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Families covered: Downing of Dawson's Bridge, Downing of East Hatley, Downing of Gamlingay Park, Downing of Rowesgift

This page was reviewed on 12.09.20 using 'Evidences' which gives the first generations completetly differently from what had previously been shown on this page, which had followed the other sources reported below. The contradictions between those earlier sources, mentioned below, left us with the feeling that they were not fully reliable, possibly being influenced by the wish to connect the later generations to the generations given by Visitation and/or to the famous Sir George Downing. However, it soon became apparent that there may simply have been confusion between 2 people of the same name, Emmanuel Downing, who lived around the same time. Note that the writers of 'Genealogy', which was produced shortly after 'Evidences', appear not to have come across the earlier work.
Geoffrey (Jeffrey) Downing of Poles Belcham, Essex (b 07.03.1524, d 17.09.1595)
m. (08.10.1549) Elizabeth Wingfield (dau of Thomas Wingfield of Dunham Magna)
1. Arthur Downing of Lexham, Norfolk (b 01.08.1550, d 09.09.1606) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. (10.06.1573) Susan Calybut (dau of Thomas Calybut of Castle Acre)
  A. Calybut Downing of Sherrington (Shenington?), Gloucestershire (b 01.06.1574, d 03.02.1642)
  Visitation, which gives no dates, shows Elizabeth Wingfield as Calibutt's first wife with his children by his second wife, Anne Hogan. The Burkes sources, which give no dates, do not mention Anne, implying that the mother of his children was Elizabeth. 'Genealogy', which is the only Main Source for this section to mention Emanuel, gives dates that suggest that all of the children were by Elizabeth.
  m1. (08.01.1594) Elizabeth Wingfield (dau of Robert Wingfield of Upton by Elizabeth Cecil, sister of William, Lord Burghley, widow of Edward Morrison)
  i. Emanuel Downing (b 10.12.1594, d 26.07.1676)
  Emanuel is not mentioned by either Visitation or any of the Burke sources. He is given by 'Genealogy' who gives dates that differ from what is shown below by 'Evidences' for the Emmanuel shown below, indicating that there may have been 2 different Emanuels/Emmanuels who have been confused with each other. 'Genealogy' suggests that this was the Emanuel who m1. an unnamed dau of Sir James Ware (by whom he "had several children, but no records can be found") m2. Lucy Winthrop (mother of Sir George + Nicholas + Henry). Note that, as shown below, 'Evidences' identifies that first wife more clearly and names their 3 children.
  ii. Calybut Downing (b 1596, d 1644, rector of Hickford & West Ildesley then of Hackney)
  m. (1624) Margaret Brett (dau of Robert Brett)
  Calybut & Margaret are identified by the Burkes sources as the parents of Sir George, 1st Bart. Note that TCB identifies Sir George as "2d s. of Emmanuel of the Innter Temple, London, aftewards one of the most active men in the colony of Massachusetts". That gave us comfort in giving precedence, as shown below, to 'Evidences' over 'Genealogy' & Burkes.
  a. Nicholas Downing (b 1627, d unm 1698) mentioned by 'Genealogy' but not by the Burkes sources
  b. Henry Downing of East Hatley (b 10.03.1630, d 25.09.1698)
  Just to confirm (!), 'Genealogy' shows Nicholas & Henry as younger brothers of Sir George, all being sons of Emanuel by Lucy Winthrop. The Burkes sources show Henry as younger brother of Sir George, both being sons of Calybut by Margaret Brett.
  m. (02.06.1665) Jane Clotworthy ("of a very ancient Devonshire family")
  (1) Adam Downing of Downing Street, London (b 18.03.1666, d 17.05.1719, deputy Governor of Londonderry, Colonel)
  m. (15.11.1696) Anne (probably not Margaret) Jackson (dau of Thomas Jackson of Coleraine by Margaret Beresford)
  (A) Henry Downing (b 1697, d 1712)
  (B) John Downing of Dawson's Bridge, Bellaghy & Rowesgift (b 16.04.1700, d 03.09.1762)
  m. (10.06.1727) Anne Rowe (dau of Rev. J. Rowe or Roe of Rowesgift)
  (i) Clotworthy Downing of Dawson's Bridge, Bellaghy & Rowesgift (b 04.04.1728, d 13.11.1801)
  m. (14.06.1753) Elizabeth Giffard
  (a) William Downing of Dawson's Bridge, Bellaghy & Rowesgift (b 13.03.1754, d 10.04.1830)
  m. (05.08.1784) Jane Colwell of Moneymore (m2. Felix Devlin)
  ((1)) William Colwell Downing (b 1786, m 1811, d 1868)
  ((2)) James Downing (b 10.11.1798, d 14.02.1874) had issue
  m. (20.10.1830) Elizabeth Brown (b 09.11.1793, widow of James Duff, dau of John Brown (son of William by Isabella Campbell) by Margaret, dau of John Carson of County Tyrnoe by Mary, dau of John MacCord of County Derry by Mary MacIntyre)
  (a) John Downing (b 1760, d 1820)
  The following comes from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 1, No. 8 (March 1909), 'Downing', p215) which supports the above (showing Henry, brother of the 1st Bart, as son of Calybut) but does not mention John's brother William. However, on p219, a different ancestry is given for Bridget & Rev. George, showing them as children of Dickson Downing (b 1700-1, d 30.06.1745) (by Bridget (b 25.06.1705) dau of Samuel Baldwin of London) son of Richard (son of Major Downing) by Eliz. Dickson of London (d 08.1713 having m2. _ Skrine).
  m. Bridget Baldwin
  ((1)) George Downing (d 02.07.1788, rector of Ovington, prebendary of Ely Cathedral) had issue
  m. Catherine Chambers
  ((2)) Bridget Downing (b 05.03.1729, d 02.05.1771)
  m. Edward Bowles of Shirehampton (b 1733, d 20.07.1800)
  (c) Giffard Downing (b 1762, d 1830)
(ii) Dawson Downing of Bellaghy & Rowesgift (b 17.13.1739, d 23.12.1808)
  m1. (03.04.1762) Catherine Fullerton (dau/heir of George Fullerton, niece/heir of Alexander of Ballintoy Castle)
  (a) George Alexander Downing, later Fullerton of Tockington Manor & Ballintoy (b 30.11.1775, d 06.04.1847)
  m. (30.11.1796) Mary Anne Peacock (dau of James Peacock)
  ((1)) Alexander George Fullerton of Ballintoy (b 08.08.1808, d 12.05.1907) had issue (1 son who dvp)
  m. (07.1833) Georgina Charlotte Leveson-Gower (d 19.01.1855, dau of 1st Earl Glanville)
  ((2)) Frances Fullerton (b 1814, d 19.03.1890)
  m. (01.01.1835) Sir Andrew Armstrong, 1st Bart (b 1786, d 1863)
  ((3))+ other issue - George, David (b 1820 ,d 1892, had issue), Catherine, Susan (m. John Maxwell), Mary Anne (m. Canon Howman)
  A contributor (JT, 21.04.07) kindly advised us that, although Dawson's 2nd wife was described (by BLG1952) as Sarah Catherine, dau of Hugh Boyd of Ballycastle, she was in fact Anne, as follows. JT also brought a few other minor corrections to our attention.
  m2. (08.01.1778) Anne Boyd of Ballycastle (dau of Ezekiel Davis Boyd)
  (b) John Downing of Rowesgift (b 1790, d 1870, judge in Ceylon (not Canada)) had issue
(c) David Downing (Major General, youngest son) had issue
  m1. Margaret Jean Ward
  m2. Frances Anne Hamilton Parkyns (d 1876, dau of Capt. Levitt Broadley Parkyns)
  (d) Anne Downing (dsp)
  m. Robert Magee
  (e) Margaret Downing (d 04.03.1888)
  m1. (13.04.1817) Arthur Handcock (d 27.07.1826, son of 2nd Lord Castlemaine)
  m2. (01.02.1837) William Le Poer Trench (d 14.08.1846, Admiral, son of 1st Earl of Clancarty)
  (f)+ other issue - Ezekiel, William, Catherine
  (iii) John Downing (b 1740, dsp 1792)
  (2)+ other issue - John (b 1667, d 1736), George (b 1668, m 1690, d 1729), Daniel (b 1670, m 1696, d 1733), Elizabeth (b 1669, m 1692, d 1740), Anne (b 1672, d 1674), Margaret (b 1673, m 1696, d 1723), Anne (b 1678, m 1702, d 1757)
  iii.+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 1598, m 1618, d 1660), Susan (b 1601, m 1623, d 1651), Susan
  m2. (08.08.1604) Anne Hogan (dau of Edmond Hogan of Hackney)
  B.+ other issue - John (b 1581, d 1617), Dorothy (b 1584, m. 1606, d 1651), Anne (b 1586, m. 1610, d 1658), Susan (b 1589, m 1609, d 1642)



George Downing of Beccles, Suffolk (d before 26.06.1564)
m. Cicely (a 1564)
1. George Downing of Ipswich, Suffolk (d before 03.10.1610, Master of the Grammar School)
  m. _ Bellamy (bur 1610)
A. Emmanuel Downing (bpt 12.08.1585, d c1660)
  ## This is the Emmanuel who appears to have been confused with the Emanuel show above. 'Evidences' reports that he was "of the Inner Tample" and was "one of the most active men in the Massachusetts Colony; of Salem, N.E. 1638-1654; previously of London and Dublin, later of London and Edinburgh, where he died".
  m1. Anne Ware (dau of Sir James Ware of Dublin (by Mary, dau of Ambrose Brydon of Bury St. Edmunds), sister of Sir James ("the Irish Antiquary"))
  i. James Downing of Ipswich in Massachusetts (to New England in 1640) had issue
  ii. Mary Downing (d 16.06.1647, to New England in 1633)
  m. Anthony Stoddard of Boston
iii. Susan Downing (a 1638, to New England in 1633)
  m2. (10.04.1622) Lucy Winthrop (dau of Adam Winthrop of Groton, sister of Governor John of Massachusetts)
  iv. Sir George Downing of East Hatley & Gamlingay (Cambridgeshire), 1st Bart (b c08.1623, d 02.07.1684, ambassador)
  Downing Street, of which No. 10 is now the formal residence of British Prime Ministers, was named after Sir George.
  m. (1654) Frances Howard (d 10.07.1683, dau of Sir William Howard of Naworth Castle, sister of Charles, 1st Earl of Carlisle)
  a. Sir George Downing of Gamlingay Park (Cambridgeshire), 2nd Bart of East Hatley (b c1656, d 06.1711)
m. (12.07.1683) Catherine Cecil (d 13.08.1688, dau of James Cecil, Earl of Salisbury)
  (1) Sir George Downing of Gamlingay Park, 3rd Bart (b 1684, dsp 10.06.1749, founder of Downing College, Cambridge)
  m. (1700) Mary Forester (bur 02/03.08.1734, dau of Sir William Forester of Watling Street)
  b. William Downing (b 1663, dsp bur 25.07.1704)
  c. Charles Downing of Bury St. Edmunds (b c1659, d 15.04.1740, Comptroller of Customs)
The Burkes sources and 'Genealogy of the Downing Family' all identify Charles's wife Sarah as dau/heir of Sir Thomas Garrard but 'Evidences', supported by TCB, identifies her as ...
  m. (before 1696) Sarah Garrard (d 20.10.1742, dau/coheir of Jacob Garrard, son/heir of of Sir Thomas, 2nd Bart of Langford)
  (1) Sir Jacob Garrard Downing of Gamlingay Park & Mount Prospect in Putney, 4th Bart (b c1700, dsp 1764)
  m. (17.05.1750) Margaret Price (dsp 18.09.1778, dau of Rev. _ Price of Carrington, she m2. Admiral Sir George Bowyer, Bart)
  d. Frances Downing
m. John Cotton (dvp 1681, son of Sir John, Bart)
  e. Philadephia Downing (d 08.03.1676)
  m. Sir Henry Pickering, Bart of Whaddon
  f. Lucy Downing
  m1. (1685) Sir Richard Bulkeley, Bart of Old Barron
  m2. William Worth
  g. Mary Downing (b c1671, d 1728)
  m. (28.06.1705) Thomas Barnardiston of Gray's (b 18.08.1677)
  h. Anne Downing (d 23.11.1702)
  m. (after 1693?) Francis Pengelly of Whitchurch
  v. Joshua Downing of Barbadoes then Glasgow (bpt 1627, m c1657) "supposed father of" ...
  a. Joshua Downing (a 1683, nephew of Sir George)
  vi. John Downing of Nevis then Boston (bpt 01.03.1640, d 1694, youngest son) possibly father of ...
  a. Nathaniel Downing (a 1694)
  vii. Lucy Downing (d 05.02.1698)
  m. (c1649) William Norton of Ipswich, Massachusetts
  a.+ issue including Rev. John Norton of Hingham
  viii. Anne Downing (bpt 12.04.1633, dsp 1713)
  m1. (1656) Joseph Gardner (Captain)
  m2. (1676‚ Simon Bradstreet, Governor of Massachusetts
  ix. Martha Downing
  m. (c1659) _ Peters (Captain)
  a.+ issue - John, Lucy
  x.+ other issue - Robert in Colchester (bpt 24.03.1628/9, a 1651), Adam (d young), Dorcas (d young?)
  B. Joseph Downing (a 1635, Rector in Ipswich, later of Layer Marney in Essex)
  i.+ issue - Samuel (bpt 1620), Abigail (bpt 1617), Rebecca (bpt 1623, bur 1625), Dorcas (bpt 1626)
  C. Joshua Downing of Chatham, Kent (d before 26.03.1629)
  m. Grace Edisbury (dau of Kenrick Edisbury of Chatham)
  i. Joshua Downing (d unm 1634)
  ii. Martha Downing
  m. John Edisbury (son/heir of Kenrick)
  D. Nathaniel Downing of London (bpt 1587, dsp before 14.05.1616)
  m. Margaret Selyns/Cellyn (dau of _ Selyns or Cellyn ("a French Physician", m2. Edward Reynolds of London)
  E. Susanna Downing
  m. Francis Kirby of London
  F. Abigail Downing
  m. John Goade of London
  G.+ other issue - Benjamin (bpt 1593), Elnathan (bur 1609), Nahomi (a 1611), Anne (bpt 03.1595)
2.+ other issue (a 1561) - Barnaby, John, William, Margaret

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'Genealogy of the Downing Family' (C. Downing & R. Wilberforce, 1901), BLG1952 ('Fullerton of Hambleden Place formerly of Ware'), with a little input/support from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Downing') and some from BEB1841 ('Downing of East Hatley'), Commoners (vol 4, 'Fullerton of Westwood and Ballintoy Castle', p298+)
(2) For lower section : 'Evidences of the Winthrops of Groton' (Robert C. Winthrop Jr., 1897, 'Downing of Gamlingay', p99) with support from TCB (vol 3, 'Downing of East Hatle'y, p279+) and some from BEB1841 ('Downing of East Hatley'), Commoners (vol 4, 'Fullerton of Westwood and Ballintoy Castle', p299+)
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