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Families covered: Craufurd (Crawford or Crauford) of Crawford, Craufurd of Craufurdland, Crawford of Crawfordjohn

There are many web sites that offer information on the origins of this family. Unfortunately, most contradict each other or other sources. The following pulls together A VIEW of what the ancestry may have been. These early generations should be treated with caution. Note that the dates given by some sources indicate that, with some of the early members of the family apparently living to a great age but others dying young, there were several generations alive at the same time around the 12th/13th centuries. This could be part of the cause of the confusion that surrounds these early generations. We hope to investigate this family further in due course.
Leofwine of Northumbria (b before 1000)
1. Thorlongus of the Merse = Thor 'the tall' of Tranent, Ednam, etc
  Along with others of Danish extraction, Thor was driven out of Northern England by the Normans and was accepted into Scotland by King Malcolm Canmore who was seeking to strengthen his own defences against the Normans.
  A. Swane of Swinton = Swane (Sweyn) Thorson of Crawford
  Thought by some to be the namegiver to Swinton (Swane's town).
  i. Eve --
  m. (probably) Alan of Ruthven --
  It has been suggested that Eve married Alan FitzWalter, 2nd Hereditary Steward of Scotland (d 1204) but TSP (Kings) reports that this was based on a mistaken reading of a charter. The suggestion that Eve was married to Alan of Ruthven has been received from a contributor and is given some credence because Alan is elsewhere reported to have been son of Sweyn of Crawford and it is known that son and son-in-law relationships were often confused. It is hoped that confirmation of the issue will be received in due course.
  ii. daughter --
  m. Reginald de Crawford (d 1146) @@ below --
  B. William of Swinton
  Thought by some to be the progenitor of families of Swinton, Gordon, etc but this seems to contradict information obtained elsewhere on the Swinton family (see 'Swinton01').



Gregan de Crawford (b c1080, a 1128)
Gregan (or Alan) may have been one of those who accompanied King David on his return to Scotland around 1127. He is reported to have saved the life of Reginald, son of the Earl of Richmond in 1127 (presumably this was Reginald la Zusche) whilst he or another 'Alan of Crawford' is said around this time to have married Bertha, daughter of Conan, Duke of Brittany, possibly the Conon (1138-1171) who married Margaret, sister of David, Earl of Huntingdon, and who was half-brother of Reginald la Zusche.
1. Reginald de Crawfurd (d 1146)
  Some sources show this Galfridus to be son rather than son-in-law of Swane Thorson of Crawford.
  m. daughter of Swane Thorson of Crawford @@ above
  A. Galfridus de Crawford of Crawford (b 1118, d 1189/c1202)
  m. (??) dau of David, Earl of Huntingdon
  This marriage is reported by several web sites. Some indicate that Galfridus's wife was a legitimate daughter of Earl David but this is not supported by information known about Earl David whose legitimate descendants became claimants for the throne of Scotland and so have been studied carefully.
The connections between the branches of Crawfordjohn, Loudoun, Auchenames, Kilbirnie, and Kerse & Drumsey are reported differently by different sources. The following seems to be a reasonable 'compromise' between them but should not be viewed as completely reliable.
  i. Reginald de Crawford of Crawford (b 1145, d 1230)
  ii. John de Crawfordjohn
John is referred to as stepson of Baldwin de Biggar but this connection has not yet been identified.
  a. Sir Reginald de Crawford, Sheriff of Ayr (b c1165, d 1226)
  m. Margaret Loudoun (dau of James de Loudoun of Loudoun)
  (1) William de Crawford
  (2) Hugh de Crawford of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (d 1246)
  m. Margaret
  (A) Hugh de Crawford of Loudoun (d 1288)
m. Alicia
  (i) Sir Reginald de Crawford of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (d c1297)
  m. Cecilia
  (a) Sir Reginald de Crawford of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr (d 1303)
  ((1)) Susanna Crawford (a 1318) --
  m. Duncan Campbell --
  (b) Hugh Craufurd of Auchenames
  (ii) ?? Crawford possibly ancestor of the Craufuirds of Baidland then Ardmillan
  (iii) Margaret Crawford --
  m. Sir Malcolm Wallace of Elderslie --
  (B) Reginald de Crawford of Kerse possibly ancestor of the Crawfords of Drumsey (Drumsoy)
  (3) Sir John de Crauford of Ardoch (Crawfordland or Craufurdland)
  The following is supported by 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p195).
  (A) son
  (B) John de Crauford, 2nd of Craufurdland (a temp Alexander II who r. 1214-1249)
  (i) John de Crauford, 3rd of Craufurdland (a temp Alexander III who r. 1249-1286)
  (a) James Crauford, 4th of Craufurdland
  ((1)) ?? Crauford, 5th of Craufurdland (d c1350)
((A)) John Crauford, 6th of Craufurdland
((i)) ?? Crauford
  Paterson suggests that the following William was preceeded as laird by an elder broth (dsp) who is not mentioned by BLG1952. Consequently, hereinafter BLG1952 disagrees with the numberings given by Paterson
((ii)) Sir William Crauford of Craufurdland (a 1423)
((a)) Rankine Crauford, 8th of Craufurdland
m. (c1430) ??
(((1))) William Crauford, 9th of Craufurdland
m. Janet Hamilton (dau of Hamilton of Baldowie)
(((2)))+ other sisue - Robert (cleric?), Andrew
((iii)) John Craufurd of Giffordland (a 1440)
  (4) Adam de Crawford
  (5) Reginald de Crawford (parson of Strathaven)
  b. Sir John de Crawford of Crawfordjohn (b 1185, d 1248)
  (1) Margaret Crawford --
  Margaret is shown as having married Sir Archibald Douglas but this was probably the Margaret who (also) married ...
  m1/2. Sir Walter Barclay of Crawfordjohn
  m2/1. Sir Archibald of Douglas & Hermiston (d c1240) --
  (2) daughter --
  m. (c1220) Sir David de Lindsay of Luffness (a 1249) --

Main source(s):
(1) various web sites including (for example) http://pages.prodigy.net/dr_fission/family.htm and http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~albeale/crawold.htm
(2) for the Loudoun to Campbell connection: TSP (Loudoun)
(3) for Craufurds of Craufurdland: BLG1952 (Houison-Craufurd of Craufurdland and Braehead)
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