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Families covered: Fettiplace of Childrey, Fettiplace of Swinbrook

The comment at the top of Fettiplace1, about how that page was first prepared using the web site 'TUDOR' and was then reworked using MGH, applies also to this page except that this page was redone on 20.12.21.
Anthony Fettiplace of Swinbrook (Oxfordshire), Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire(d 23.12.1510, "Esquire of the body to King Henry VII")
m. Mary Fortescue (d 11.05.1546, dau of Sir John Fortescue of Salden (by Elizabeth/Alice Boleyn), widow of John Stonor, m3. Sir Thomas Englefield (Speaker))
1. Alexander Fettiplace of Childrey (Berkshire) & Swinbrook (b c1505, d 12.09.1564)
  m1. Anne Dale (d 09.10.1536, dau/coheir of William Dale of Tickencote)
  A. William Fettiplace of Swinbrook & Childrey (dvp 27.04.1562)
  m. Elizabeth Ashfield (dau/coheir of Sir Edmund Ashfield of Ewelme)
  'TUDOR' shows 3 sons for William & Elizabeth: Sir Edmund + Alexander + Edward. Visitation shows 3 sons - Sir Edmund, Alexander (had issue) & Edmond (dsp) - but the Harleian editor also refers to an inscription on a monument in Swinbrooke Church which reports that they had 12 sons and 7 daughters.
  i. Sir Edmund or Edmond Fettiplace of Swinbrook & Childrey, Sheriff of Berkshire (d 20.06.1613)
  m. (c1581) Anne Alford (d 10.05.1651, dau of Roger Alford of Hitcham by Elizabeth Ramsay)
a. John Fettiplace of Swinbrook & Childrey, Sheriff of Berkshire (bpt 23.05.1583, dsp 21.03.1657-8)
  b. Edward Fettiplace (bpt 03.08.1585, bur 15.11.1650 (1656?), of Lincoln's Inn)
  m. (16.04.1622) Anne Cox (dau/heir of Robert Cox of London)
  (1) Sir John Fettiplace, Sheriff of Berkshire, 1st Bart of Childrey & Swinbrook (b 1626, d 26.09.1672)
  Sir John is the first mentioned by BEB1841 which, supported by TCB (vol 3, Fettiplace) & VCH, supports the following:
  m1. (15.01.1651) Anne Wenman (bur 1668, dau of Sir Francis Wenman of Carswell by Ann Sandys)
  (A) Sir Edmund Fettiplace, 2nd Bart of Childrey, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (b 01.05.1654, d unm 17.02.1706/7)
  (B) Sir Charles Fettiplace, 3rd Bart of Childrey, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (d unm 17.03.1713-4, 3rd son)
  (C) Sir Lorenzo Fettiplace, 4th Bart of Childrey, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (b c1662, d unm 10.02.1725/6)
  (D) Sir George Fettiplace, 5th Bart of Childrey (bpt 13.10.1668, d unm 07/8.04.1743)
  (E) Anne Fettiplace (bpt 26.11.1652, d before 04.08.1716)
  m. James Pytts (Pitts) of Kyre Park
  (F) Arabella Fettiplace (d before 22.05.1696)
  m. Sir Rowland Lacy of Pudlicott, Oxfordshire
  (i) Rowland Lacy of Pudlicott (dsp by 01.1746)
  m. Elizabeth
  (ii) Arabella Lacy (b 1683-4, d 14.09.1691)
(G) Diana Fettiplace (pt 14.03.1657)
  m. Robert Bushell of Cleve Pryer (Cleeve Prior) (b c1653, d 03.10.1720)
  (i) Thomas Bushel, later Fettiplace of Swinbrook & Childrey (b c1707, d 08.10.1767)
  m. Frances Bray (b 1700-1, d 05.02.1764, dau/coheir of Edmund Bray of Great Barrington)
  (a) Robert (not Richard) Fettiplace of Swinbrook & Childrey, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (b c1730, dsp 12.01.1799)
  m. (13.08.1752) Sophia Charlotte Howe (bur 02.06.1787, dau of Emanuel Scrope Howe, 2nd Viscount)
  (b) Charles Fettiplace, later of Swinbrook & Childrey (b 1744-5, dsp 16.12.1805)
  (c) Frances Fettiplace (b 1738, d 1800)
m. (05.1757) Richard Gorges of Eye
  (d) Mary Fettiplace (d 23.04.1798)
  m1. Blandy Shaw of Kintbury (b c1731, dsp 18.12.1782)
  m2. William Kemeys of Maendy (bpt 25.03.1732, dsp 06.06.1807)
  (e) Arabella Fettiplace
  m. (12.08.1767) John Webb of Cote (a 1780, Captain, MP)
  (H) Sophia Fettiplace (d 06.10.1700)
  m. (05.05.1700) Francis Broderick of Langford (b c1666, bur 25.12.1710)
  (i)+ issue - Francis (bur 12.01.1698), Sophia (bur 04.11.1699)
  (I)+ other issue - John (b c1656, a 1673, dvpsp), Mary (bpt 08.06.1660, d before 10.1692)
  m2. (sp) Susan Cook (d by 1687, dau of Thomas Cook of Staunton, relict of Laurence Bathurst of Lechlade, m3. Sir Thomas Cutler) ## see here and see here ##
  (2) Edward Fettiplace of Castle Eaton (b 1628, d before 01.02.1670)
  m. Mary Hughes
  (A)+ issue - Edward, John, daughter
  (3) Edmund Fettiplace of Swinbrook (bpt 02.10.1631, d 29.03.1671)
  m. Dorothy (d 07.04.1671)
  (A) Elizabeth Fettiplace
  m. John Newell
  (i) Hester Newell
m. Rev. William Newell of Adwell
  (ii) Elizabeth Newell
  m. John Mason of Stokenchurch
  (B)+ other issue - Edmund (d unm 06.08.1719), Charles
  (4) Anne Fettiplace (bpt 28.11.1621)
  m. Richard Croke of Studley & Lewknor (b 10.1619, dvp 03.1663, dau of Alexander of Studley by Anne Brasey)
  (5) Elizabeth Fettiplace (b 1623, d 09.1679)
  m. Sir Francis Wenman of Carswell (d 02.09.1680)
  (6) Mary Fettiplace (bpt 11.09.1625)
m. Walter (Henry?) Parker of Lissells
  (7) Susan Fettiplace (b c1627, d 17.05.1712)
  m. William Croke of Studley Priory (d 06.10.1702)
  c. William Fettiplace of Sutton Bonnington (bpt 08.10.1593, d before 14.02.1653-4, 4th son)
  m. Ursula (d before 14.11.1607)
  (1) Ursula Fettiplace (b 1620)
  m. John Oldershaw
(2) Anne Fettiplace
  d. Charles Fettiplace of Earls Court in Lambourn (b 1595 (c1585?), bur 20.08.1674, younger son)
  m. (21.12.1639) Anne Garrard (dau/coheir of Roger Garrard of Earls Court)
  e. Elizabeth Fettiplace (bpt 28.06.1584)
  m. (14.02.1602) Thomas Warneford of Sevenhampton
  f. Jane Fettiplace (bpt 10.11.1586)
  m. (06.05.1607) Thomas Goddard of Upham (d 1641, son of Richard by Elizabeth Walrond)
  g. Miriall Fettiplace (bpt 03.08.1593)
  m. (21.07.1609) Henry Martial
  h. Anne Fettiplace
  m. (25.08.1609) Henry Jones of Chasleton (d 1656)
i. Bridget Fettiplace (bpt 04.10.1604)
  m. Thomas Stafford of Totenhoo (Tottenhoe)
  j. Dorothy Fettiplace
  m. Richard Pleydell
  k.+ other issue - Edmund of Childrey & Lambourn (bpt 08.09.1590, d unm bur 03.04.1641), Francis (bpt 04.04.1596), Alexander (bpt 26.06.1597), Ferdinando (bpt 15.11.1598), George of Erleigh Court (bpt 14.01.1601, dsp bur 20.08.1661), Giles (bpt 03.04.1603), Robert of London (bpt 12.03.1606, d by 05.1631), Anthony (bur 29.05.1601), daughter
  ii. Alexander Fettiplace of Kingston, later of Swincombe (b c1557, d 27.09.1616)
  m. Martha Skinner (dau of George Skinner of Rowington (Rompton))
  iii.+ other issue - Edward, 9 other sons, 7 daughters
  B. Mary Fettiplace (b 1524, d by 1558)
m. John Rudhall of Rudhall (d by 1558, son of John by Isabella Whittington)
  C. Anne Fettiplace
  m. James Jarvis (d before 02.11.1568)
  D. Ursula Fettiplace
  m. William Owen of Cumnor Place (son of the King's physician George)
  E.+ other issue - Alexander (bur 12.09.1557), Nicholas (bur 10.04.1601), Elizabeth (bur 27.02.1603), Katherine (bur 11.01.1569)
  m2. Dorothy Ashfield (d by 16.12.1607, dau of Christopher Ashfield of Chesham, widow of William Essex of Becket)
  I. Christopher Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis (b c1556, d 24.10.1609)
  m. Margaret Fettiplace (dau of Edward Fettiplace of North Denchurch by Mary Essex)
  J. Anthony Fettiplace (b c1562, d 04.1596)
  K. Mary Fettiplace (b 11.11.1558)
  m. John Fettiplace of Coln St. Aldwyn
  L. Cecilia Fettiplace (d 11.1588)
  m. (28.04.1580) Edward Browne
2.+ other issue - Miles, Ursula (nun), Alice (d 1530)

Main source(s): MGH (NS5 vol 2 (1916-7), 'The Family of Fettiplace: Pedigree IV', p203+), 'TUDOR' with some support/input from Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, 'Fetiplace (Phetiplace) of Swinbroke'), VCH (Berkshire, vol 4, 'Childrey')
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