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Families covered: Daniell of Aldridge Lodge, Daniell (Danyell or Danyers) of Daresbury

William Danyers of Daresbury, Cheshire (d 1306)
m. Agnes
1. Sir John Danyers of Daresbury
  m. Ellen
  A. William Danyers of Daresbury (d 1407)
  m. Clementia Norreys (dau of Alan le Norreys, lord of Daresbury)
  i. William Danyell of Daresbury (d 1435)
  m. Sibill Bolde (dau of Sir Richard le Bolde)
  a. John Danyell of Daresbury (d 1477)
  m. (1422) Jonet Hallum (dau of Thomas Hallum of Heleigh)
(1) John Danyell of Daresbury (dvp)
  m. (1444) Alicia Heleigh (dau of Sir William Heleigh)
  (A) William Danyell of Daresbury (d 1497)
  m. Grace Ogle (dau of John Ogle)
  (i) John Danyell of Daresbury
m1. Jane Pilkington (dau/heir of Roger Pilkington)
  (a) Thomas Danyell of Daresbury
  m1. (1520) Margaret Langtree (dau of John Langtree of Langtree or Longtree)
  ((1)) John Daniell of Daresbury (dvp 1558) - continued below
  m. Alice Merbury (dau of Richard Merbury or Marbury of Walton)
  ((2)) Bridget Daniell
  m. _ Robinson
  ((3)) Elizabeth Daniell possibly of this family
  m. Lawrence Frodsham of Elton
  m2. (1564) Mary
  (b) Richard Danyell of Sherborne, Gloucestershire
  m2. Anne
  ii. Ellen Daniell possibly of this generation
  m. Hugh Marbury of Walton



John Daniell of Daresbury (dvp 1558) - continued above
m. Alice Merbury (dau of Richard Merbury or Marbury of Walton)
1. John Daniell of Daresbury (d 30.4.1610)
  m. (1595) Jane Ketulle (dau of Francis de Ketulle, lord of Rehoven, Flanders)
  A. John Daniell of Daresbury (d 1680)
  m. (1613) Jacquet Agard (dau of William Agard of Foston Hall)
  i. John Daniell of Daresbury (d 12.1681)
  m. (23.07.1635) Alice Hatton (d 1667, dau of Richard Hatton of Hatton)
  a. John Daniell of Daresbury (d 1706)
m. (1682) Dorothy Evat (dau of Edward Evat)
  (1) John Daniell of Daresbury Hall, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1685, d 1736)
  m. Esther Richardson (d 1737, widow of _ Jackson)
  BLG1952 ends this line with John, mentioning that he had 3 daughters. Commoners (vol IV, Clowes of Delaford) identifies 2 of the 3 daughters as follows ...
  (A) Dorothea Daniell
  m. (27.08.1741) Robert Clowes of Langley & Whiteley (b 21.08.1717)
  (B) Frances Daniell
  m. (18.04.1745) William Clowes of Langley & Whiteley (b 18.07.1722, d 27.09.1785)
  (C) daughter
  (2) Edward Daniell
  (A)+ 3 sons (dsp)
  (3) Thomas Daniell of Londonderry (b 15.08.1688, d 24.08.1774, Rev.)
m. Susanna Averell (sister of John Averell, Bishop of Limerick)
  (A) John Daniell of Aldridge Lodge, Staffordshire (b 17.12.1733, d 04.12.1809)
  m1. Susanna Fenton (dsp 10.11.1770, dau of John Fenton of Newcastle)
  m2. (09.10.1775) Harriet Willis (d 23.07.1828, dau of Rev. Cecil Willis of Lincoln)
  (i) Thomas Daniell of Aldridge Lodge, later of Little Berkhampstead House (b 14.12.1777, d 22.01.1838) had issue
  m. (25.06.1811) Mary Smith (d 08.05.1846, dau of Samuel Smith of Woodhall Park)
  (ii)+ other issue
  (B)+ other issue
  (4) James Daniell had issue
  m. Jane Grice (dau of John Grice of Sandal Manga)
2. Margaret Daniell
  m. _ Scarisbricke of Scarisbricke
3.+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, William, Geoffrey

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Daniell formerly of Daresbury) with a very little support/input from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580+1613, Daniell of Daresbury)
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