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Families covered: Coke of Marchington Woodhouse, Coke of Melbourne, Coke of Trusley

Robert Coke
1. Hugh Coke of Marchington Woodhouse (a 1373)
  m. Agnes Owen (dau/heir of Marchington Woodhouse)
  A. Robert Coke of Marchington Woodhouse
i. Thomas Coke of Trusley
  m. (c1418) Elizabeth de Odingsells (dau/coheir of Thomas de Odingsells of Trusley son/heir of William)
  a. William Coke of Trusley (d 1504)
  m. (1448) Joan Hilton (dau of John Hilton)
(1) William Coke of Trusley (d 1514)
  m1. Cecilia Broadwood
  (A) William Coke of Trusley (d 1518)
  m. Isabell Longford (dau of Sir Ralph Longford of Longford "by his concubine")
  (i) William Coke of Trusley (d 09.1575)
  m. Dorothy Fitzherbert (dau of Robert Fitzherbert of Tissington)
  (a) Richard Coke of Trusley (d 20.11.1582)
  m. Mary Sacheverell (dau of Thomas Sacheverell of Kirby/Snitterton (of family of Morley) by Ann Francis)
((1)) Sir Francis Coke of Trusley (b 11.11.1561, d 16.08.1639) - continued below
  m1. Frances Holles (dau of Denzell Holles, son of Sir William)
  m2. Elizabeth Curzon (dau of George Curzon of Croxhall)
((2)) Sir John Coke of Melbourne (b 1563, d 08.09.1644, Secretary of State for King Charles I)
  The following is supported by 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 2, 1804, 'Pedigree of Coke of Melbourne', p784*).
  m1. Mary Powell (dau of _ Powell of Prestein (Presteign))
  ((A)) Sir John Coke of Melbourne (b 1607, dsp 1650)
  m. Elizabeth Pewsey (dau of Timothy Pewsey (Parsey) of Selston)
  ((B)) Thomas Coke of Melbourne (d 1656)
  m. Mary Pope (dau of _ Pope of Wosterten (Woslaton))
((i)) John Coke of Melbourne & Melton Mowbray (b c1653, d 1692)
  m. (15.06.1672) Mary Leventhorpe (dau of Sir Thomas Leventhorpe) wife of John, apparently mother of ...
  ((a)) Thomas Coke of Melbourne (b 1674, d 11.05.1727)
  Identification of Thomas's 2nd wife and allocation of the children between his wives, later confirmed by Nichols, was first found in 'Coke of Trusley' by John Talbot Coke (2008).
  m1. Mary Stanhope (dau of Philip Stanhope, 2nd Earl of Chesterfield)
  (((1))) Mary Coke (d 17.08.1766)
m. (03.1719) Thomas Southwell, 2nd Lord (b 07.01.1698, d 19.11.1766)
  (((2))) Elizabeth Coke
  m. Bache Thornhill of Stanton
  m2. Mary Hale (sister (sb niece) of Bernard Hale of Gray's Inn)
(((3))) George (not John) Lewis Coke of Melbourne (b 1715, d 14.01.1750)
  (((4))) Charlotte Coke
  m. Sir Matthew Lamb, Bart of Brocket (d 1768)
  ((b)) Mary Coke (bur 06.1713) probably of this generation
  m. (21.11.1695) John Fanshawe of Parsloes (d 1699)
  ((ii)) Thomas Coke (dsp)
  ((C)) Mary Coke (d 17.12.1684)
  m1. Sir Edward Hartop of Buckminster (b c1608, d 1658)
m2. Charles Fleetwood (d 04.10.1692, General)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Coke
  m1. Arthur Faunt (son of Sir William)
  m2. Thomas Stocke or Stocker (alderman of London)
  ((E)) Anne Coke
  m1. Henry Sacheverell (son/heir of Jacynth of Morley)
  m2. Henry Danvers (son/heir of William of Swithland)
  m2. Joan Lee (dau of Sir Robert Lee, Lord Mayor of London)
  ((3)) George Coke, Bishop of Bristol then Hereford (b c1570, d 10/3.12.1646)
  m. Jane Heigham (dau of William Heigham, son of Sir Clement of Suffolk)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Coke
  m. William Woodcote of Edall
  ((5)) Mary Coke
m. Francis Fullwood of Midleton
  ((6)) Margaret Coke
  m. Francis Bushey or Bussy of Clifton
  ((7)) Dorothy Coke
  m. Valentine Carey, Bishop of Exeter
  ((8))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp 1621), Philip (dsp), Robert
  (b) Margaret Coke
  m. Jeffery Whalley of Bradmore
  (c) Isabel Coke
m. John Danvers of Swithland (a 1563)
  (d) Eleanor Coke
  m. Robert Keys
  (e) Anne Coke
  m. Philip Streethay (of Streethay)
  (f) Dorothy Coke
  m. Christopher Thacker
  (g) Elizabeth Coke
  m1. John Bird of Nether Locko
  m2. William Gilbert of Locko
  (h)+ other issue - Edward (d young), Arthur (d young), Anthony (d young), John (rector of North Wingfield), Rose (d unm), Jane (d unm), Francis (d unm)
  (B) Robert Coke of Marchington
  m2. Margery
  B. John Coke



Sir Francis Coke of Trusley (b 11.11.1561, d 16.08.1639) - continued above
m1. Frances Holles (dau of Denzell Holles, son/heir of Sir William, sister of John, Earl of Clare)
1. Eleanor Coke (d unm)
2. Susannah Coke
  m. Roger Bates (rector of St. Clement Danes, chaplain to King Charles I)
  A. Nathan Bate(s) brother of Florence
  B. Florence Bate(s) (bpt 27.04.1626, bur 17.08.1671) probably of this generation
  m. Rev. Mark Hope of Kedleston
m2. Elizabeth Curzon (dau of George Curzon of Croxhall, relict of Francis Leigh of Egginton)
3. William Coke of Trusley (b 29.03.1594, d 27.03.1641)
  m1. Maud Beresford (b c1591, d 1628, dau of Henry Beresford of Alsop-in-the-Dale by Isabel Beresford)
A. Richard Coke of Trusley (b 07.12.1617, d 12.03.1664)
  m. (26.12.1644) Catherine Charlton (dau of Robert Charlton of Whitton)
  i. Robert Coke of Trusley (b 17.11.1646, d 23.01.1713)
  m. (26.09.1677) Elizabeth Samwell (dau of Anthony Samwell (not Somersal), son of Sir William)
  a. William Coke of Trusley (b 31.03.1679, d 18.01.1718/9)
  m. (15.02.1693) Catherine Ballidon (dau of Paul Ballidon of Derby) @@ below
  (1) Catherine Cassandra Isabella Coke
  m. (27.12.1718) Edward Wilmot of Spondon
  (2) Frances Coke
  m. (1720) D'Ewes Coke of Suckley (d 23.10.1751)
  (3)+ other issue (d young or unm) - Robert, Robert, Edward (b c1700, d 1719), Anne, Mary (a 1720), Sussanna (b c1699, d 1718)
  ii. William Coke (b 20.09.1651, Groom of the Closet for King Charles II)
  m1. Ann Argell (dau of Thomas Argell of Baddow)
  m2. Ann Witherden (dau of Thomas Witherden of St. Giles in the Fields)
  m3. Jane White (dau of Thomas White of London, m2. _ Wroth)
  a. Thomas Coke of London (a 1720)
  iii. Thomas Coke (b 26.09.1655, d 26.05.1699, rector of Pinxton & Trusley)
  m. Sarah Willett (dau of William Willett of Derby)
  a. Thomas Coke of Derby (d 15.11.1776)
  m. Matilda Goodwin (d 01.08.1777, dau/coheir of Thomas Goodwin of Derby)
  (1) Daniel Parker Coke (b 1745, d 06.12.1825, MP for Nottingham)
  (2) Emma Marilda Coke (b 1737, a 1818, dsp?)
  m. Thornhill Heathcote (Lt. Colonel)
(3) Dorothy Coke (b 1740, a 1818, dsp?)
  m. Thomas Hatrel of Newcastle-under-Line
  (4) Sarah Coke (b 1747, a 1818, dsp?)
  m. Henry Hatrel of Stoney Field
  iv. John Coke (b 24.08.1656, dsp 18.11.1720)
  m. (c1689) Elizabeth Fowler (dau of Richard Fowler of Harnage Grange)
  v. Richard Coke of Dalbury, Derbyshire (b 09.11.1664, a 1720)
  m. Elizabeth Robie (a 1720, dau of Thomas Robie of Donnington)
  a. Thomas Coke of Derby
  m. Ann Harrison (dau of John Harrison of Derby)
  (1) John Coke had issue
  b. Richard Coke of Hickling, Nottinghamshire
  m. Ann Walker (dau of Thomas Walker of Dalbury)
  (1)+ issue (d unm) - Richard of Derby (apoethecary), Anne of Derby
c. Elizabeth Coke
  m. _ Grosvenor
  d.+ other issue - John (to Virginia, 2nd son?), Catherine, others (d young or unm - Robert, Edward, Dorothy, Frances, Mary, Isabel)
  vi. Anne Coke
  m. (11.1662) Paul Ballidon of Derby
  a. Catherine Ballidon
  m. (15.02.1693) William Coke of Trusley (b 31.03.1679, d 18.01.1718/9) @@ above
  vii. Susannah Coke
  m. (30.05.1667) Edward Wilmot of Spondon
  viii. Elizabeth Coke
  m. John Ward (rector of Mickleover)
ix. Matilda Coke (d 1719)
  m. Thomas Bull of Derby (apothecary)
  x.+ other issue (d young or unm) - Francis, Gilbert, Emma, Catherine, Frances, Isabel
  B. Elizabeth Coke
  m. Thomas Sherman of London
  C. Mary Coke
  m. John Fitzherbert of Somersall
  D. Alice Coke
  m. William Harpur of Bilson (son of Sir Henry, Bart of Calke)
  E.+ other issue - Francis (d young), Henry (d young), Timothy (b c1625, d unm 08.02.1684), Isabell (d 06.1627)
  m2. Dorothy Saunders (dsp 1653, dau of Francis Saunders of Shakton (Shankton))
4. Gilbert Coke (captain)
  m. Elizabeth Gilbert (dau of Thomas Gilbert of Locko)
A. Charles Coke (d unm 24.05.1720)
  B. Frances Coke (d 08.1672)
  m. William Mundy of Darley, later of Markeaton
5. Francis Coke (d 1682, rector of Yoxall, Archdeacon of Staford)
  m. Margaret Evans of Wiltshire
  A. Richard Coke in London (a 1720)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Elizabeth Coke
  B. Mary Coke
  m. William Squire (parson of Rolleston)
  C. Elizabeth Coke
  m. Ralph Coton of Coton
  D. Dorothy Coke
  m1. _ Williamson
  m2. Thomas Lister of Little Chester
  m3. Thomas Moor of Donnington
  E.+ other issue (d young or unm) - Francis, William, Charles, Frances, Anne, Catherine
6. Elizabeth Coke
  m. Percival Willoughby (son of Sir Percival of Willaston)
7. Anne Coke
  m. John Mundy of Markeaton (b 1600, d 20.03.1681)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Coke of Brookhill'), BLG1886 ('Coke of Brookhill'), FMG (vol 2, MS238-9, 'Coke', p570+) with a little support/input from Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Coke of Trusley)
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