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Families covered: Samwell of Gayton, Samwell of Northamptonshire, Samwell of Upton, Samwell of Watton, Samwell of Wesminster

According to Commoners: "The very ancient family of Samwell was originally of Cornwall, and seated at Restormel Castle, and other residences within that county." Connected to this family was ...
James Samwell
1. John Samwell
A. Richard Samwell of Cotsford, Oxfordshire (2nd son)
  m. Amy or Elianora Gifford (dau of Thomas Gifford of Twyford)
  i. Francis Samwell (bur 24.12.1585, to Northamptonshire)
  m. Mary Bill (bur 25.07.1589, dau of John Bill of Ashwell, sister of William, Dean of Westminster)
  a. Sir William Samwell of Northampton (and Upton) (b c1560, bur 25.01.1627-8)
  m. (12.09.1586) Jane Skipwith (bur 26.08.1633, dau of Sir Henry Skipwith of Keythorp)
  (1) Sir Richard Samwell of Upton & Gayton (b c1590, d 1668, 3rd son) - continued below
  m. Mary Verney (d c1662, dau of Sir Richard Verney of Compton)
  (2) Arthur Samwell of Morton Murrell, Warwickshire (bpt 12.07.1601, d 1667, 5th son)
  m. Mary Harvey (a 1682, dau of Sir Stephen Harvey of Morton Murrell)
  (A) Mary Samwell
  (B) Anne Samwell (b c1663, d 19.08.1689)
  m. (c02.1687-8) Francis Bagshaw of Culworth (bpt 19.12.1655, d 13.04.1692)
  (3) Anthony Samwell of Deans Yard, Westminster (bpt 18.11.1604, a 1682, 7th son)
m. (c09.1627) Anne Heynes (dau of William Heynes of Chessington)
  (A) William Samwell of Deans Yard and of Wotton/Watton, Norfolk (bpt 14.09.1628, bur 23.05.1676)
  m. (c08.1672) Anne Strutt (d 19.08.1720, dau of Sir Denner Strutt, Bart of Little Worley)
  (i) Anne Samwell of Watton (b c1674, d 28.04.1728)
  m. William Henry Fleming
  (ii) Mary Samwell (b c1675, a 1681, dvp?)
  (B) Elizabeth Samwell
  m. (26.09.1677) Robert Cook or Coke of Trusley (b 17.11.1646, d 23.01.1713)
  (C)+ other issue - Craven (bpt 04.04.1630), Anthony (bpt 09.09.1632, d unm)
  (4) Jane Samwell (bpt 13.07.1592, bur 30.03.1619)
  m. (19.06.1610) Sir Sapcote Harrington of Exton
(5)+ other issue - Francis, Henry (dsp bur 27.06.1590), John (bpt/bur 20.11.1593), John (bpt 25.05.1608, bur 23.07.1608), Robert (bpt 18.04.1603, d unm), John (bpt 25.05.1608, bur 23.07.1608), Elizabeth (d infant), Mary (d infant), Mary (d infant), Milicent (bpt 06.10.1606, bur 09.12.1606)
  b. Richard Samwell (dsp)
  m. (18.05.1580) Jane Freeman (dau of John Freeman of Great Billing)
  c. Judith Samwell
  m. (10.01.1562-3) Robert Gaudern
  d. Amy Samwell
  m. (07.07.1566) Robert Gifford of St. James's Abbey (d 20.10.1591)
e. Mary Samwell
  m. (15.09.1586) Theodore Sadler of Fillongley (later of Willoughby?)
  f. Margaret Samwell
  m. (29.05.1574) Robert Pargiter of Gretworth (d 26.06.1595)
  g. Joan Samwell (a 1632)
  m. (22.08.1569) Thomas Mulso of Finedon (dsp 03.10.1609 (04.1608?))
  h. Elizabeth Samwell (bur 10.05.1632)
  m1. (29.04.1588) Humphrey Underhill of Kineton
  m2. (03.02.1591-2) Edward Love of Aynhoe (bur 11.01.1617-8)
  ii. Susanna Samwell
  m. Peter Edwards of Wellingborough
  iii.+ other issue - Joyce, Jane



Sir Richard Samwell of Upton & Gayton (b c1590, d 1668) - continued above
m. Mary Verney (d c1662, dau of Sir Richard Verney of Compton by Margaret, sister of Fulke Greville, Baron Brooke)
1. Richard Samwell of Upton & Gayton (b 25.06.1613/8, d c1661)
  m. (11.10.1637) Frances Wenman (d 25.07.1677, dau of Thomas Wenman, Viscount of Tuam)
  A. Sir Thomas Samwell, 1st Bart of Upton & Gayton (b c1647, bur 03.03.1693-4)
  m1. (1673) Elizabeth Goodhay (bpt 03.03.1650-1, dau of George Goodhay of Bower Hall)
  i. Elizabeth Samwell (bpt 08.03.1673-4, bur 26.07.1715)
  m. (11.06.1691) Sir John Langham of Cottesbrooke (bpt 01.07.1672, d 15.05.1747)
  ii. Frances Samwell (bpt 05.12.1676, d 04.12.1730)
  m. (c06.1696) Sir Richard Newman of Fifehead Magdalen & Preston Deanery, Bart (d 30.12.1723)
  iii.+ other issue - Richard (b 24.05.1675, bur 04.02.1687-8), Thomas (bpt 08.11.1677, bur 17.11.1677)
m2. (c07.1685) Anne Godschalk (bur 05.09.1690, dau of Sir John Godschalk of Atherston)
  v. Sir Thomas Samwell, 2nd Bart of Upton (bpt 14.04.1687, d 16.11.1757)
  m1. (22.03.1709-10) Millicent Fuller (b c1694, bur 11.05.1716, dau of Rev. Thomas Fuller of Hatfield)
  a. Sir Thomas Samwell, 3rd Bart of Upton (b 28.02.1710-1, d unm 03.12.1779)
  b. Frances Samwell (bur 25.11.1762)
  m. (05.1740) John Ashe of Langley Burrell (dsp 04.06.1758)
  c. Anne Samwell (bpt 07.09.1714, dsp 07.11.1762)
  m1. (13.02.1735-6) Timothy Stoughton of Allesley
  m2. _ Whitehead
  d. Mary Samwell (bpt 28.10.1715, bur 24.07.1747)
  m. (24.07.1739) Stephen Langham (bpt 24.09.1700, d 28.02.1755, rector of Cottesbrooke, 4th son of Sir John)
  e.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 12.09.1713, bur 18.09.1713), Milicent (d 22.02.1719-20)
  m2. (26.01.1720-1) Mary Clarke (d 01.08.1758, dau of Sir Gilbert Clarke of Chilcot, widow of William Ives of Bradden)
  g. Sir Wenman Samwell, 4th Bart of Upton (b 14.10.1728, dsp 18.10.1789)
  m. Elizabeth Smith (d 28.06.1789, dau of Thomas Smith of East Haddon)
  h. Catherine Samwell (b 27.05.1724, d 25.07.1790)
  m. (17.09.1754) Thomas Atherton Watson of Bedlington (b 18.08.1714, d 01.10.1793)
(1) Thomas Samwell Watson, later Watson-Samwell of Upton (dsp 1832)
  m. Frances Perfect (dau of Rev. Henry Seymour Perfect of Westminster)
  (2) Wenman Langham Watson, later Watson-Samwell of Upton
  (3) Charlotte Felicia Watson
  m. (1792) Rev. Benjamin Tinley of Whissendine (d 1804)
  (4)+ other issue - Atherton, Camilla Matilda
  i. Dorothy Samwell (d infant)
vi. Finetta Samwell (bpt 14.06.1690, bur 24.04.1691)
  B. Margaret Samwell (bpt 06.10.1640, d 12.01.1726-7)
  m. (1665) Thomas Catesby of Ecton (bpt 27.11.1632, d 20.02.1698-9)
  C. Penelope Samwell (bpt 04.09.1641)
  m. Sir William Yorke of Lessingham
  D. Agnes Samwell
  m. (21.04.1674) Robert Codrington of Codrington (d 1717)
  E. Frances Samwell (d 21.07.1706)
  m. (09.09.1676) Thomas Wagstaffe of Tachebrook
  F. Mary Samwell (bpt 01.08.1661)
  m1. (29.09.1682) Adolphus Oughton of Fillongley
  m2. Roger Pope of Lloyn Hall
G.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 03.09.1648), Richard (d young), Wenman (bpt 23.07.1647, d young), Elizabeth (bpt 26.04.1646, a 1682, d unm)
2. Francis Samwell of Upton (bpt 15.09.1616, d c1657)
  m. Rebeccah Selsby (b 1619/20, d 21.05.1708, dau of Robert Selsby of Duston)
  A. William Samwell of Gayton (b c1649, d 25.02.1705-6)
  m. (21.02.1685-6) Agnes Dry (bur 21.01.1686-7, dau of Edward Dry of Milton Malsor)
  i. William Samwell (b 07.01.1686-7, bur 22.10.1714)
  B. Elizabeth Samwell (bpt 19.10.1643, bur 20.04.1675)
  m. (c05.1663) John Robinson of Womandon Magna (Wymondham)
  C. Mary Samwell (bpt 16.05.1651)
  m. (07.05.1678) John Goodyer of Crausley (d 04/5.1685)
  D. Jane Samwell (bpt 24.03.1652-3)
  m. (c08.1679) William Knight of London
  E.+ other issue - John (b 30.01.1645-6, d unm 28.06.1679-80), Frances (b 02.02.1654-5), Anne (d young)
3. William Samwell (bpt 30.03.1619, d unm)
4. Jane Samwell (b 09.05.1615)
  m. (25.06.1646) Sir Edward Rosseter of Somerby

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Samwell of Upton), Commoners (vol i, Samwell of Upton Hall), Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, Samwell of Upton and Gayton)
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