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Families covered: Hatch (Hache) of Wolleigh (Wooley)

Jeffery Hatch
1. John Hatch
  A. Robert Hatch (dsp)
  B. William Hatch
m. Jane Worlington (dau (by Sara) of William de Worlington (or Wolrington), son of Sir Mathew son of William of Hatch)
  i. Thomas Hatch of Wooleigh
  m. Mabell Leigh (dau/heir of Thomas Leigh of Leigh)
  a. Robert Hatch of Wolleigh (d by 1406)
  m. Wenlyan or Guinthian Murdoke (dau/heir of Sir John Murdoke or Murdack of Compton Murdack)
  (1) Robert Hatch of Wolleigh (d 06.02.1404-5)
  m. Blanche Audley (dau/heir of Rowland Audley, son of James, Lord Audley)
  (A) John Hatch of Wolleigh (Woolegh or Woodlegh) (b c1394, d 04.09.1477)
m. Elizabeth Dirwin (d 31.01.1478, dau/heir of William Dirwin or Durwyn of Little Fulford)
  (i) John Hatch of Wolleigh
  Vivian (Cornwall) identifies John 's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Sir Edward Gorges, but Vivian (Devon) identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Gorges (dau of Sir Walter Gorges of Wroxhall)
  (a) Thomas Hatch or Hache of Wolleigh (b 06.03.1470, d 05.10.1539)
  m1. Katherine Dennis (dsp, dau of John Dennis of Orleigh)
  m2. Agnes Basset (dau of Sir John Basset of Tehidy)
  ((1)) Anne Hatch or Hache
  m1. Baldwyn Mallet of Devon (d 1533)
  m2. Sir Hugh Trevanion (b c1500, d by 1562)
  (ii) John Hatch (2nd)
  m. Alice Yeo (dau of John Yeo of Braunton)
  (a) Thomas Hatch of Wolleigh (b c1514, a 1539)
  (b) John Hatch
m. Thomazin Selman (dau of William Selman)
  ((1)) Thomas Hatch
  m. Mary Hellinge (dau of Thomas Hellinge)
  ((A)) William Hatch
  m. Mary Widdeslade (dau of William Widdeslade of Wideslade (sic))
  ((i)) Christopher Hatch of Busuistock, Cornwall
  m. Constance Courtney (dau of George Courtney of Penkevell)
  ((a)) William Hatch (bpt 09.12.1614)
  (((1))) Edward Hatch
  m. Florence Rogers probably/possibly wife of Edward, possibly mother of ...
  (((A))) John Hatch (bpt 14.07.1673)
  ((b))+ other issue - Oliver (bpt 10.01.1616), Prudence, Amye, Frances, Constance (bpt 02.05.1622)
((B))+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, John, William
  (iii) William Hatch
  (iv) Elizabeth Hatch
  m. Ralph Berry
  (v) Isabell Hatch
  m. Alexander Carew of Anthony (d 1519)
  (vi) daughter
  m1. John Bury of Colyton
  m2. William Pollard of Waye
  (vii) Alice Hatch possibly of this generation
  m. William Floyer of Floiers Hayes
  (2) Elizabeth Hatch
  m. Thomas Dennis of Holcombe
  b. Mabell Hatch
  m. Thomas Affeton
  c. Beatrix Hatch
m. William Hanford
  d. Jane Hatch
  e. Elizabeth Hatch
  m. Thomas Calwoodleigh (d 06.1492)
2. Gilbert Hatche
  m. Clare de Northaller (dau/heir of William de Northaller of Devon)
  A. Richard Hatche
  i. Robert Hatche
  m. ?? Giffard (dau of John Giffard of Yeo)
  a. Thomas Hatche 'of Wolley'
  m. Jone Lenhuyah of Devon
  (1) William Hatche of Auler
  m. Margaret Horton (dau/heir of Thomas Horton of South Molton)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Hatch) with some input/support from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Hatch)
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