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Families covered: Godfray of Jersey, De Gascoing of La Halle, Gautier of Jersey, Gillespie of Kirktoun, Gillespie of Mountquhanie, Grosset-Muirhead of Bredisholm, Grossett of Logie

'Armorial' (p166) reports that this family "settled in Jersey some time previous to 1600, in the person of Dronet Godfray", apparently from Northumberland.
Philip Godfray
m. Sarah Messervy (b 1723, dau/coheir of George Messervy of Anneville)
1. Philip Godfray
  m. Frances Fauvel (dau/heir of Francis Fauvel)
  A. Philip Godfray, Constable of S. Martin had issue
  m. Mary Galliehan (dau of Thomas Gallihan (Deputy Vicomte))
  B. Francis Godfray of Anneville (grether) had issue
m. Mary Le Gallais
  C. Elizabeth Godfray
  m. Heher Payn
  D. Frances Elizabeth Godfray
  m. Clement Ingouville
2. Hugh Godfray (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Mary Tocque (dau/coheir of John Tocque)
  A. Hugh Charles Godfray had issue
  m. Adelaide Esther Le Boutillier (dau of Amy (Amice?) Le Boutillier)
  B. Louisa Godfray
  m. Hubert Bowring
  C.+ other issue - Philp, John (d young), Jane, Eliza Ann
3. George Godfray
  m. Jane Pellier (dau of Daniel Pellier)
  A. Philip Godfray had issue
  m. Jane Le Brocq
4. Elizabeth Godfray
  m. Philip Marett
5.+ other issue - John, Francis (dsp)



James De Gascoing of La Halle (b 1607)
m. Gabrielle Louvel
1. William Leonard De Gascoing of La Halle
  m. Louisa Frances Le Tresor
  A. Louisa Leonora Henrietta Leonard De Gascoing (dsp)
  m1. Charles Anthoine Le Forestier-de-Muneville
  m2. _ le Forestier de Mobec
2. Charlotte Jane De Gascoing (dsp)
  m. John Baptist Ascelin
3. Mary Susan De Gascoing (d unm)
4. Louisa Petronill De Gascoing
  m. Francis Gautier @@ just below



Francis Gautier
m. Louisa Petronill De Gascoing @@ just above
1. Francis Gautier
  m. Mary Le Gallais (dau/heir of Philip Le Gallais)
  A. Esther Gautier
  m. Joshua Lerrier
  B. Jane Gautier
  m. Francis de Ste. Croix
  C. Sophia Gautier
  m. John Lerrier
  D.+ 8 others (dsp)
2. Noah Gautier
  m. Mary Le Vavasseur-dit-Durell
  A. Mary Gautier
  m. Christopher Baylee



Alexander Gillespie (d 1652, "skipper in Elie")
m. Agnes Pittiloch
1. Alexander Gillespie of Newton Rires (d 03.1692)
m. Christian Small of Wester Newton Rires
  A. Alexander Gillespie (b 1673)
  B. John Gillespie of Kirktoun (b 1675)
  m. (1704) Mary or Margaret Durham (dau of Alexander Durham of Largo)
  i. Alexander Gillespie (b 1705, d young?)
  ii. John Gillespie of Kirktoun (d 1795)
m. (1735) Margaret Durham (dau of James Durham of Largo, cousin)
  a. John Gillespie of Kirkham (dvp 1781)
  m. (1776) Jane Scrimgeour (b c1746, d 18.03.1811, dau of David Scrimgeour of Birkhill by Katherine Wedderburn)
  (1) David Gillespie of Mountquhanie & Kirktoun (d 1827)
  m. Mary Carnegie (dau of George Carnegie of Pitarrow)
  (A) David Gillespie of Mountquhanie (b 1814) had issue
  m. (1840) Susan Bethune (dau of Lt. Gen. _ Bethune of Blebo)
  (B) Susan Gillespie
  m. (1827) James Wemyss of Wemyss Hall
  (2) Margaret Gillespie (d 1828)
  m. (1801) James Carnegie (Captain)
  iii. Margaret Gillespie --
  m. (1735) James Duddingston of Sandford --
  C. Margaret Gillespie (b 1665)
  m. David Sympson in Anstruther
  D. Christian Gillespie (b 1667)
  m. Thomas Cook in Newburn
  i. John Cook (minister of St. Monans)
  E. Anna Gillespie (b 1680)
  m. (before 1707) David Myllis (minister of Newburnb)
2. Sophia Gillespie
  m. (by 1658) John Tailzeour of Elie
3. Mary Gillespie (d 1667)
  m. Frederic Carmichael (d before 1667)
4.+ other issue - William (b 1639), Margaret, Agnes, Janet



Alexander Grossett (Captain)
Nisbet reports: "I concur in my opinion with those who think the surname and family of Grossett to be of a French extraction, and of a family of eminency there, Grosier" and notes the similarity of their arms. He goes on to say "That the ancestors of the Grossetts of Logie are but lately extracted from France is most certain. Captain Alexander Grossett came over from France, and sreved King Charles I. in the army ... (and) settled in Scotland".
1. Alexander Grossett of Logie
  m. Christian Cochran ("of the ancient family of the Cochrans of Barbachly")
  A. Archibald Grossett or Grosset
  m. Euphame Muirhead (dau of James Muirlead of Bredisholm by Helen, dau of Alexander, Lord Blantyre)
  i. Walter Grosset of Logie
  a. issue (d young?)
  ii. Alexander Grosset (Captain)
a. Margaret Grosset, later of Bredisholm
  m. J.D. Goll (Lt. Colonel)
  (1) son (dsp)
  (2) Miriam Goll, later Grosset-Muirhead of Bredisholm (d 1842?)
  m. Abraham Du Vernet
  Their son, Colonel Henry Du Vernet, inherited Bredisholm and assumed the name Grosset-Muirhead.
  b.+ other issue - Charles Shaw (dsp) + 3 daughters
  iii. James (John) Grosset, later Grosset-Muirhead of Bredisholm (dsp 1836)
  m. (08.08.1784) Jane (Jean) Murray (b 1764, d 1846, dau of John, 3rd Duke of Atholl)

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