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This section first uploaded 08.08.16.
James Ferniside
m. Grace Crompton (d 28.05.1672)
1. Esther Ferniside
  m. Peter Baron of Radivals (a 1750)
2. Elizabeth Ferniside
  m1. Richard Hardman of Liverpool @@ just below
  m2. _ Hampson
  C. Elizabeth Hampson
  m. _ Green
  i. Godfrey Green Vaughan



This section first uploaded 08.08.16.
Richard Hardman of Liverpool
m. Elizabeth Ferniside (dau of James Ferniside or Fernyside) @@ just above
1. James Hardman of Rochdale 'of Allerton'
  m. (1732) Jane Leigh (b 1703, d 1795, dau of ?? Leigh of Oughtrington)
  A.+ issue (dsp) - Richard, John, Jane, Betty (d unm)
2. John Hardman of Allerton Hall (near Liverpool) (b c1694, dsp 06.12.1755, MP for Liverpool)
  m. _ Kockshead



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John Aldcroft of Manchester
1. Sarah Aldcroft (dsp)
  m. Samuel Martin of Hull
2. Esther Aldcroft
  m. Samuel Armitage of Outwood
3. Hannah Aldcroft
m. John Wilson of Ainsworth
  A. William Wilson of Ainsworth (d c1785)
  m. _ Maude (m2. _ Croft)
  B. daughter
  m. Harry Lee of Manchester
4. Apthia Aldcroft
  m. ?? Simpson of Leicester
5. Mary Aldcroft
  m. William Waller of Hull
  A. Aldcroft Waller (youngest son)
  m. _ Sponley of South Cave
  i. Aldcroft Waller of South Cave (Major)
  m. _ Mantel
a.+ 3 daughters
  ii. daughter (d young)
  B. Sarah Waller
  m. Falkner Philips of Manchester
  i. Aldcroft (Alcroft) Philips of Manchester had issue
  m. Jane Humphries
  ii. Frederick Philips
m. _ Naylor of Wakefield
  iii. Waller Philips in the Isle of Man (dsp)
  m. _ Jones
  iv. Louisa Philips
  m. _ Lushington
  v.+ other issue - Falkner (in America), Delia (d unm), Emma
  C. Elizabeth Waller
  m. Joshua Baron
  D.+ other issue - William (d unm, General), John (d infant), Aldcroft (d infant), Mary (d infant), Aphhia (d infant)
6.+ other issue - Theodoricus of Liverpool (dsp), Elizabeth (d unm)



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John Smith of Bellhouse (b 28.08.1684, d 15.11.1753, master cutler)
m1. (sp) Ann Winter (bpt 23.07.1691, bur 17.01.1724/5, dau of John Winter of Sheffield)
FMG (Continuation, pp74-75) suggests that John was father of the following Elizabeth by his 3rd wife, Sarah Girdler. However, the dates support the report in FMG (Continuation, p142) that her mother was his 2nd wife ...
m2. (27.12.1725) Rebecca Fletcher (bpt 26.11.1699, d 23.10.1737, dau of Joseph Fletcher of Sheffield)
1. Elizabeth Smith (b 23.03.1730/1, a 03.1802)
  m. (21.07.1754) John Girdler of Sheffield (b 02.1718/9, d 1760)
m3. (02.10.1739) Sarah Girdler (bpt 12.11.1693, d 18.10.1769, dau of Francis Girdler of Sheffield)



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Brice Donne
1. Jone Donne (heir)
  m1. William Cambridge alias Clarke
  A. Maude Cambridge
  m. William Oldebeffe
  i. William Oldebeffe
  m. Margaret English (dau/heir of Richard English)
  a. Margaret Oldebeffe
  m. John Skevington (a 1421)
  m2. Thomas Roos
  B. Sir Robert Roos or Roose



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Robert de Cokefeld
1. Adam de Cokefeld
  m. Roesia
  A. Robert de Cokefeld (dsp c1248)
  m1. Thomas de Burgh
  m2. John de Beauchamp (d 1241)
  m3. Matthew de Leyham
2. Alicia de Cokefeld
  m. Bartholomew de Creke (d c1250)
3. Beatrix de Cokefeld
  m. Sir William de Berners
4. Gunnora de Cokefeld
  m. William Drayton



This section first uploaded 16.01.22.
John Bright of Chesterfield & Bannercross, Yorkshire
1. Barbara Bright (eldest dauughter, coheir)
  m. (10.04.1721) Adin Soresby (b 1698, dvpsp bur 16.02.1721-2)
2. daughter
  m. (Richard) Dalton 'of Sheffield'
  A. (Mary) Dalton 'of Banner Cross' (b c1732, d 21.05.1765)
  m. (13.09.1758) Lord John Murray (son of John, 1st Duke of Atholl)



This section first uploaded 16.01.22.
Humphery (sic) Evatt of Mount Louise, co. Monaghan
m. Frances Forster (sister of Rev. Sir Thomas Forster of Tullaghan, Bart)
1. Anne Evatt (d 19.06.1777)
  m. (09.01.1762) Sir William Montgomery of Magbie Hill, Bart
2. Frances Evatt
  m. Samuel Tench of Ballyhaly, Sheriff of co. Wexford (a 1784)

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