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Families covered: Doughty of Louth, Doughty of Martlesham, Doughty of Ruckland, Doughty of Snarford, Doughty of Theberton Hall, Doughty of Worlaby

The following families are shown together on this page for convenience. We have yet to find a connection between them.
Christopher Doughty of Derbyshire
1. Robert Doughty of Louth, Lincolnshire
  m. Katherine Fitzwilliam (dau/coheir of William Fitzwilliam of Louth, son of Thomas of Mablethorpe)
A. William Doughty of Louth
  m. (04.02.1543-4) Anne or Agnes Fisher of Louth
  i. Robert Doughty (bur 19.12.1573)
  B. Thomas Doughty, Mayor of Boston (a 1569)
  m. Katherine Woodthorpe (dau of John Woodthorpe of Abey Grange)
  i. Robert Doughty of Scremby & Ruckland (d by 1615)
  m. Margaret Smalley (dau of Andrew Smalley of Scremby, m2. John North of Louth)
  a. Edward Doughty of Ruckland & Worlaby
  m. Martha Bolle (bpt 08.12.1597, dau of Sir John Bolle of Thorpe Hall)
  (1) Charles Doughty of Ruckland
  m. Mary Dandy (dau of Edmund Dandy of South Ormsby)
  (A) Edmond Doughty of Ruckland & Worlaby, later of London (a 1711)
  (B) Charles Doughty (dsp)
  (C) Robert Doughy of Highgate, later of Ruckland & Farforth (a 1714)
  m. Anne (m2. George Martyn of London)
  (i) Rev. John Doughty of St. James, Clerkenwell
(ii) Edmund Doughty (dsp)
  m. Martha
  (iii) Jane Doughty
  m. Henry Carter
  (iv) Mary Doughty
  m. John Andrews of St. Clement Danes
(2) Margaret Doughty
  m. Henry Dandy (brother of Mary)
  (3)+ other issue (a 1634) - Robert, Elizabeth, Martha
  ii. Anthony Doughty of Boston (dsp)
  m. (31.03.1605(8?)) Jane Ogle (bur 06.07.1644, dau of Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck)
  iii. Richard Doughty of Abey Grange (bur 03.09.1617)
  m. Margaret Radcliffe (m2. Nicholas Woodthorpe of Tothill)
a. Katherine Doughty
  m. (c11.1624) Thomas Moody of Tothill
  b.+ other issue - Richard, Edward (bpt 1614), William (d young?), Anthony, Mildred, Elizabeth (d young?), Margaret (bpt 1612)
  iv. Barbara Doughty (d before 1599)
  m. Edward Ashe of Boston
  v. Mildred Doughty
  m. (09.10.1576) John Friskney of Benington
  vi.+ other issue - John (bur 1555), Margaret, Dorothy, Mary
  C. Robert Doughty (bur 12.11.1600, vicar of Louth)
  m1. Joan (bur 1578)
  m2. Anne Render (bur 18.05.1591, dau of William Render of Louth)
  i. Alice Doughty (bpt 1581)
  m. (10.1596) Anthony Ogle of Louth & Keddington
  D. Margaret Doughty
  m. (1550) Robert Marshall of Louth
  E. Katherine Doughty
  m. John More
  F.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 15.01.1538-9), Mary



Philip Doughty of Westminster
m. Elizabeth Brownlow (dau/heir of William Brownlow of Snarford by Margaret Brydges)
1. George Brownlow Doughty of Snarford (d 1743)
  m. Frances Cecily Tichborne (d 1765, dau/heir of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, 4th Bart)
  A. Henry Doughty of Snarford
  m. (1762) Anne Maria Byrom
  i. Henry Doughty of Snarford (d unm 1796)
  ii. Elizabeth Doughty of Snarford & Richmond Hill (b 1763, d unm 1826)
  Snarford passed into the Tichborne family.
  B. Frances Apollonia Doughty probably of this generation
  m. (sp) Charles Biddulph of Biddulph & Burton (d 1784)
  C. Mary Doughty probably of this generation
  m. (01.03.1756) Sir Thomas Mannock, 8th Bart of Gifford's Hall (dsp 02.09.1781)
2. Elizabeth Doughty possibly of this generation
  m. Carrington Francis Turvile of Aston Flamville (b 09.03.1689-90, d 29.10.1749)



BLG1886 starts with 2 brothers.
?? Doughty
1. Rev. Samuel Doughty
2. Rev. George Doughty in Martlesham, Suffolk (b 1654-5, d 14.03.1724, rector of Martlesham)
m1. (19.04.1681) Mary Bloomfield (d 02.07.1708, dau of Thomas Bloomfield)
  A. Sarah Doughty (d infant)
  m2. Mary Park (b c1672, bur 1748, dau of Samuel Park)
  B. Samuel Park Doughty of Martlesham (bpt 01.06.1714, d 09.1749)
  m. Mary Tramell of Kesgrave (d 25.02.1788)
  i. George Doughty of Theberton Hall, Sheriff of Suffolk (d 21.08.1798)
m. Anne Goodwin (b 1738-9, d 12.05.1829, dau/heir of John Goodwin of Martlesham Hall)
  a. George Clarke Doughty of Theberton Hall & Martlesham Hall (bpt 07.09.168, d 22.04.1832, vicar of Hoxne, rector of Denham & Martlesham)
  m. (04.07.1796) Catharine Revett (d 1804, dau/heir of Ezekiel Revett of Brockford)
  (1) Charles Montagu Doughty of Theberton Hall (b 23.07.1798, d 23.04.1850, rector of Dennington, Canon of Rochester, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (01.1840) Frederica Hotham (dau of Hon. Rev. Frederick Hotham)
  (2) Frederick Goodwin Doughty of Martlesham Hall (b 17.10.1800, d 01.07.1878) had issue
  m. (21.08.1833) Beatrice Cunningham (dau/coheir of Rear Admiral Sir Charles Cunningham)
  (3) Harriet Doughty
  m. (1827) Rev. Thomas D'Eye Betts of Wortham Hall
  (4)+ other issue - George (d young), Mary Anne (d 06.12.1878), Catherine Helen (d unm 04.01.1840)
  b. Chester Doughty (d unm)
  c. Mary Doughty
  m1. (1785) Gerard Montagu
  m2. (1798) Rev. George Lucas
  d. Harriet Doughty (b 18.07.1769, d 18.05.1796)
  m. (1791) A(ldous) C(harles) Arnold

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(2) For middle section : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Doughty of Snarford)
(3) For lower section : BLG1886 (Doughty of Theberton Hall)
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