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Families covered: Crouch of Alswick Hall, Crouch of Corneybury

John Crowch or Crouch mentioned in the Layston Church site
1. John Crowch or Crouch of Alswick Hall & Corneybury, Hertfordshire (b 1519, bur 14.02.1605-6) the first mentioned by Clutterbuck & 'The Pedigree Register'
  m. (21.09.1560) Jane Scot (bur 1583, dau/heir of (Sir) John Scot of London)
  A. John Crouch of Alswick Hall, Hertfordshire
m. Anne Rolfe (dau/heir of Henry Rolfe of Kelvedon (uncle of Sir Edward Barkham, Lord Mayor of London) by dau of Thomas Howe)
  i. John Crouch of Alswick Hall (bur 14.08.1661)
  m. Elizabeth Vesey (dau of Charles Vesey of Hintlesham)
  a. John Crouch of Alswick Hall (b 1635, bur 18.06.1671)
  m. (18.10.1662) Elizabeth Pike (b 1638, dau of George Pike (Pyke) of Sheene by Elizabeth Gore)
  (1) Pyke Crouch (bpt 02.03.1667, d 01.12.1712)
  m. Catherine Carew (b 1675, d 17.06.1756, dau of George Carew)
  (A) John Crouch, later Pyke of Sheene (d 21.06.1760)
  m. Ann (d 1762)
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1702, d 28.11.1773), George (bpt 1699), Charles (bpt 1706), Catherine (b 1707, d 1735O
  (2) John Crouch, later Pyke of Sheene (bpt 15.03.1670, dsp 03.12.1738)
m. Sarah Bendyshe
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 1671), Elizabeth (bpt 1668)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 1641), William (bpt 1643), Robert (bpt 1646), George (bpt 1649), Richard (bpt 1645), Anne (bpt 1648)
  ii. Henry Crouch
  B. Thomas Crouch of Corneybury (bur 03.09.1616)
  m. Sarah Gallard (dau of Henry Gallard of Norwich by Margaret, sister of Sir Edward Barkham)
  i. John Crouch of Corneybury (bpt 14.09.1606, bur 11.05.1649)
  m. Margaret Johnson (bur 07.03.1667, dau of William Johnson of Preston Grange)
  a. Charles Crouch of Corneybury (3rd son)
  m. Frances Langhorne (bur 27.11.1675, dau/heir of Benjamin Langhorne of Ippolitis)
  (1) Thomas Crouch of Corneybury (bpt 09.02.1660, bur 28.03.1701, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Turner (dau of Bernard Turner of Buntingford)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 21.07.1693, bur 08.12.1707), Charles (bpt 12.08.1699)
  (2) Margaret Crouch
  m. (15.04.1683) Joseph Malyon (rector of White Rothing)
  (3) Frances Crouch
  m. John Layton (of the Inner Temple)
  (4) Anne Crouch
  m. Thomas Worral of London (dyer)
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas (b 01.08.1658, bur 23.05.1659), John (bpt 15.02.1662), Charles (bpt 26.02.1666-7), Richard (bpt 08.08.1668), Elizabeth (bpt 18.10.1663), Sarah (b 21.09.1659), Mary (bpt 23.04.1665), Jane (bpt 04.12.1669), Susan, Ellen (bpt 23.04.1675)
  b. Sarah Crouch
m. Edward Wigge of Mountmore
  c. Mary Crouch
  m. John Hale of Hertford
  d.+ other issue - John (bpt 06.09.1631, bur 01.08.1650), Thomas, Edward, Thomas (bpt 05.12.1638, bur 18.03.1653), Caesar (bpt 17.11.1640), George (bpt 07.05.1646), Margaret
  ii. Thomas Crouch (bpt 18.10.1607, d unm bur 30.08.1679, MP)
  C. Elizabeth Crouch
  m1. Mathew Flyer (Floyer) of London
m2. (14.02.1597-8) William Freman of London
  D. Jane Crouch (d before 02.1660)
  m1. (27.05.1589) Edward Burrowe (Burrows)
  m2. (before 1593) Sir Edward Barkham, Lord Mayor of London (d 15.01.1633-4)
  E. Anne Crouch (b 1572-3, d 11.06.1648)
  m1. (30.12.1590) Robert Wyncoll of London
m2. Richard Chamberlain
  m3. (sp) Sir Ralph Hare of Stow Bardolph (d 08.1623)
  m4. Edward, Lord Montagu of Boughton
  F. Joan Crouch
  m.(30.08.1596) Sir Ralph Freman, Lord Mayor of London (d 16.03.1634)
  G. Margaret Crouch (bur 29.12.1673)
  m1. (02.07.1599) Allen Elvine of London
  m2. John Hare (d 08.06.1613)
  m3. (26.04.1620) Henry Montagu, 1st Earl of Manchester (d 1642)
  H.+ other issue - Richard, Nicholas, William
2. Joane Crowch or Crouch



Giles Crouch of Cornhill, London
1. Jane Crouch
  m. John Bargrave of Bifrons
2. Sarah Crouch
  Sarah is identified by 'Le Neve's Pedigrees of the Knights' (edited by George W. Marshall (1873), p33) as "daughter/coheir of Jo. Crouch of London".
  m1. _ Wiseman 'of Hertfordshire'
  m2. Sir Anthony Hungerford (d 1627)
3. daughter
  m. _ Archer of Essex

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford' (Robert Clutterbuck, vol 3, 1821, 'Pedigree of the Family of Crouch', p429+), with thanks to a regular contributor (CV, 16.08.20) for sending us copies of the relevant pages and for directing us to www.layston-church.org.uk which contains a database that covers Crouch and other families, with support from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 3, No. 27 (December 1913), 'Scot to Gee', p75)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (London, 1633-4, 'Crouch')
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