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Families covered: Chetham of Castleton, Chetham of Crumpsall (Crompsall or Cromsall), Chetham of Moston, Chetham of Nuthurst, Chetham of Turton

John de Chetham of Moston in Ashton (a 1331, a 1353)
m. Alice
1. Thomas de Chetham (a 1382, dvp?)
  A. John Chetham (b c1383?, a 1442)
  m. Eleanor Buckley (dau of Ellis de Buckley)
  i. James Chetham of Nuthurst, Lancashire (a 1475, d by 1481)
m(2). (c1440) Margery Langley (a 1487, dau of John Langley)
  a. Thomas Chetham of Nuthurst (d 1503)
  m. (c1466) Elizabeth Heaton (dau of William Heaton)
  (1) John Chetham of Nuthurst (b c1469, d 1515) the first mentioned by Visitation (Suffolk)
  m. (1487) Margery Prestwich (dau of Ellis Prestwich of Holme Hall)
  (A) Thomas Chetham of Nuthurst (b c1489, d 1546)
  m. Elizabeth Hopwood (dau of John Hopwood of Hopwood)
  (i) John Chetham of Nuthurst (d 1573)
  m. Isabel (a 1596, m2. William Radcliffe)
  (a) Henry Chetham of Nuthurst (b c1551, d 1577)
  m. _ Sherburne of Stanihurst
Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, 'Chetham of Chetham') starts with this generation and supports the following other than to show the following James as Henry's son. Provisionally we follow VCH which identifies James as his brother.
  (b) James Chetham of Nuthurst (b c1555, d 1614)
  m. Margery Cudworth (dau of John Cudworth of Werneth)
((1)) Thomas Chetham of Nuthurst (b c1599, d 03.09.1657, Captain)
  m1. Mary Forester (dau of Francis Forester of Watling Street)
  ((A)) Francis Chetham of Nuthurst (b 1622, dsp 1678)
  ((B)) George Chetham
  ((C)) John Chetham of Linton (Cambridgeshire), later of Nuthurst (a 1692)
  VCH reports that John sold Nuthurst in 1692 to Edward Chetham of Manchester, son of Edward of Smedley.
  m. Mary Flack
  ((i))+ issue (a 1664) - John, Thomas, George
((D)) Mary Chetham (d 17.07.1668)
  m. Jonathan Chadwick of Chadwick
  m2. Susan Davenport (dau of Sir William Davenport of Bramhall)
  ((D)) Margaret Chetham probably the Margaret who married ...
  m. (1623) Nicholas Loftus of Fethard (b 1592, d 1666)
  ((E))+ other issue - William, Dorothy, Susan
  (c)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Martha, Anne
  (ii) Elizabeth Chetham
  m. Thomas Birche of Birche Hall
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1561) - John, Ralph, Alys
(B) Ellis Chetham
  m. Jone Jakes (dau/heir of Richard Jakes of Middleton)
  (i) Thomas Chetham
  m. _ Ireland of Bank
  (ii) John Chetham of Bury & Great Livermere (d 02.01.1577)
  m. Katherine Richmond of Hedenham (bur 31.12.1576)
  (a) Katherine Chetham (bpt 01.1558)
  m. (1578) Francis Bircham
  (b)+ other issue - John (bpt 02.03.1560), Frances (bpt 09.05.1562)
  (iii)+ other issue - Margery, Elizabeth
  b. Nicholas Chetham (a 1496)
  ii. Edward Chetham - continued below possibly of this generation
  Edward is not mentioned by VCH but is identified by Dugdale & FMG as 2nd son of a Chetham of Nuthurst who lived temp Henry VI (who r. 1422-1461).
  iii. Charles Chetham
2. Maud de Chetham
  m. (1335) Adam de Butterworth (son of William)
3.+ other issue - Richard (a 1348), Robert, Roger, Adam



Edward Chetham - continued above
1. James Chetham (d 1571)
  A. Henry Chetham of Crumpsall (Crompsall or Cromsall), Manchester, Lancashire (b 10.07.1565) the first mentioned by Dugdale
  m. Margaret Wroe (dau of Roger Wroe of Heaton Yale)
  i. James Chetham of Crumpsall (Cromsall) (d 1644, 2nd son)
  m1. Isabell Holland (dau of George Holland of Crompsall)
a. George Chetham of London & Turton, Sheriff of London then Lancashire (b 1594, d 1664)
  m1. Elizabeth Johnson (dau of Henry Johnson of Manchester)
  (1) Humphrey Chetham (d unm 1658)
  (2) Elizabeth Chetham
  m. James Livesey (rector of Great Budworth)
  m2. Abigall Gelsthorpe (dau of Edward Gelsthorpe (Gilthorp) of Norfolk)
  (3) James Chetham of Turton (b c1621, d 1697) shown by FMG as son of Elizabeth but by Dugdale as son of Abigail
  m. Margaret Sleigh (dau/coheir of Sir Samuel Sleigh)
  (A) Samuel Chetham of Turton, Castleton, Clayton & Ash (d(sp) 20.03.1744)
m. (20.07.1714) Mary Holt (dau/coheir of James Holt of Castleton)
  (B) Humphrey Chetham of Turton (d unm 17.07.1749, 3rd son)
  (C)+ other issue (d unm) - James (clerk), Gervase (b c1684, d 1718), Judith, Abigail
  (4)+ other issue (a 1664) - Henry, George, Abigail, Anne
  m3. Catherine Ashton (dau of Rev. Edward Ashton of Middleton)
  b. Jane Chetham
  m. Richard or John Kaye of Thornham
  c. Isabell Chetham
  m. Richard Lomax of Redivalls or Reddifells
  m2. Isabell
d. Edward Chetham of Chetham (Lancashire) & Smedley (b c1612, a 1664)
  m. Alice Wilson (dau of Robert Wilson of Smedley)
  (1) Edward Chetham 'of Castleton' of Manchester, later of Nuthurst (a 1692, 3rd son)
  (A) Edward Chetham of Castleton, Nuthurst & Turton (b c1689, d unm 19.02.1769)
  (B) Alice Chetham of Turton
  m. Adam Bland
  (C) Mary Chetham of Nuthurst & Broughton (d 1775)
  m. Samuel Clowes (d c1773, "the younger")
(2)+ other issue (a 09.1664) - James (b c1641), Humfrey, George, Alice, Isabell, Mary
  ii. Sir Humphrey Chetham of Clayton & Turton, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 10.07.1580, d unm 12.10.1653, founder of Chetham Hospital & Library, 5th son)
  iii. Ralph Chetham 'of Castleton'
  m. Margaret Smith (dau of Adam Smith of Manchester)
  a. Ralph Chetham
  b. Mary Chetham
  m. John Cunliffe
  c. Margaret Chetham
  m. John Tildesley (cleric)
  d. Elizabeth Chetham
  m. Edward Croston
  (1) Elizabeth Croston
  m. Thomas Plant
  (A) Laurence Plant (b 04.06.1702)
  m. (05.09.1727) Susanna Pilkington (b 06.11.1710, dau of James Pilkington of Brightmet by Catherine, dau of Thomas Lacy of Hakin by dau of Sir Francis Armitage)
(i)+ issue - Thomas (b 15.10.1728, d 30.04.1764), James (b 1733), John (b 1736), Joseph (b 1746), Charles Clement (b 1748), Edward Francis (b 1753), Olive (b 12.12.1730, d 24.10.1732), Elizabeth (b 12.12.1731, d 23.07.1760), Olive (b 1738), Mary (b 1741), Sarah (b 1743)
  (B) Olive Plant (b 13.10.1700)
  m. Thomas Hargreave (son of George of Haslingden)
  (2)+ other issue - John, Edward, Margaret
  iv. Ann Chetham
  m. Daniel Travis of Blackley
  a. Alice Travis
  m. (1630) Richard Cooper of Blackley
  b.+ other issue - George, Richard (d unm), James (had issue), Seth (d unm), Ralph (had issue), Dorothy
  v. other issue (d unm) - Edward (d young), Henry (d young), George of Clayton, Alice

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : VCH (Lancashire, vol 4, 'Townships: Moston'), Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, 'Chetham of Great Livermere') with input/ support as reported above
(2) For lower section : FMG (vol 2, MS242, 'Chetham-Kay-Cooke-Cunliffe-Plant-Cooper', p579+), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, 'Chetham of Chetham' & 'Chetham of Turton') with some support from Visitation (St. George, Lancashire, 1613, 'Chetham', p87), VCH (Lancashire, vol 5, 'Townships: Turton')
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