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Families covered: Fettiplace of Coln St. Aldwyn, Fettiplace of Fernham

Thomas Fettiplace of Fernham (Berkshire) & Grafton (Oxfordshire) (d 19.02.1616)
'TUDOR suggests that Thomas had a 1st wife, before Ursula Hugford, being Frances, dau of Edmund Bray, by whom he had Robert (b c1566), Charles (b c1568), Frances (m. Richard Gorges), Mary (m. Blandy Shaw) & Arabella (m. John Webb). MGH does not show any of this in this generation but does show the same names in a different branch of the family, several generations later (see here).
m. (1585) Ursula Hugford (dau of John Hugford of Henwood)
5. Thomas Fettiplace of Fernham (b 1585, d 15.02.1660)
  m1/2. (1605) Mary Shelley (d by 06.1667, dau of Henry Shelley of Warminghurst, widow of Thomas Warneford (not Wandford) of Sevenhampton (who m1. Elizabeth Fettiplace))
  A. Thomas Fettiplace of Fernham (dsp 1670, judge)
  m. Elizabeth Polhill (dau of David Polhill of Otford)
  B. John Fettiplace (b c1607, d before 25.09.1661)
m1. (c09.1637) Elizabeth Jones (b c1618, dau of William Jones of Woodlands by Margaret, dau of John St. Lowe of Knighton)
  i. Thomas Fettiplace of Fernham (b c1643, bur 10.04.1710)
  m. (c02.1670-1) Rachael Daniell (b c1651, bur 15.12.1708, dau of Jeffrey Daniell of Preshute, sister/heir of William)
  a. Thomas Fettiplace of Fernham & Preshute (b 27.12.1678, d by 08.1724)
  m. Johanna Biscop or Bucknall (probably daughter or sister of Samuel Biscop, m2. Theophilus Dillingham)
  b. Daniel Fettiplace (bpt 01.04.1684, dsp 29.05.1735, Rector of Yatesbury & Draycott)
  m. Elizabeth Reynel (a 05.1735)
  c. Rachael Fettiplace (bpt 12.02.1671)
m. (sp) Lovelace Bigg of Chilton Foliatt (bur 1721)
  d. Susanna Fettiplace (bpt 13.02.1679)
  m. (07.04.1730) Samuel Adams (b c1676, d by 03.1750, Rector of Alvescott)
  e.+ other issue - John (bpt 10.1682), Jeffrey of Bampton-in-the-Bush d before 04.08.1767), Elizabeth (bpt 06.1673, bur 26.10.1708), Anne (bpt 16.11.1677, d before 06.1713), Philadelphia (bpt 10.11.1674, d by 02.1749-50), Mary (bur 22.03.1705
  ii. John Fettiplace (d by 05.1665)
  iii. Gertrude Fettiplace (b 1643-4)
  m. (c06.1664) Humphrey Hyde of Kingston Lisle (b 1633-4, grandson of Sir George Hyde)
  iv. Ursula Fettiplace
  m. Henry Brooke of Brian Manor
  a.+ issue - Thomas, Edward, Jane
  v. Philippa Fettiplace
  m. (c04.1667) Richard Wheeler (b c1639)
  m2. Anne (bur 19.07.1692)
  C. Phillip Fettiplace (d by 11.1665, 4th son)
  m. Anna Maria Reinds (bur 01.01.1670-1)
  i. John Fettiplace
a. Philip Fettiplace
  D. Anne (or Elizabeth) Fettiplace
  m. John Hampton of Urchfont (a 12.1655)
  E.+ other issue - Edward (b c1619, d unm bur 12.07.1687), Jane, Mary
  m2/1. Anne Savage (dau of John Savage of Elmley by Anne, dau of John Croker of Batsford)
6. Alexander Fettiplace (b 1589)
  m. Ursula?
  A. Alexander Fettiplace (b 08.1626)
7. John Fettiplace (d 02.02.1619)
8. Margaret Fettiplace
  m. (27.04.1606) John Fettiplace
9. Elizabeth Fettiplace
  m. John Hastings of Yelford



George Fettiplace of Coln St. Aldwyn & Little Rissington (Gloucestershire) & Fiddleton (Wiltshire) (d 31.07.1577, judge, MP)
m. Cicely Poole (d by 10.1586, dau of Henry Poole of Poole (Wiltshire))
1. John Fettiplace of Coln St. Aldwyn, Fiddleton, etc. (dsps 25.07.1636)
  m1. Mary Fettiplace (dau of Alexander Fettiplace of Childrey & Swinbrook)
  A. George Fettiplace (b c1592, dvp)
  m. Mary Dutton (dau of William Dutton of Sherborne, m2. Sir George Fleetwood)
  m2. Margaret (widow of William Wye of Kemble & Oliver Pleydall of Kemble)
2. Robert Fettiplace of Lemhill, Broughton Poggs (d before 06.08.1634)
  m1. (24.10.1616) Elizabeth Earles
  m2. Anna (a 1658)
  A. George Fettiplace of London (d before 10.05.1686, of the Middle Temple, 2nd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Tucker (dau of William Tucker of Doulting, sister of John of London)
  i.+ issue - Giles, George
  B. Edmund Fettiplace of London (d before 01.1678)
  m. Elizabeth
  C. Sir John Fettiplace of Coln St. Aldwyn, etc. (d 18.01.1663)
  m. Eleanor Bray (dau of John Bray of Fyfield, widow of Harbert Weston of Bradwell)
  i. Giles Fettiplace (d 13.11.1702)
  m. (c07.1661) Mary Parnell (b c1637, bur 27.02.1700-1, dau/coheir of John Parnell of Wicke)
  a. Frances Fettiplace (bpt 23.09.1666, d 22.12.1716)
  m. (02.09.1686) John Bellers of London (d 08.02.1725, son of Francis of London)
  (1) Mary Bellers
  m. Joseph Ingram
  (2) Theophila Bellers
  m. John Elliott of Falmouth & London
  (3)+ other issue - Fettiplace (b 08.1687, of the Inner Temple, author), Elizabeth (d 26.03.1717), Frances
  b. Theophila Fettiplace (bpt 29.09.1667)
  m1. (27.02.1693) Thomas Church of Tunstall, Shropshire
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (b 1696-7, d 15.03.1734), Theophila (d 02.1701-2)
  m2. John Partridge of London
  c.+ other issue - John (b 11.05.1670, d 02.11.1670), Elizabeth (bpt 10.08.1662, d 13.03.1716-7), Bray Ann (bpt 06.09.1664, bur 17.02.1672), Elinor (bpt 17.09.1665, bur 19.02.1667)
  ii. George Fettiplace of London & Goreing (bur 27.03.1686)
  m1. Rebecca
  a. George Fettiplace (bpt 12.12.1665)
  m. Cecily
  b. Giles Fettiplace
  m2. Elizabeth
  iii. Edmund Fettiplace of London (d 1677)
  m. Elizabeth
  iv. Robert Fettiplace (b 01.01.1640)
  v. Anne Fettiplace
  m. (1674) John Tucker
  D. William Fettiplace of Lemhill, Broughton Poggs (d by 10.1683)
  m. Jane Taylor
  i. Thomas Fettiplace
  E. Barbara Fettiplace
m. John Peck of Lemhill near Lechlade
  i. Thomas Peck (b 21.06.1656)
  F. Frances Fettiplace
  m. Nathaniel Weston of Ramsden, later of Goreing (dsp by 09.1672)
  G.+ other issue - Giles (a 1685), Anne of Coln St. Aldwyn (d unm bur 07.09.1658)
3. Sir Giles Fettiplace of Poulton (dsp 1640-1, MP, younger son)
  m1. Barbara Foster (dau of Andrew Foster of Baddesley, widow of James Pagett of Poulton)
  m2. Frances Hopton (bur 10.02.1641-2, dau of Sir Arthur Hopton of Wytham, widow of Rice Jones of Asthall)
4. Richard Fettiplace (d before 1621)
  A. Anthony Fettiplace of Coln St. Aldwyn (bur 20.05.1659) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Poole (bur 26.08.1661, dau of William Poole of Cotes)
5.+ other issue - Denton (b c1561, d by 24.01.1582-3), Edmund of London

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