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Families covered: Clowes of Broughton, Clowes of Delaford, Clowes of Langley, Clowes of Rudyard, Clowes of Whiteley

(1) We know of no connection between the two families shown on this page who share the page for convenience.
(2) Commoners reports that "The fifth in descent from Clowes, of Sutton, near Macclesfield, living in 1509, was ..."
Richard Clowes of Whiteley, Cheshire
m. Ellen
1. William Clowes of Whiteley (a 1590)
  m. Margery (not Margaret) Swettenham (dau of Lawrence Swettenham of Somerford Booths)
  A. Richard Clowes of Whiteley (a 1624)
  m. Margaret Cunliffe (dau of William Cunliffe of Leek Frith)
i. William Clowes of Whiteley (a 1651)
  m. Catherine Yevely (dau of Robert Yeveley of Langley)
  a. William Clowes of Langley & Whiteley (b 27.02.1651)
  m. (1679) Mary Watson (dau of William Watson (alderman of Macclesfield) by Elizabeth (widow of John Byron, alderman of Macclesfield), dau of Edward & Alice Thornicroft of Thornicroft)
  (1) Robert Clowes of Langley & Whiteley (b 28.08.1682)
  m. (1716) Hannah Salt (dau/coheir of George Salt of Betley by Mary Poole of Snape)
  (A) Robert Clowes of Langley & Whiteley (b 21.08.07, dspm
  m. (27.08.1741) Dorothea Daniell (dau of John Daniell of Daresbury Hall)
(B) William Clowes, later of Langley & Whiteley (b 18.07.1722, d 27.09.1785)
  m. (18.04.1745) Frances Daniell (dau of John Daniell of Daresbury Hall)
  (i) Charles Clowes of Langley Hall & Delaford, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b 28.09.1747, d 10.1818)
  m. (1780) Anne Dawson (dau of Edmond Dawson of Warton)
  (a) Charles Clowes of Delaford Hall, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b 25.01.1785, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (04.10.1831) Mary Anne Parker (dau of Samuel Parker of Treleigh House by Dorothy, dau of William Montague)
  (b) Robert Clowes (vicar of Nether Knutsford, 4th son) had issue
  m. Catherine Lee (dau of Rev. Thomas Jee (sb Joseph Lee?, vicar of Thaxted) by Catherine, dau of Sir Peter Leicester, Bart of Tabley, relict of Rev. Christopher Atkinson)
  (c) John Ellis Clowes of London had issue
  m. Sophia Ann Cobb (dau of John B.B. Cobb of London)
  (d) William Clowes of London had issue
  m. Ann Legh (dau of John Legh of Norbury Booth's Hall)
  (e) Frances Clowes
  m. Maurice Swabey of Lincoln's Inn & Langley Marsh
  (f)+ other issue - Dawson d young, RN), Edmund of Warton



Lauence Clowes of Rudyard in Leek, Staffordshire (d 1556)
m. Isabel
1. John Clowes of Rudyard (d 1612)
  m. Anne
  A. Samuel Clowes of Rudyard & Heywell Grange (d 1642)
  m. Anne
  i. Samuel Clowes of Rudyard
m1. (13.08.1657) Margaret Crompton (dau of William Crompton of Horton)
  a. Samuel Clowes of Manchester & Booths (d before 22.01.1747)
  m. Anne Meakin (dau of Roger Meakin of Manchester)
  (1) Samuel Clowes of Ridgefield, later of Chadwick & Smedley (b 1691, d 07.1773)
  m. Mary Chetham, heiress of Broughton (d 1775, sister of Edward Chetham of Castleton)
(A) Samuel Clowes of Broughton, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 17.06.1801)
  m. Rachel Legh (dau of William Legh of W. Houghton)
  (i) Samuel Clowes of Broughton (b 1750, dvp 05.10.1799, Colonel)
  m. (10.02.1774) Martha Tipping (d 1790, dau of John Tipping of Manchester)
(a) Samuel Clowes of Broughton & Warmsworth Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1775, dsp 22.07.1811)
  m. (1801) Dulcibella Wilkinson (dau of James Wilkinson of Newcastle)
  (b) John Clowes of Broughton (b 1777, d unm 28.09.1846, minister)
  (c) William Legh Clowes of Broughton Hall (b 09.03.1781, d 10.08.1862, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (1819) Antonia Henrietta Holden (d 08.1849, dau of Rev. Robert Shuttleworth Holden of Aston Hall)
  (d) Mary Clowes
  m. Sir George Scovell of Sandhurst (General)
  (e) Martha Clowes
  m. Samuel Chetham Hilton (cousin) @@ just above
  (f) Frances Clowes
  m. Joseph Bradshaw (rector of Wilmslow)
  (ii) Mary Clowes
  m. John Livesey of Blackburn
  (iii) Frances Clowes
  m. Rev. Henry Brown of Firbys
  (B) Edward Clowes (dsp)
  (C) Mary Clowes
  m1. Samuel Hilton of Pennington
  The following is supported by VCH (Lancashire, vol 4, 'Townships: Moston').
(i) Samuel Chetham Hilton who apparaently married ...
  m. Martha Clowes @@ just above
  m2. Thomas Cross of Shaw Hill
  (2) John Clowes of Ridgefield, Manchester (3rd son)
  m. Eleanor Taylor (dau of Richard Taylor of London)
  (A)+ 2 daughters
  (3) Anne Clowes
  m. Samuel Birch of Ardwick
  (4)+ othr issue - Thomas, Joseph, William
  b.+ other issue
  m2. (14.05.1673) Elizabeth Clowes (dau of Thomas Clowes of Bradnop)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol IV, Clowes of Delaford)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 (Clowes of Norbury formerly of Broughton), BLG1886 (Clowes of Broughton Hall)
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