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Families covered: Chandos of Radborne, Chandos (Chaundos) of Snodhill
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Robert de Chandos (a 1066)
1. Robert de Chandos (d 1173)
  A. Robert de Chandos (d before 23.10.1220) first of the family reported by TCP
  m. Sarah relict of Robert and so possibly mother of his successor who was ...
  i. Roger or Robert de Chandos (b after 1199, d before 12.12.1232)
  a. Roger de Chandos (b after 1211)
(1) Robert de Chandos or Chaundos of Snodhill, Wellington and Fownhope (d before 23.11.1302)
  m. Alice
  (A) Sir Roger de Chandos or Chaundos of Snodhill, Sheriff of Glamorgan, 1st Lord (d 24.09.1353)
  BE1883, apparently basing its article on Dugdale, reports Sir Roger, son of Robert, as made Sheriff of Herefordshire in 1322/3 and then reports a separate Roger de Chandos, Sheriff of Herefordshire, as being the 1st Lord without a clear connection between the two. TCP treats them as the same person.
  m1. (spm) Katherine Talbot (dau of Richard Talbot of Eccleswall)
(i) Julia(n) Chandos possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. John le Moigne
  m2. (before 12.04.1315) Maud D'Acton (d 15.08.1361, dau of John D'Acton of Iron Acton, widow of Nicholas Pointz of Curry Mallett (2nd Lord))
  (ii) Thomas Chandos or Chaundos of Snodhill, Sheriff of Herefordshire, 2nd Lord (d 06.10.1375)
  m. (before 01.07.1336) Lucy (d 13.08.1396)
  (a) John Chandos of Snodhill, Sheriff of Herefordshire, 3rd Lord (b before 1369, dsp 16.12.1428)
  m1. (1363) Violette de la Bere (dau of John de la Bere, younger of Kinnersley)
  m2. Philippe de Briene (a 10.1406, dau of Guy de Briene or Bryan, Lord Bryan)
  (b) Margaret Chandos (d 04.04.1406)
  m. Thomas Berkeley of Cubberley and Stoke Archer
  One of their daughters married Thomas Brugge and was ancestress of the Brydges Lords Chandos.
(B) Thomas de Chandos (d before 02.1332/3)



Connected to the above family in some way was ...
Sir John Chandos
m. Margery de Ferrers (dau of Robert de Ferrers, lord of Eggington)
1. Sir Henry Chandos of Radborne (a 1260)
  m. Eleanor
  A. Sir John Chandos of Radborne (a 1300)
  m. Elizabeth Braylesford (dau of Sir Henry Braylesford)
i. Sir Edward Chandos of Radborne
  m. Isabel Twyford (dau of Sir John Twyford)
  a. Sir John Chandos of Radborne, Constable of Aquitaine (dsp 1369)
  b. Robert Chandos (d unm)
  c. Margaret Chandos
  m. Robert de Ireland
  (1) Isabella de Ireland
  m. Sir John de Annesley
  d. Elizabeth Chandos (d unm)
  e. Alianore Chandos
  m. Sir John Lawton (Constable of Castle of St. Saviour's)
  (1) Elizabeth Lawton (d 04.08.1432)
  m. Sir Peter de la Pole (a 1401)

Main source(s):
(1) Chandos of Snodhill : TCP (Chaundos), BE1883 (Chandos)
(2) Chandos of Radborne : BE1883 (Chandos)
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