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Families covered: Courtney (Courtenay) of Deviok, Courtenay of Ethy, Courtney of Lanevet (Lanivet), Courtney of Penkevell, Courtenay of Pensford (Painsford), Courtenay of Tremere (Courtney of Tremure)
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Sir Edmund Courtenay of St. Lennard's & Deviock
m. Jane Devioke (dau/coheir of John Devioke of Deviock & Ethy)
1. Richard Courtenay of Lestithell
  m1. Maude Michell (dau of John Michell of St. Colan)
A. Lawrence Courtenay of Ethy in St. Winnow
  m. Dorothy Sydenham (dau of Sir John (or Walter) Sydenham of Brimpton)
  i. Francis Courtenay of Ethy (d 22.12.1598)
  m. Philippa Dennis (dau/coheir of Philip Dennis of Padstow, m2. Richard Savery)
  a. Francis Courtenay, last of Ethy
  m. Elizabeth (a 1592)
  ii. William Courtenay
  m. Dorothy Hoblyn ## see here ##
  iii. Gertrude Courtenay
  m. Robert Casell (Kestell?)
  iv. Katherine Courtenay
  m1. Thomas Kempe of Lavethan
  m2. Robert Smith
v. Philippa Courtenay
  m. John Cavell of Trehaverock
  vi.+ other issue - Richard (dsp bur 03.05.1627), Nicholas (bur 18.03.1589), Mary
  m2. Jane Boscawen (d 10.11.1517, dau of John Boscawen of Tregothnan, widow of Richard Trevener)
  B. William Courtney of Deviok
m. Elizabeth Bowerman (dau of Nicholas Bowerman) ## see here ##
  i. George Courtney of Penkevell (bur 27.08.1635)
  m. (23/25.01.1576-7) Constance Trenance (bur 30.12.1629, dau of Thomas Trenance of Lanhydrock)
  a. Peter Courtney of Penkevell (b c1584)
m. Amye Trehane (dau/coheir of John Trehane of Trehane)
  (1) William Courtenay 'of Probus' (bpt 1612, bur 31.03.1655)
  m. (01.01.1640) Elizabeth Crossman (dau of John Crossman of Botusfleming, m2. Hugh Trevanion)
  (A) Mary Courtenay (bpt 27.06.1641)
  m. (23.12.1661) Richard Williams of Probus
  (B)+ other issue - William (bpt 05.11.1654), Elizabeth (bpt 21.10.1652)
  (2) Anne (Amy) Courtenay (bur 04.12.1700)
  m1. Sir Peter Courtenay of Trethurfe
  m2. (21.11.1669) Sir Peter Fortescue of Wood, Bart (bur 14.08.1685)
  (3)+ other issue - George (bpt 03.05.1618, d by 1620), Peter (bpt 08.08.1619, d by 1620), Richard (bpt 18.06.1629), Francis (bpt 11.06.1634), Elizabeth (bpt 21.05.1614, bur 01.10.1615), Jane (bpt 09.1616), Elizabeth (bpt 20.06.1623, bur 07.07.1643), Constant (bpt 20.10.1627), Susan (bpt 03.1632)
  b. Littleton Courtney or Courtenay (bpt 1590, d before 10.01.1664)
  m. Grace
  c. George Courtney (bpt 22.01.1585)
m. (05.10.1609) Elizabeth Mallet
  (1) George Courtney (bpt/bur 1610)
  d. Loveday Courtney
  m. (19.02.1609) William Avery
  e. Constance Courtney
  m. Christopher Hatch of Bosuistock
  f. Mary Courtney (bpt 10.10.1591)
  m. (27.01.1619) Edward Kestle
  g.+ other issue - Hugh (bpt 21.12.1587, bur 14.11.1670), Francis (bpt 30.01.1588)
ii. Joan Courtney
  m. Thomas Rosewarren
  iii. Dorothy Courtney
  C. John Courtney of Tremure (d 01.03.1560)
  m. Elizabeth Trengove (dau/coheir of Richard Trengove)
  i. Richard Courtney of Tremure (b c1553, bur 06.12.1632)
m. Thomazin Kendall (dau of Nicholas Kendall)
  a. William Courtney (a 1620)
  m. (22.07.1613) Jane Basset (dau of James Basset of Tehidy)
  (1) Richard Courtney of Tremere (b c1614, d before 19.07.1660)
m. (06.01.1637) Philippa Prouz (bur 29.09.1674, dau of Humphry Prouz)
  (A) Humphry Courtenay of Tremere (bpt 04.08.1641, a 1695, MP)
  m. (27.12.1666) Alice Courtenay (bur 16.07.1684, dau of Sir Peter Courtenay of Trethurfe)
  (i) William Courtenay of Trethurfe & Tremere (bpt 24.11.1678, d before 08.04.1716, MP)
m. (19.06.1704) Susannah Kelland (bur 15.10.1716, dau of John Kelland, aunt/heir of John Kelland of Penslford, widow of Moses Gould of Hayes, m3. Arthur Champernon)
  (a) Kelland Courtenay of Pensford (Painsford) (bur 08.03.1747, MP)
Kelland is identified by BP1934 (Sandwich) as "2nd son of Sir William Courtenay, of Powderham" but he is not mentioned at all by BP1934 (Devon) as a son of Powderham of about this generation. We believe that BP1934 (Sandwich) was mistaken.
  m. (01.09.1737) Elizabeth Montagu (d 13.12.1762, dau of Edward Richard, Viscount Hinchinbrooke, sister of John, 4th Earl of Sandwich)
  ((1)) Charles Kelland Courtenay of Pensford (d unm 1761, Captain)
  ((2)) Isabella Courtenay (b 1742, d 21.04.1805)
  m. (22.04.1762) William Poyntz of Midgham House (b 1734, d 13.05.1808)
  ((3)) Anne Courtenay (b 1743, d 11.12.1785)
  m. (31.08.1764) Edmond Boyle, 7th Earl of Cork & Orrery (b 1742, d 1798)
  (b)+ other issue - William (b 1706, bur 12.1719), Nicholas, Susan (a 1717)
  (ii) Alice Courtenay (bpt 13.04.1669)
  m. (17.09.1691) John Williams of St. Erme
  (iii) Jane Courtenay (bpt 13.10.1672)
  m. (1714) Mathew William Hals
(iv)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 27.12.1667), Anne (bpt 21.03.16745, bur 10.07.1688), Mary (bur 30.09.1680), Mary (bpt 08.12.1681, bur 22.04.1684), Thomasine (bpt 24.03.1670, a 1706), Elizabeth (bpt 26.10.1673, bur 25.02.1679), Katherine (bpt 25.02.1676, d before 13.02.1711), Elizabeth (bpt 22.06.1680, a 1706)
  (B) Katherine Courtenay (bur 03.11.1680)
  (C) Honor Courtenay
  m. (c01.1674) Peter Courtenay of St. Erme
  (2) Thomazin Courtney
  m. Henry (sb Roger?) Polkinghorne of Penzance
(3)+ other issue - John, Nicholas, Hugh, Jane, Loveday (bpt 15.09.1622), Catherine (bpt 09.08.1625, d before 30.04.1718)
  b. Jone Courtney
  m. Christopher Spray of Badman (Bodmin?)
  c. Lowday Courtney
  m. William Painter of Antron
  d. Thomazin Courtney
m. Peter Courteney of St. Erme
  ii. Henry Courtney of St. Benners in Lanivet
  m. _ Giles of Kent
  a. Francis Courtney of Lanevet (d before 26.04.1660)
  m. (27.12.1617) Catherine Lower (bpt 11.04.1595, bur 05.12.1682, dau of Edward Lower of St. Tudy)
  (1) Henry Courtney (b c1618, bur 03.03.1698, Captain)
  m. Katherine (d before 13.02.1711)
  (2)+ other issue - Francis (bpt 1619), Thomasin (bpt 23.01.1626)
  b. George Courtney
  iii. Alice Courtney
  m. John Crossman of Botusfleming
  iv.+ other issue - George, Jane
  D. Alice Courtney
  m. William Paynter
  E. Dorothy Courtney
  m. John Ley

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Courtenay of Penkivel', p113+)
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