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Families covered: Dalton of Bedale, Dalton of Hawkeswell (Hauxwell), Dalton of Kingston-upon-Hull, Dalton of Myton, Dalton of Sleningford, Dalton of Swyne (Swine)

Thomas Dalton of Kingston-upon-Hull (bur 11.09.1458)
m. Joan (m2. John Whitfield, Mayor of York, m3. Sir Richard York of York)
1. Thomas Dalton, Sheriff then Mayor of Hull (d before 04.01.1502-3)
  m. Elizabeth
2. John Dalton of Kingston-upon-Hull, Sheriff then Mayor of Hull (d 10.08.1494)
  Commoners identifies John's wife as Katherine, sister of John Alcock, Bishop of Ely. BLG1952 & Dugdale identify her as ...
  m. (1486) Katherine Alcock (dau of Robert Alcock of Hall, niece of John Alcock, Bishop of Ely)
  A. Thomas Dalton, Mayor of Hull (d before 01.10.1556, younger son) this generation missed out by Commoners
  m. _ Wilkinson (dau of Thomas Wilkinson, Mayor of Hull)
  i. John Dalton of Hull
  a.+ issue - William, John, Thomas
ii. Robert Dalton (bur 10.04.1578, alderman of Hull)
  m. Elizabeth Silleston (bur 01.02.1587-8)
  a.+ issue - Robert, Thomas, Edward, William, Barbara, Emme, Marie
  iii. Thomas Dalton of Sutton, Mayor of Hull (b c1516, d 1590) the first mentioned by FMG
  m1. Anne Walker
  m2. Anne Tyrwhitt (dau of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettilby by Elizabeth Oxenbridge)
a. Robert Dalton of Myton (bur 25.06.1626)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Coley 1899, Yorkshire, Dugdale 1665, Dalton of Swyne).
  m. Elizabeth Constable (dau of Raphe Constable of North Park)
  (1) Thomas Dalton of Myton and Swyne
  m. Anne Inngleby (dau of John Ingleby, son of Sir William of Ripley)
  (A) John Dalton of Swyne or Swine, etc (b c1623, d 10/11.1685)
  m. Mary Brudenell (dau of Thomas Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan, widow of Viscount Dunbar)
  (B) James Dalton
  m. Catherine Clarke (dau of James Clarke of London)
  (C) William Dalton (dsp)
  (D) Thomas Dalton of Nuttles and Swine (d before 20.01.1700-1)
  m. Elizabeth
  (E) Elizabeth Dalton
  m. Samuel Snawsdell or Snawsell
  (F) Catherine Dalton
  m. Robert Dickenson or Dickinson of Canwick
(2) Henry Dalton (dsp bur 16.01.1665-6, 3rd son)
  m. Susanna Colling
  (3) Anne Dalton
  m. (c1601) Robert Bacon of Ferriby
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (monk), John of Barton (probably not Parton), Ralph (dsp), James (cleric), Ambrose (dsp)
  b. Sir William Dalton of York, 1st of Hawkeswell or Hauxwell (bur 25.01.1649-50, Attorney General)
  m. (c1598) Theophania Boothe (b c1570, d 18.02.1604-5, dau of John Boothe of Killingholme, widow of Thomas Agar)
(1) John Dalton of Hawkeswell or Hauxwell (bpt 17.09.1603, bur 26.07.1644, 2nd son?)
  m. Dorothy Darcy (dau of Sir Conyers Darcy, Lord Darcy)
  (A) Sir William Dalton of Hawkeswell or Hauxwell (b c1629, d 23.03.1675)
  m. Elizabeth Wyvill (dau of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, Bart of Constable Burton)
  (i) Sir Marmaduke Dalton of Hawkeswell (b 19.08.1655, d 19.02.1680-9)
  m. Barbara Belasyse (b 1644-5, d 12.09.1708, dau of Hon. Henry Belasyse, relict of Walter Strickland)
  (a) Mary Dalton (d before 1759)
  m. (05.01.1702-3) Edward Graham, 2nd Viscount Preston (b c1673, d 1710)
  (b) Elizabeth Dalton of Hawkeswell (d unm)
  (c) Grace Dalton (dvp unm)
  (ii) Sir Charles Dalton of Hawkeswell (d unm 1747, 3rd son, 'Black Rod')
  (iii) Darcy Dalton (b 1669/70-4, d 27.03.1734, rector of Aston, prebendary/Canon of York)
m1. (25.09.1701) Mary Harrison of Skellow (bur 06.02.1703-4)
  (a) Darcy Dalton (d unm after 1738)
  m2. Jane (b c1683, d 05.03.1719, probably, dau of James Hall of York)
  (b) Charles Dalton of Hawkeswell (b c1713, d unm 22.12.1788, rector of Hawkeswell)
  (c) Francis Dalton of Hawkeswell (b c1718, d 21.11.1792, youngest son)
  m. Mary Tasker (dau of John Tasker or Tacker of Wimbledon)
  ((1)) Mary Dalton
  m. (03.04.1779) Henry Gale of Scruton, later of Hawkeswell (Hauxwell)
  (d) Barbara Dalton
  m. Charles Tancred of Arden
  (e) Mary Dalton
  m. Gilbert Knowles or William Knowles (rector of Boddington)
  (f) Elizabeth Dalton
  m. Samuel Drake (rector of Treeton)
  (g)+ other issue (d unm) - William, Jane (b 1713/4, d 05.02.1729)
  (iv) Isabel Dalton
m. Roger Crofte of East Appleton
  (a) Mary Croft
  m. William Charlton
  ((1)) daughter
  m. (1737) Stephen Salkeld
  (v) Dorothy Dalton (bur 17.04.1707)
m. (01.03.1689/90) William Steinforth (bur 17.04.1707, canon of York Minster)
  (vi) Ursula Dalton
  m. Sir Barrington Bourchier of Beningborough
(vii)+ other issue - Christopher (b c1658, d young), Thomas (dsp bur 09.01.1692/3), Michael (b c1672, bur 07.11.1682), Elizabeth
  (B) Thomas Dalton of York, later of Bedale (b 1633, a 07.1710, d 1710)
  The following is supported by BLG1952 (Dalton of The Hutts).
  m. Anne Wyvile (b c1634, bur 28.01.1675, dau of Sir Marmaduke Wyvile, Bart of Constable Burton, by Isabel Gascoign of Sedbury)
  (i) John Dalton of Bedale (d 1700-1, 2nd son)
  m. Jane Thornton
  (a) James Dalton (bpt 22.05.1699, d 1742, captain)
  m. Elizabeth Smith (d 1769)
((1)) John Dalton of Sleningford (b 1725, d 07.1811, Captain)
  m. (11.03.1756) Isabel Wray (d 29.05.1780, dau of Sir John Wray, Bart, by Frances Norcliffe)
  ((A)) Thomas Dalton, later Norcliffe of Langton (b 31.12.1756, d 1820)
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Norcliffe of Langton).
  m. (13.12.1784) Anne Wilson (b c1762, d 25.09.1835, dau/heir of William Wilson of Allerton Gledhow)
  ((i)) Norcliffe Dalton, later Norcliffe of Langton (b 24.09.1791, d 08.02.1862, Maj. General) had issue (1 son, d unm)
  m. (24.06.1824) Decima Hester Beatrix Foulis (d 03.02.1828, dau of John Robinson Foulis)
  ((ii)) Mary Norcliffe (b 11.02.1790, d 1837)
m. (11.06.1807) Charles Best of York
  ((iii))+ other issue - William Norcliffe (b c1793, d 15.10.1798), Thomas (b 09.06.1795, d 31.05.1810), Isabella (b 09.11.1785, d unm 1846), Charlotte (b 14.09.1788, d unm 1844), Emily (b 14.07.1799), daughter (d young)
  ((B)) John Dalton of Sleningford and Fillingham Castle (b 1758, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (09.03.1783) Susanna Prescott (dau of General Robert Prescott of Rose Green)
  ((i)) John Dalton of Sleningford & Fillingham (b 18.12.1784, d 01.07.1864, Captain) had issue
  m1. Elizabeth Lodge (dau/heir of Richard Lodge of Leeds)
  m2. (15.04.1844) Catherine Dodsworth (d 08.10.1900, dau of Sir Charles Dodworth, 3rd Bart)
  ((ii)) James Robert Dalton (b 18.10.1787, dsp, Captain RN)
  m. Isabella Diss
  ((ii)) Charles Dalton (b 02.02.1789, d 1871, Major General) had issue
  m. (02.1832) Mary Duncan (dau of Dr. _ Duncan)
  ((iv)) George Dalton (b 13.03.1794, dsp, Captain)
  m. (08.1829) Euphemia Cauldfield Hannington (dau of Thomas Hannington of Dungannon Castle)
  ((v)) William Serjeantson Dalton (b 29.06.1803, dsp, Captain)
  m. (01.1830) Laura King (dau of Captain _ King)
  ((vi)) Susanna Isabella Dalton (b 06.12.1783)
  m. (10.12.1805) Sir James Charles Dalbiac (Lt. General)
  ((vii)) Frances Elizabeth Dalton (b 23.06.1786)
  m. Rev. John Walker Harrison of Norton-le-Clay
  ((viii)) Maria Catherine Dalton (b 02.08.1798)
  m. (05.02.1822) George Cleghorn of Weens House
  ((ix)) Albinia Dalton (b 29.10.1799)
m. (01.07.1829) George Kelly, later Holdsworth (vicar of Aldborough)
  ((x)) Madelina Agnes Dalton (b 29.08.1801)
  m. (10.1830) Rev. Cecil Wray Dalton
  ((C)) James Dalton (b 14.11.1764, d 01.01.1843, rector of Croft, vicar of Copgrove)
  m. (11.1794) Maria Gibson (dau of Rev. Edmund Gibson of Bishops Stortford)
  ((i))+ issue - Cecil (b 11.10.1805), John, Charles James (b 05.1812), Mary Anne (b 29.11.1798), Isabella (b 275.09.1802), Esther Jane (b 1806), Elizabeth
  ((D)) Frances Elizabeth Dalton (b 07.1759, d 01.1800)
  m. William Garforth of Wiganthorpe
  ((E)) Isabella Dalton (b 1763)
  m. (07.1787) George Baker of Elemore
  (b) Jane Dalton
(ii) Dorothy Dalton
  m. _ Warwick
  (iii)+ other issue - William (b 13.04.1669), Thomas (d young), Ann (d young), Ursula (d young)
  (C) Mary Dalton
  m. John Beverley of Smeton
  (D) Barbara Dalton
  m. Charles Tancred of Arden
  (E)+ other issue - Marmaduke, Ursula
  (2) Anne Dalton
m. Marmaduke Grimston of Grymston Garth (d 27.01.1622-3)
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas, Mary (d unm bur 10.04.1624), Catherine (b 1605)
  c. Edward Dalton of Sutton (d 1617/8, 4th son)
  (1)+ issue - William, Elizabeth, Anne, Luce, Frances
  d. Thomas Dalton (dsp)
  m. _ Witham (dau of Thomas Witham of Cliffe, m2. Robert Dolman of Pocklington)
  d. Anne Dalton
  m. Sir Ralph Elerker (son of Edward of Risby)
  e. Elizabeth Dalton
  m. Walter Cave
  f.+ other issue - Philip, Susannah
  iv. Edward Dalton (defore 06.10.1575)
  m. Mary
  a.+ issue - Edward, Thomas, William, John, Katherine, Maude, Elizabeth
  v. Elizabeth Dalton
  m. _ Coole or Scoles
  vi. Anne Dalton
  m. _ Saltmarshe
  vii. Maud Dalton
  m. _ Kettlewell
  viii. Agnes Dalton
  ix. Margaret Dalton
  m. _ Graye
  B. Edward Dalton
  i. Katherine Dalton
  C.+ other issue - William, Robert, John, Anthony, 3 sons, Elizabeth, Agnes, Jennet, daughter
3.+ other issue - Robert, William, Elizabeth

Main source(s): Visitation (Coley 1899, Yorkshire, Dugdale 1665, Dalton of Hawkeswell), Commoners (vol 1, 'Dalton of Sleningford', p528+), BLG1952 (Wade-Dalton of Hauxwell), FMG (vol 3, MS384, 'Dalton', p912+)
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