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Families covered: Hamilton of Belhaven, Hamilton of Broomhill
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John Hamilton, 1st of Broomhill (a 1473, d 08.1526)
There are disagreements between our sources on the early generations of this family. There was even major disagreement 'within' a source as Anderson's 1827 Supplement to his 'Memoirs of the House of Hamilton' made significant revisions to the account of the family he had given in the original 1825 Memoirs. The 2015 revision of this page was made before we had access to 'HamiltonHistory' (1933) but gave some precedence to Birnie's 1838 work which appeared reasonably reliable. That view was supported when the page was revised in June 2016 with the benefit of 'HamiltonHistory'. Not least because that book is the most recent of the major potentially-useful sources that we know about and may reasonably be viewed as now The Definitive Work on the Hamiltons, the following follows 'HamiltonHistory' but we have kept note of much of what the others sources show in order to explain why we may differ from what various other web sites show on these generations.
(a) HJHeraldry (1909), which identifies its Authorities as 'Scots Peerage' (i.e. TSP, 1905) and 'House of Hamilton' (i.e. 'AndersonMemoirs', although HJHeraldry appears to be inconsistent between following the 1825 original and the 1827 Supplement), shows the first wife of John (and mother of David & John) as "Janet Hamilton, thought to be daughter of Robert Hamilton of Preston" and then shows him succeeded by first David (m. Margaret Sempill) and then his brother John, shown as father (by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Patrick Hamilton of Udston) of Sir James (m. Margaret, dau of William Hamilton of Udston) father of the 1st Lord Belhaven.
(b) TSP, which is a bit skimpy on the early generations, suggests that John d c1550 and identifies his successor John as son of Margaret Dalzell with him as father (apparently by Anne, dau of Hamilton of Kilbrachmont) of Sir James (m. Margaret Hamilton).
(c) Birnie (1838) shows John (d 08.1526) as father (by Janet, dau of Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston & Fingleton) of David (m. Margaret Semple) who had 3 daughters (named & married as below) and was succeeded by his brother John (d 05.1594, m. Elspit/Elizabeth , dau/heir of John Hamilton of Udston & relict of John Hamilton of Neisland) father of Claud (m. Margaret, dau of Hamilton of Kilbrachmonths) father of Sir James, John & 4 daughters.
(d) TCP (vol 2, 1912, p95) shows a pedigree/tree which starts with John father (by Elizabeth Hamilton) of Claud father of Sir James. However, TCP also identifies that Sir James as great-grandson of the John who was a bastard son of James, 1st Lord Hamilton, thereby implying that the first John shown in its tree was this one's son.
m(1). Janet Hamilton (d 04.1553?, dau of Sir Robert Hamilton of Fingalton & Preston, possibly m2. John Carmichael of Ednam)
1. David Hamilton, 2nd of Broomhill (d Pinkie 10.09.1547) omitted by TSP & TCP
  m. (before 07.10.1545) Margaret Sempill (d 11.1580, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord, m2. John Whiteford)
  Anderson originally showed David & Margaret were parents of John. This was revised in his Supplement to the following which is supported by Birnie & 'HamiltonHistory'.
  A. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. John Brisbane of Bishopton
  B. Catherine Hamilton --
  m. (c1561) James Hamilton of Torrance (a 1574, 1624) --
  C. Margaret Hamilton
m. James Hamilton of Peill
2. John Hamilton, 3rd of Broomhill (d 06.1594)
  m1. (02.10.1557) Elizabeth Hamilton (d 10.1564, dau/heir of Patrick Hamilton, 3rd of Udston, widow of John Hamilton of Niesland)
  A. Claud Hamilton of Broomhill (d 1605)
  This generation is omitted by TSP and the original 'AndersonMemoirs' of 1825 but is given in the 'AndersonMemoirs Supplement' of 1827 which makes it strange that it is omitted by HJHeraldry.
m. Margaret Hamilton (d 25.02.1602, dau of James Hamilton of Kilbrachmont)
  i. Sir James Hamilton of Broomhill, 1st Bart (d 09.1658)
  m. (1606) Margaret Hamilton (d 12.1699, dau of John (not William) Hamilton of Udston))
  a. Sir John Hamilton of Broomhill, later of Beil, 1st Lord Belhaven (d 17.06.1679)
  TSP reports that the title was created for John "and the heirs-male of his body, whom failing his heirs-male whomsoever'. See here for a note on the later succession to the title.
m. Margaret Hamilton (natural dau of James Hamilton, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton, by Anne (dau of Walter, 1st Lord Blantyre), widow of 8th Lord Saltoun)
  (1) James Hamilton (b c1643, d c1661)
  (2) Margaret Hamilton (d 18.03.1674)
  m. (1650) Sir Samuel Baillie, younger of Lamington (d 08.03.1668)
  (3) Anne Hamilton (bur 06.08.1663)
  m. Sir Robert Hamilton, 1st Bart of Silvertonhill
  Their daughter Margaret married Sir John Hamilton who became 2nd Lord Belhaven.
  (4) Elizabeth Hamilton (a 1705)
  m1. (before 1687) Viscount Kingston
m2. (1696) Sir Robert Hamilton of Mount Hamilton, Bart
  b. James Hamilton of Broomhill, Bishop of Galloway (b 08.1610, d 14.08.1674)
  m. (26.08.1635) Margaret Thomson (d 16.04.1667, dau of Rev. Alexander Thomson of Edinburgh)
(1) James Hamilton of Broomhill (b 20.09.1636, d unm 09.1675)
  (2) John Hamilton of Broomhill (b 28.04.1659, d unm 05.1720, 6th son)
  (3) Margaret Hamilton (b 28.10.1642, bur 1690)
  m. (mcrt 03.02.1668) John Barns (not Burns), Provost of Glasgow
  (4) Jean Hamilton of Broomhill (b 29.02.1652, d 11.12.1716)
  m. (04.02.1668) John Birnie of Broomhill (d 17.05.1716, minister of Carlaverock, son of Rev. Robert of Lanark)
  (5) Isobel Hamilton (b 24.04.1654)
  m. John Alexander (minister of Durisdeer)
  (6) Anne Hamilton (b 26.12.1650-6, d 04.1716)
m. (mcrt 25.11.1675) Alexander Milne (minister in Glasgow)
  (A) Margaret Milne (b c1690, d 1729)
  m. John Birnie of Broomhill
  (B)+ other issue
(7)+ other issue - John (b 1639, d young), Alexander (b 1641, d young), Alexander (b 1645), William (b 1646, a 1664, to Germany), Jean (b 1647, d young), Thomas (b 1661), Mary (b 1663)
  c. Gavin Hamilton of Viccars (d before 21.09.1662, Dean of Raphoe in Ireland)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of Gavin Hamilton of Raploch)
  (1) John Hamilton of Murvagh then Brownhall
  m. Jean/Jane Crichton
  (2) James Hamilton of Drumgirsten (dsp 1672)
  (3) Mary Hamilton
  m. Andrew Knox (in Ireland)
d. Claud Hamilton of Parkhead (d before 1681, Captain)
  m. (mcrt 28.02.1653) Jean Hamilton (a 1683, dau/heir of Arthur Hamilton of Parkhead)
  e. William Hamilton mentioned only by 'HamiltonHistory'
  f. Henry Hamilton of Swanston not mentioned by either Birnie or Anderson or 'HamiltonHistory'
  Henry is identified in Crawfurd's Renfrewshire, in the article on the Steuarts of Goodtrees, as "brother of Lord Belhaven".
  (1) Margaret Hamilton
  m. Robert Steuart of Newmains
  g. Margaret Hamilton
  m. Sir Walter Steuart of Allanton (b 1606, d 1672)
h. Jean Hamilton
  m. John Porterfield of that ilk
  i. Anne Hamilton (bur 1689?)
  m. James Hamilton of Woodhall (a 1655)
  j. Isobell Hamilton
  m1. Robert Hamilton of Millburn (d 12.1654)
  m2. (by 1661) James Hamilton of Dalziel
  k. Mary Hamilton (a 1685)
  m. Sir William Semple of Cathcart
  ii. Margaret Hamilton (a 1634)
  m. (mcrt 20.04.1619) James Baillie of Carnbrue (Carrenwrow or Carnbroe) (a 1634)
  iii. Jean Hamilton (d before 14.02.1626) named Isobell by Anderson
  m. James Skeen (clerk of session)
  iv.+ other issue - Claud, John (d unm 06.03.1640), Gavin, Elizabeth (a 1604)
  partner unknown
  viii. David Hamilton
  B. John Hamilton of Auchingrymont (d 09.1627, 3rd son)
  m1. Orianna Home
  i. James Hamilton
  m. (after 22.05.1628) Jonet Rae (dau of John Rae of Hamilton)
  ii.+ other issue - Gavin (a 1609, d before 01.1629), John (a 1615, 1629) probably of this marriage
  m2. Barbara Hamilton (d 16.10.1623)
  iv.+ other issue (a 1626) - Jean, Mary
  C. Robert Hamilton of Broomhill
i.+ issue including John
  D. Isobell Hamilton (a 1631)
  m. (before 02.07.1594) John Hamilton, younger of Neilsland ('cousin')
  E. Jean Hamilton
  m. Alexander Weir (not Wood) of Sunnyside
  F. Elspeth (or Elizabeth) Hamilton (d 1665) named Janet by Anderson and shown a generation later
  m. (mcrt 05.11.1614) James Somervell of Tullykeltre (natural son of James of Cambusnethan)
  G.+ other issue - David (to Ireland), William (d 10.1596, to Ireland), Thomas
  m2. Margaret Dalzell (daughter of Robert Dalzell of that ilk, possibly widow of John Hamilton of Udstoun)
  J. Susan Hamilton possibly of this marriage, shown by Anderson a generation later
  m. William Murray of Stanhope
K.+ other issue - John, 2 sons
3. Janet Hamilton (d before 07.03.1549)
  m. (1539) John Hamilton of Neilsland
4. Margaret Hamilton (d 22.03.1595/6)
  m. Gavin Hamilton, 6th of Raploch (d 28.06.1571, Commendator of Kilwinning)
5. Isabella Hamilton
  m1. Cuthbert Hamilton of Candor or Cander (Canir in Dalserf?)
  m2. (20.06.1549) Robert Hamilton of Dalserf
6. Agnes Hamilton (d 1575) possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. George Nisbet of Dalzell
7.+ other issue - Gavin (to Ireland), Quintin of Hamilton
  HJHeraldry reports that 'History of the House of Hamilton' (by which it must mean 'Anderson Memoirs' rather than 'HamiltonHistory' which was published many years later) shows Gavin & Quintin as sons of Margaret Dalziel but in fact Anderson shows them as sons of Elizabeth Hamilton. Birnie shows them as sons of Janet Hamilton but seems not to mention John's 2nd wife who is named in TSP & Anderson as ...
m2. Margaret Dalzell (daughter of Robert Dalzell of that ilk)
HJHeraldry follows Anderson's first version (p250) in showing this marriage with issue. Anderson's second version (p425+) does not mention it. Strangely, 'HamiltonHistory' which mentions that John "is said to have married a second wife" (mother of Robert of Allansahaw) and reports that "of this (marriage) no evidence has been found", does not point out that Margaret Dalzell (identified by TSP as "said to have" been his 2nd wife) was probably 2nd wife of his son John. However, 'HamiltonHistory' does suggest that this John's (1st) wife (Janet Hamilton) died some years after John, and that she may have m2. John Carmichael of Ednam, so this marriage must be viewed as wrong.

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' ('Broomhill', p186+), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Broomhill', p425+ in the Supplement (which replaced p249+)), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 1909, 'Broomhill', p36+), 'Account of the Families of Birnie and Hamilton of Broomhill' by John Birnie (1838) with some support from TSP (vol 2 (1905), 'Belhaven', p38+), TCP (vol II, 1912, 'Belhaven and Stenton') with other input/support as reported above
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