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Families covered: Ogle of Pinchbeck

Sir Robert Ogle
1. Richard Ogle of Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire (a 1504)
  m. Mary Fitzwilliam (dau of John Fitzwilliam of Milton, widow of Thomas Waddington)
  A. Richard Ogle of Pinchbeck (d 25.11.1555)
  m. Beatrix Cooke (d 22.06.1561, dau of John Cooke of Gidea Hall)
  i. Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck (bur 04.05.1574)
m. Jane Welby (d 02.09.1574, dau of Adlard Welby of Gedney)
  a. Sir Richard Ogle of Pinchbeck, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 20.11.1627)
  m. Dorothy Ashfield (dau of Robert Ahfield of Stowlangtoft)
  (1) Robert Ogle (dsp)
  (2) Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck & Wickens in Bardwell, Suffolk (d before 14.07.1660)
m. (03.04.1632) Anne Reade (dau of Sir John Reade of Wrangle)
  (A) Sir Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck (d before 03.1670-1, Major, 2nd son?)
  m. Anne Haslewood (d by 1674, dau of Sir Anthony Haslewood of Maidwell, widow of Sir William Kingsmill)
  (i) Dorothy Ogle (d 08-9.1692)
  (B) John Ogle of Spalding (a 1659)
  m. (29.08.1644) Frances Evington (dau of Nicholas Evington of Spalding)
(i) Elizabeth Ogle (bpt 24.03.1646/7, bur 01.01.1647/8)
  (C) Anne Ogle
  m. (29.07.1673) Craven Howard of Revesby Abbey (d 07.06.1700, son of William, son of Thomas, 1st Earl of Berkshire)
  (D)+ other issue - Ashfield (d by 1659), Magdalene (d before 1569)
  (3) Frances Ogle (bpt 26.09.1594)
  m. (Roger) Dearsley or Deardsley of Essex
  (A) Katharine Deardsley probably of this generation
m. Thomas Johnson of Claxby & Pinchbeck (b c1615, dsp before 29.08.1668)
  (4) Jane Ogle (bpt 23.05.1596)
  m. John Johnson of Ayscoughfee Hall
(5) Anne Ogle (bpt 22.01.1597/8)
  m. Sir John Hales
  b. Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck (bur 29.06.1618)
  m1. Anne Bryan (bur 26.01.1597-8, dau of William Bryan of Bolingbroke, widow of Rev. Robert Bendish)
  (1) Thomas Ogle of Pinchbeck (bur 08.06.1656)
  m1. Alethea Smith (bur 15.07.1627, dau of Roger Smith of Edmonthorpe)
  (A)+ issue - Edward (bpt 07.07.1627, bur 06.08.1627), Anne (bpt 01.04.1624, d before 17.03.1662-3)
  m2. Millicent Temple (bur 19.03.1670-1, dau of Sir Thomas Temple of Stowe)
  (C) Temple Ogle (bpt 27.09.1646, a 1681, vicar of Tathwell, 3rd son)
  m. Jane
  (i) Temple Ogle (bpt 05.08.1698)
(D) Charles Ogle of St. Martins-in-the-Fields, Middlesex (bpt 23.04.1650, a 11.1680, 5th son)
  m. Lydia
  (E) Hester Ogle (bur 25.02.1670-1)
  m. Robert Haslewood (rector of Fleet)
  (F)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 17.04.1636, a 1691-2), Temple (bpt 03.12.1640, bur 02.02.1641-2), Charles (bpt 07.11.1647, bur 25.10.1649), Millicent (bpt 12.04.1632, bur 02.06.1669), Rachel (bpt 13.08.1637), Beatrice (bpt 02.05.1642, d unm before 24.01.1691-2)
  (2) Jane Ogle (bur 03.11.1630)
m. (12.12.1608) Dymoke Walpole of Pinchbeck (bur 23.08.1642)
  (3)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 06.01.1588-9, d by 1618), Thomas (bpt 01.03.1589-90, bur 07.10.1590), Robert (bpt 04.04.1591, bur 15.0631591), Anthony (bpt 10.09.1592, d by 1618), John (bpt 10.09.1592, bur 10.03.1594-5), Cassandra (bpt 04.11.1593, bur 28.07.1596), Frances (bpt 06.10.1594), Rachel (bpt 25.04.1596, bur 28.03.1603)
  m2. Frances Blackbourn of Lincoln
  (11) Valentine Ogle of Pinchbeck (bpt 12.03.1600-1, bur 28.02.1669-70)
m. Bridget Browne (a 1662, dau of Richard Browne of Saltfleetby)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 04.08.1626), Richard (bpt 25.11.1629), John (bpt 02.12.1631), Bryan (bpt 23.11.1633, bur 25.05.1644), William (bpt 09.07.1636, bur 22.09.1636), Robert (bpt 02.12.1637, bur 05.01.1637-8), Frances (bpt 20.03.1627-8, bur 07.05.1644)
  (12) Anne Ogle (b c1598, bur 16.11.1657)
  Maddison (Ogle of Pinchbeck) shows Anne as dau of Ann Bryan but by Maddison (Browne of Pinchbeck) as daughter of Frances Blackburne and married to ...
  m. (05.10.1618) Leonard Browne of Pinchbeck (bpt 12.03.1590-1, bur 24.10.1660)
  (13)+ other issue - Thomas (d before 25.06.1618), John (bpt 21.01.1607-8, bur 14.10.1608), John (bpt 21.12.1609), Margaret (bpt 01.01.1603-4, d by 1618), Bridget (bpt 09.03.1604-5, bur 15.05.1605)
  c. Adlard Ogle of Gedley (bpt 06.09.1562, bur 09.01.1614-5)
  m1. (23.09.1590) Dorothy Hunston (dau of William Hunston of Boston)
  (1) Thomas Ogle (bpt 23.12.1593)
  m. Dorothy Bonnall (bur 06.04.1626)
  (A) Thomas Ogle
  m. Mary
  (i)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 05.11.1663), Anne (bpt 30.04.1655), Elizabeth (bpt 21.08.1666)
  (B)+ other issue - Constance (bur 24.11.1617), Frances (bpt 11.01.1618-9)
  (2) Bridget Ogle (bpt 01.07.1596)
  m2. Mary (bur 04.10.1604)
  (3)+ other issue - William (bpt 30.09.1604), Mary (bpt 17.11.1602)
  m3. (30.10.1610) Anne Rose (bur 08.02.1610-1)
  (5) Elizabeth Ogle (bpt 03.11.1610)
  d. Robert Ogle (bpt 01.04.1566, bur 27.07.1627)
  m. (02.05.1602) Jane Loughton (bur 18.11.1637, (Mrs. Leaves?))
(1) Thomas Ogle (bpt 27.03.1603, bur 20.08.1638)
  m. Elizabeth
  (A)+ issue - son (bur 24.04.1636), Thomas (bpt 06.08.1638, bur 14.10.1638), Elizabeth (bpt 31.01.1636-7)
  e. Sir John Ogle (bpt 25.02.1568-9, bur 17.03.1639/40)
  m. Elizabeth de Vries (dau of Cornelius de Vries of Dordrecht, Holland)
  (1) Sir John Ogle of Pinchbeck (d unm bur 26.03.1663)
  (2) Sir Thomas Ogle of Chelsea Hospital (d 1702)
  m. (c12.1668) Sence Whatton (dau of John Whatton of Newark-on-Trent)
  (A) Thomas Ogle (a 1699, Captain)
  m. Henrietta
(i)+ issue (d infant) - Henreitta, Harriet
  (3) Cornelius Ogle
  m. _ Saunders
  (4) Livina Ogle (b c1605, d 19.02.1641/2)
  m. (11.03.1627) Sir John Manwood (d 1652, Chief Justice)
  (5) Elizabeth Ogle
  m. Joseph Avery
  (6) Utricia or Eutretia (or Hester) Ogle
m. Sir William Swan of Southfleet
  (7) Henerica Ogle
  m1. _ Bridges (Captain)
  m2. _ Noble (Captain)
  (8) Susanna Ogle
m. Onslow Gardiner
  (9) Dorothy Ogle
  m. William Kingsmill
  (10)+ other issue - Trajectina (a 1628), Sophia
  f. Beatrice Ogle (bpt 11.06.1560)
  m1.(28.11.1587) Leonard Purey of Kirton
  m2. (23.07.1611) William Walcott of Walcott
g. Cassandra Ogle (bpt 07.01.1564-5, bur 25.12.1632)
  m1. (sp) Robert Lacy of Stamford
  m2. Sir Francis Beaumont of Washingborough (bur 11.08.1625)
  h. Jane Ogle (bpt 08.04.1571, bur 05.07.1642)
  m. (31.03.1605) Anthony Doughty of Boston (dsp)
  i.+ other issue - Henry (bpt 28.05.1570), Mary (bpt 19.12.1563), Helen (bpt 21.09.1567)
  ii. Nicholas Ogle of Bolingbroke (bur 06.09.1582)
  m. Anne Freeman (dau of John Freeman of Hagnaby & Collier Row)
  a. Anthony Ogle of Keddington (bur 10.08.1606, younger son?)
  m1. (18.10.1596) Alice Doughty (bpt 13.01.1581-2, dau of Rev. Robert Doughty of Louth)
  (1) Dorothy Ogle (bpt 05.03.1597/8)
  m2. (03.08.1598) Anne Pape
  (2)+ other issue - Jane (bpt 1599, d before 1606), Anne, Mary, Audrey (bpt 21.04.1605), Frances
  b. Thomas Ogle
  m. (28.04.1603) Elizabeth Knight
  c.+ other issue (a 1582) - Clinton (a 1606), Hastings, Leonard (bur 11.03.1589/90), Richard, Frances, Elizabeth
  iii. Awdrey Ogle
  m1/2. John Man of Bolingbroke
  a.+ issue - Richard, Francis
  m2/1. Vincent Skinner of Bolingbroke
  B. Elizabeth Ogle
  m. _ Serjeant of Whaplode
2. daughter
  m. William Percy of Spalding (d by 03.1536)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Ogle of Pinchbeck) with some input/support from CTG (vol 6, 1840, 'Pedigree of Ogle of Pinchbeck', p194+)
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