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Families covered: Somerville-Macalaster of Kennox, Macalaster of Loup

(1) The name of this family is spelt in various ways including MacAlister, MacAlasdair, McAlester and Macalaster. Even though the family covered below appeard to have spelt the nameas Macalaster (or McAlester), we name the page MacAlister as that appears to be the version favoured by the various web sites which support the Clan.
(2) There are alternative theories for how the progenitor of the Macalasters of Loup connected to the MacDonald Lords of the Isles but the most supported appears to be that they descended from the Alexander shown below, who was son of Donald son of Reginald son of Somerled of Argyll. However, BLG1886 suggests that they descended fom the Alexander MacDonald (d 1303), nephew of the first mentioned Alexander, who was Lord of the Isles but had his estates forfeited with the leadership of the Clan passing to his younger brother, Angus Og (## see here ##).
Alexander ('Alastair or Alasdair Mor') MacDonald (a 1284)
1. Domhnall (a 1291)
  A. Alasdair (a 1291)
  These early generations come from Wikipedia ("Clan MacAlister") which reports that at least some of this succession is "obscure". We suggest that they be viewed with caution.
  i. Raghnamm (a 1366)
  a. Alasdair (a c1400)
  (1) Eoin (Ian) 'Dubh' MacAlasdair - continued below



Eoin (Ian) 'Dubh' MacAlasdair - continued below
1. Charles Vic-Ean-Dubh or Macalster
  A. John Vic-Ean-Dubh or Macalster generation given by Wikipedia but omitted by BLG1886
  i. Angus Vic-Ean-Dubh or Macalster of The Loup, Argyllshire (a 1515)
  a. Alexander Macalaster of Loup (a 1540)
(1) Hector Macalaster of Loup
  (A) Alexander Macalaster of Loup (a 1573)
  (i) Godfrey Macalaster of Loup (a 1591)
  (a) Hector Macalaster of Loup
m. (11.03.1620) Margaret Campbell (dau of (Colin) Campbell of Kilberry)
  ((1)) Godfrey Macalaster of Loup
Commoners (vol 3, 'Macalaster of Loup and Kennox', p687) starts with Alexander (father of Godfrey and the Duncan who settled in Holland) showing him as the husband of a dau of Sir Robert Montgomerie with his son Godfrey being father (by Grace, dau of Sir James Campbell, Bart of Auchinbreck) of Hector (dsp) & Charles (m. _ Lamont). BLG1886 provides the following, suggesting that it was Godfrey who married ...
  m. ?? Montgomerie (dau of Sir Robert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie)
  ((A)) Alexander Macalaster of Loup (a 1690)
m. Jane Campbell (dau of Sir James Campbell, Bart of Auchinbreck)
  ((i)) Hector Macalaster (dsp)
  ((ii)) Charles Macalaster of Loup (Lt. General)
  m. Christina Lamont (dau of ?? Lamont of Lamont)
  ((a)) Angus Macalaster of Loup
m. (1764) Jane Macdonald (dau of John Macdonald of Ardnacross (by Grace Macaster), widow of John Dun)
  (((1))) Charles Macalaster of Loup, later Somerville-Macalaster of Kennox, Ayrshire (b 13.01.1765, d 10.1847, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (28.03.1792) Janet Somerville (dau/her of William Somerville of Kennox by Lilas, dau/coheir of Gabriel Porterfield of Hapland)
  (((A))) Charles Somerville-Macalaster of Loup & Kennox, Chief of the Clan (b 15.09.1799) had issue
  m. (01.1828) Mary Adeline Brabazon Lyon (d 1861, dau/heir of Edward Lyon of Dublin by Anna Catherine, dau/coheir of George Frederick Winstanley of Philipsburgh)
  (((B)))+ other issue - James of Chapeltown, Williamina (d 1874), Jane (d 1871)
  (((2))) Joanna Macalaster
  m. John Macalester of Ballinakill
  (((3))) Grace Macalaster
  m. Alexander Alexander of Carlung (Major)
  ((b)) Archibald Macalaster (Lt. General)
  m. "an English lady"
(((1)))+ issue including Angus (Lt. Colonel)
  ((c))+ "a large family"
  ((iii)) Duncan Macalaster ("settled in Holland")
m. (1717) Johanna Luchetemaker (dau of Arnold Luchetemaker of Meurs)
  ((a)) Robert Macalaster (General of the Scots Brigade in Holland) had issue in Holland
  ((iv)) Grace Macalaster
  m. John Macdonald of Ardnacross (brother of laird of Kingsburgh in Skye)
  ((v))+ "a numerous family"
  ((2)) Barbara Macalaster probably of this generation
  m. Archibald Campbell (d c1695)
  ((2)) Mary Macalaster probably of this generation
  m. (mcrt 21.05.1642) Archibald Campbell of Corranmore (d before 24.04.1652)
  ((3)) daughter possibly fits here
  m. Duncan Campbell of Asknish (a 1689)
  (ii) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Duncan Campbell (d before 1592, vicar of Kilfinnan)

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Macalaster of Loup and Kennox') with some input/support/contradiction from Commoners (vol 3, 'Macalaster of Loup and Kennox', p687+)
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