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Families covered: Forster of Coolderry, Forster of Tullaghan

It appears that there has been some confusion between the 2 families shown on this page but we have yet to identify any connection between them. Of the first person mentioned in the upper section, John (d 1676), BP1895 reports that he "went to Ireland during the wars of 1641". Of the first person mentioned in the lower section, Richard (a 1695), Wikipedia reports that he "came from a family long associated with the Dublin business community." That implies that Richard was not son of John, which is what appears to have been suggested in some web sites.
John Forster, later of Tullaghan, co Monaghan (d 1676, Lt. Colonel, "to Ireland")
TCB notes that John "(without any proof) is sometimes stated to have been identical with John, 4th s. of Sir Humphrey Forster, 1st Baronet (of Aldermaston), ... (who) is said to have d.s.p.m. 1674". See the note below under Sir Thomas, 1st Bart.
1. John Forster (b 1646, d 1704, Rev.)
  A. John Forster of Tullaghan (d 1738)
  m. Elizabeth Montgomery or Archdeal (dau of Nicholas Montgomery, later Archdale)
i. 'Sir' Nicholas Forster 'of Coolderry' of Tullaghan, Sheriff of co Monaghan (b 1713/6, d 1783)
  TCB reports that Nicholas "assumed the title of Baronet", apparently on the basis that he was the successor of the above-mentioned Sir Humphrey.
  m1. (1738) Charlotte Foster (dau of John Foster of Collon/Dunleer (by Elizabeth, dau of William Fortescue of Newragh), aunt of John, 1st Lord Oriol (sic))
  a. John Forster (b 1743, dvp 05.10.1780)
  m. (05.07.1777) Sophia Wynch (dau of Alexander Wynch, Governor of Madras)
  (1) Charlotte Isabella Forster (dsp 01.07.1840)
m. Rev. Alexander Montgomery of Beaulieu
  b. 'Sir' Anthony Forster (b 1745, d unm 04.11.1787, Colonel),
  TCB reports that Anthony followed his father in assuming the title of Baronet.
  c. Sir Thomas Forster of Tullaghan & Coolderry, Sheriff of co Monaghan, 1st Bart (b 03.09.1751, d 03/4.12.1843, Rev.)
  TCB reports that Thomas was created a Baronet, "dropping all disproved claims in connection with the Aldermanston family in Berkshire".
  m. (c10.1786) Dorcas Howse (d 23.12.1828, dau of George Howse, Archdeacon of Down, by Laetitia, dau of Rev. John Wynne)
  (1) Sir George Forster of Coolderry, Sheriff of co Monaghan, 2nd Bart (b 21.03.1796, d 04.04.1876, MP) had issue
  m1. (05.1817) Anna Maria Fortescue (d 02.05.1848, dau of Matthew Fortescue of Stephenstown by Mary Anne, dau of John McClintock of Drumcar)
m2. (20.03.1855) Charlotte Jane Hume (dsp 09.08.1889, dau of William Hoare Hume of Humewood by Charlotte Anna, dau of Samuel Dick by Charlotte, sister of Sir Thomas Forster, 1st Bart) @@ below
  (2) Letitia Anne Forster (d 1861)
  m. (06.1816) Henry Shum (Lt. Colonel)
  (3) Sophia Maria Forster (d unm)
  d. Elizabeth Forster (b 1739)
  m. Walter Lindesay (rector of Ballaghy)
  e. George Forster (d 1833, cleric)
  m1. (sp) Louisa Clements (dau of Theophilus Clements of Rathkenny)
  m2. Mary Cramer (dau of Rev. Marmaduke Cramer of co. Kildare)
  (1) George Marmaduke Forster
  f. Charlotte Forster
m. Samuel Dick
  (1) Charlotte Anna Dick
  m. William Hoare Hume of Humewood
  (A) Charlotte Jane Hume (dsp 09.08.1889)
  m. (20.03.1855) Sir George Forster, 2nd Bart (b 1796, d 1876) @@ above
  g. Dorothea Forster
  m. _ Thornton
  h. Alice Forster presumed to be of this marriage
  m. John Howse of Kilshandra
  i. Frances Forster possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Humphery Evatt of Mount Louise
  j.+ other issue - Nicholas (b 1758, d 1805, Colonel), Mary (d unm)
  TCB reports that Nicholas & Charlotte "had nine children who lived to be of age".
  m2. (01.1767) Hester Cramer (dau of Oliver Cramer (by Deborah, dau of Henry Rudkin), widow of Charles Tisdall of Charlesfort)
  l. Humphrey Forster (b 1768)
  B. Nicholas Forster, Bishop of Raphoe
  BP1895 suggests that Bishop Nicholas fits here. We show him below, as of a different family.
2.+ other issue



Richard Forster (Colonel, MP for Swords) see note at top of page
m. Anne Webber
1. John Forster, Lord Chief Justice (b 1668, d 02.07.1720, MP)
  m1. Rebecca Monck (dau of Henry Monck of Dublin)
  We have not yet seen a reliable attribution of John's children between his 2 marriages. BP1934 (Monck) reports that Rebecca had 1 son and 2 daughters, the elder being Sarah (sic) who married George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne.
  A. Richard Forster of Forest, co Dublin
  i. Elizabeth Forster (coheir)
  m. (11.02.1744, div 09.06.1758) George Foster Tufnell of Turnham Green & Chichester (b 1723, d 1798, MP)
  B. Anne Forster
  m. George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne (b 12.03.1685, d 14.01.1753)
  m2. Dorothy Evans (dau of George Evans, sister of George, Lord Carbery)
  See the note just above. We do not know which wife was mother of ...
  C. Elizabeth Forster
  m. Rev. Robert Spence of Donnaghmore
  D.+ other issue - Mary, Dorothy
2. Nicholas Forster, Bishop of Killaloe then Raphoe (b c1673, d 05.06.1743)
  As noted above, some sources suggest that Nicholas was son of John Forster, probably of a different family. Provisionally we follow those web sites that identify him as brother of John, the Chief Justice.
3. Elizabeth Forster
  m. John Coke of Cookesborough
4. Jane Forster
  m. Robert Adair of Hollybrook
5. Letitia Forster
  m. Thomas Gay of Redmanstown
6.+ other issue - William (Colonel), daughter

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BP1895 (Forster (of Coolderry)), TCB (vol 5, Forster of Tullaghan, assumed & actual)
(2) For lower section : various web sites
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