)



Duncan Lamont of that ilk (d 1579) - continued above
m. Isabel Stewart
1. Archibald Lamont (dvpsp)
2. Sir James Lamont of that ilk (d 1614)
m. (1565) Moir MacLachlan (dau of _ MacLachlan of that ilk)
  A. Robert Lamont (dvpsp c1597)
  B. Sir Coll Lamont of that ilk
  This is probably the Sir Coll, father of Grizel, who is identified by the Macfarlane sources as 12th of Inveryne.
  m. (by 19.01.1610) Barbara Sempill (d c1634, dau of Lord Sempill)
  BP2003 suggests that Barbara d c1634 but TSP (Sempill) suggests that she was alive in 1642 (having had 3 sons + 4 daughters) and that it was Coll who d c1634.
  i. Sir James Lamont 'of Inveryne' of that ilk (b 1612, d 1670)
  m. Margaret Campbell (dau of (Sir Colin) Campbell of Ardkinglas)
a. Archibald Lamont of that ilk (b 1646, dspl 1712)
  m. (by 1680) Margaret Urry of Pitsligo
  partner unknown
(1) John Lamont of Kilfinan (b c1670)
  m. (1701) Margaret Lamont (dau of Dugald Lamont of Stillaig, later of that ilk) @@ below
  (A) Archibald Lamont of that ilk (b 1707, d 1767)
  m. (22.09.1740) Amelia (Mackenzie) (d 19.01.1801, dau of John, 2nd Earl of Cromarty)
  (i) John Lamont of Lamont of that ilk (b 1741, d 1816)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 ('Lamont of Lamont').
  m. (10.08.1773) Helen Campbell (d 1840, dau of Duncan Campbell of South Hall)
  (a) John Lamont of Lamont & Robroyston , last of Inneryne (d 1827, Major General) had issue
  BP2003 shows that John's line died out (in the male line) in 1929 so that the Chieftainship of the Clan passed to a descendant of his brother Norman.
  m. (1805) Rebecca Hobbs (dau of George Hobbs of Barnaboy)
(b) Norman Lamont of Monydrain (d 1834, MP for Somerset) had issue in Australia
  m. (1809) Hannah Porch of Somerset
  (ii) Hugh Lamont of Robroyston (d 1785, Major)
  m. (1779) Catherine Landess of Robroyston
  (a) Archibald Lamont of Robroyston & Monydrain (d unm 1828)
  (iii) Amelia Lamont possibly of this generation
  m. Duncan Campbell of Ross (b 05.05.1742, dsp 1822)
  (B) Anne Lamont probably of this generation
m. (mcrt 10.03.1732) Donald (or Daniel) Campbell, last of Ardentinny
  (C) Christina Lamont possibly of this generation
  m. Charles Macalaster of Loup (Lt. General)
  ii. Archibald Lamont of Stillaig (d 1671)
m. Mary Stewart (dau of _ Stewart of Ascog)
  a. Dugald Lamont of Stillaig, later of that ilk (d 1729)
  m1. (10.1684) Margaret Stuart (dau of ?? Stuart of Bute)
  (1) Margaret Lamont (b 1685)
  m. (1701) John Lamont of Kilfinan @@ above
  (2) Mary Lamont probably of this generation
m. (1720) Colin Campbell, 16th of Strachur and of Ardgartan (d 01.09.1743)
  (3) Jean Lamont possibly of this generation
  m. (1714, div 1727) Dugald Campbell, 2nd of Ederline, 3rd of Inverhae (d 1746)
  m2. (by 1723) Mary MacLachlan (dau of _ MacLachlan of MacLachlan)
  iii. Grizel Lamont (b 1622, d 1655) probably of this generation
  m. (c1645) John Macfarlane of Arrochar (d before 25.02.1679)
  iv. Anna Lamont probably of this generation
  m. William Craufurd of Auchenames
  v.+ other issue - Ninian (dsp c1656), 2 other daughters

Main source(s): BP2003 ('Lamont of the ilk, Chief of Lamont'))
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