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Families covered: Cassan of Sheffield (Cappoly), Coward of Wells, Cheddar (Chedder) of Ubley, Child of Osterley Park

The following Stephen was one of those who fled France following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Commoners reports that Dugdale called them "a family of distinction in the province of Bearne".
Stephen Cassan, later of Cappoly, Queen's Co. (b 1659, d 1750-1, from Montpelier to Holland to Ireland)
m. (1692) Elizabeth Sheffield (dau/heir of Joseph Sheffield of Navestock (Essex) & Cappoly)
1. Matthew Cassan of Cappoly, renamed Sheffield (b 1693, d before 05.1752)
  m1. Ann Baldwin (dau of Jonathan Baldwin of Summer Hill)
  A. Stephen Cassan of Sheffield, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (b 22.05.1724-5, d 26.04.1773)
  m. (09.12.1750) Alicia Mercer (b c1720, d 06.02.1789, dau of William Mercer of Fair Hill, relict of Benjamin Hunt)
  i. Matthew Cassan of Sheffield, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (b 11.1754, d 01.11.1837, Major)
  m1. (18.05.1776) Sarah Forde (dau of Col. (John) Forde of Seaforde (son of Matthew of Seaforde) by dau of William Brownlow of Lurgan)
  a. Stephen Sheffield Cassan of Sheffield (b 18.10.1777) had issue
  m. (1804) Eliza Ann Laurenson (dau/heir of Edward Laurenson of Capponellan by Mary, dau of George Stoney of Grayfort)
m2. (15.09.1819, sp) Catherine Head (dau of John Head of Ashley Park by Phoebe, sister of John Toler, 1st Earl of Norbury)
  ii. Stephen Cassan (b 02.01.1757, d 26.01.1794)
  m. (04.03.1786) Sarah Mears (dau/heir of Charles Mears, son of Rev. John of Coleraine by Jane Stuart)
  a. Stephen Cassan (b 27.10.1789, vicar of Bruton & Wyke, Somerset) had issue
  m. (27.12.1820) Frances Ireland (dau of Rev. William Ireland of Frome by Alicia, dau of William Everett of Wilts, niece of Thomas of Billesden House)
  iii. Alicia Cassan (b 20.11.1755, d 1827)
m. George Howse (d 1804, rector of Inch, son of George (archdeacon of Dromore) by Laetitia, dau of Rev. (John) Wynne by Dorcas, dau of Robert Hoey of Danganstown)
  iv.+ other issue (dsp)
  B. Richard Sheffield Cassan 'of Sheffield' (b 1729)
  m. Isabella Hamilton (dau of Alexander Hamilton of Knock, sister of Bishop Hugh)
  i. Alicia Cassan (d 17.02.1818, 4th dau) probably of this generation
  m. (1782) Noah Simpson (b 1746, d 1791, Major)
  ii.+ 3 daughters
  C. Eliza Cassan
m. Rev. George Cooke
  D. Margaret Cassan
  m. Aaron Crossley Seymour
  m2. Christian Walsh (dau of John Walsh of Jamaica)
  E. Joseph Cassan of Stradbally (b 1742, d 1830, rector of Timmogue, vicar of Tullamoy & Fosse) had issue
  F. John Cassan (d 08.1805, Captain) had issue
  G. Christiana Cassan (b 12.03.1743, d 1814)
  m. James Price of Westfield
  i. Edward Price (archdeacon of Killaloe)
  m. Ricarda Annesley (dau of Richard Annesley of New Ross, niece of Charles, 1st Marquess of Ely)
  ii. James Price (Lt. Colonel)



John Coward of West Penard, Somerset
m. Catherine Leigh (dau/heir of Thomas Leigh of Wells)
1. Thomas Coward of Wells (bur 22.01.1620/1)
  m. Mary Watkins (dau of William Watkins of Wells)
  A. Thomas Coward (b c1600, a 1623)
  m. Jane jJmes (dau of Francis James, Chancellor to the Bishop of Bath & Wells)
i.+ issue - Francis (bpt 26.09.1633), William (bpt 06.09.1638)
  B. William Coward, Mayor of Wells (b c1601, bur 24.08.1664)
  m. Catherine Dodington (bur 21.03.1670-1, dau of John Dodington of Dodington, sister of Sir Francis)
  i. William Coward of Wells & Totteridge (Hertfordshire) (bpt 19.07.1634, d 08.09/18.04.1705, recorder of Wells, MP)
  HoP notes that there was 1 son & 1 daughter of William's 1st marriage (and 1 son of his second). Visitation mentions just the first marriage, with Bridget being mother of ... William + James (in italics) + Katherine whilst Commoners (vol 1, 'Beckford of Fonthill'. p682) suggests that Bridget was also daughter of William by ...
  m1. Bridget Hall (b c1639, d 22.03.1682/3, dau of Sir Thomas Hall of Bradford-on-Avon)
  a. William Coward of Wells (b 10.06.1666, d unm 06.1716, MP)
  b. James Coward
  c. Katherine Coward (bpt 28.02.1668-9)
  m. _ Piers
  d. Bridget Coward
  m. (10.1719) George Hamilton (MP for Wells)
  m2. Philippa Annesley (dau of Arthur Annesley, 1st Earl of Anglesey, widow of Charles Mohun, 3rd Lord of Okehampton)
  e. son
  ii.+ other issue - John (bpt 24.02.1640-1), Christopher, Edward, Francis (bpt 21.09.1642), Geogre, Mary, Catherine (bpt 28.08.1644)



Robert Cheddar, Mayor of Bristol (d 05-06.1384, MP)
m. Joan Hanham (d 10.04.1437, dau/coheir of Simon Hanham of Gloucester, m2. Sir Thomas Brooke)
1. Richard Cheddar of Ubley (b 09.1379, d c06.1437)
m. Elizabeth Cauntelo (dau/heir of Robert Cauntelo of Heddington & granddau/heir of Maud, sister/heir of Nicholas Berkeley of Dursley)
  A. Jane Cheddar
  m. Thomas Wyke
  partner unknown
  B. John Cheddar
2. Thomas Cheddar ('Chedder of Chedder'), later of Ubley (d 1443, 4th son)
  m. Isabel (or Elizabeth) Scobhull (dau/coheir of Robert Scobhull)
  A. Joan Cheddar (b c1425, d 15.07.1464)
  m1. Richard Stafford (d by 1443)
  m2. John Talbot, Viscount Lisle (d 1453)
  B. Isabel Cheddar
  m. John Cradock, alias Newton
3. Katherine Cheddar possibly fits here
  m. Sir John (or Thomas) Rodney (d 1400-1)
4.+ other issue - Robert (b 10.1380), William (b 12.1381)



Robert Child of Heddington, Wiltshire (clothier)
m. Jane
1. Sir Francis Child, later of Osterley Park (Middlesex), Lord Mayor of London (bpt 14.12.1642, d 04.10.1713, goldsmith & banker, MP)
  m. (23.10.1671) Elizabeth Wheeler (dau of William Wheeler, stepdau of Robert Blanchard)
  A. Sir Robert Child of Osterley Park (bpt 06.06.1674, d 06.10.1721, goldsmith & banker, Chairman of the East India Company, MP)
  B. John Child of London (b c1677, d unm 14.02.1703, MP)
  C. Sir Francis Child, later of Osterley Park, Lord Mayor of London (b c1684, d unm 20.04.1740, 4th son)
  D. Samuel Child, later of Osterley Park (bpt 06.07.1693, d 01.10.1752, MP, 11th son)
  m. Agatha Edgar (dau of Mileson Edgar (or Edward))
  i. Sir Francis Child of Osterley Park (b c1735, d unm 23.09.1763, banker, MP)
  ii. Robert Child of Osterley Park (b 02.1739, d 28.07.1782, banker, MP)
  m. (06.10.1763) Sarah Jodrell (b 23.09.1741, d 23.05.1793, dau of Gilbert Jodrell of Ankerwyke)
  a. Sarah Anne Child (b 28.08.1764, d 09.11.1793)
  m. (20.05.1782) John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmorland (b 1759, d 1841)
  iii.+ 1 son + 1 daughter
  E. (Elizabeth) Child
  m. Tyrrington Backwell (not Buckwell) (son of Edward)
  F.+ other issue - 7 sons (most d young), 2 daughters

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