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Families covered: Aguillon of Addington, Abell of East Claydon, Abell of Oundell, Abarrow of North Charford, Abarrow of Downton

Elwes & Robinson report that "There can scarcely be any doubt that this was a branch of the baronial family of this name", information on which we have yet to find. A Walter de Aguilon ("one of the soldiers of the Conquest") is shown at the top of Aglionby1. Elwes & Robinson start with 3 brothers who we show as sons of ...
?? Aguillon
1. Manser Aguillon (a 1196)
  A. Richard Aguillon (dvp)
  i. William Aguillon of Addington (d 1244 (before 1257))
  Elwes & Robinson do not desginate any of this family as being 'of' anywhere, although the pedigree is given under the heading of the parish of Westbourne with the manor of Nutbourne being mentioned. The designations shown below come from the BHO & TCB references mentioned below.
m. Joan (dau/coheir of Peter (probably not Roger) FitzAlwyn (by Isabella, dau/heir of Bartholomew de Cheney) son (by Margaret) of Henry FitzAlwyn, Lord Mayor of London (who d 1212))
  a. Sir Robert Aguillon of Addington, Watton & Perching, Sheriff of Surrey (d 15.02.1285/6)
  Elwes & Robinson name Robert's wife as Margaret, identifying her as "In her Inq. p.m. styled Margaret de Ripariis, Countess of Devon," but notes that "There is great doubt whose daughter this lady was." Elwes & Robinson show a dotted connection to their daughter Isabel, noting "It is doubtful if her mother was not a former wife of her father". BHO ('The Environs of London', vol 1, Addington) reports that Robert "married Margaret, Countess of the Isle of Wight, by whom he had two daughters; one of whom married Jourdan de Saukvil, ancestor of the Duke of Dorset; the other married Hugh Bardolf". However, TCP (Bardolf) identifies Hugh Bardolf's wife as Isabel, "da. and (15 Feb 1285/6) sole h." of Sir Robert Aguillon of Addington by his 1st wife Joan, dau of William Ferrers, Earl of Derby. That Joan is shown by TCP (Derby) as "dead in Oct. 1267" so a 2nd wife of Robert could not have been mother by Robert of Margery who m. Jordan de Sackville as the latter is reported (by Collins) to have died in 1Ed1 (1272). We suspect that Margery may well have been co-heir of Sir Robert but was his sister rather than daughter.
  m1. Joan de Ferrers (d 10.1267, dau of William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby)
  (1) Isabel Aguillon (b 25.03.1257/8, d before 28.05.1323)
  m. (before 1282) Hugh Bardolf (or Bardolph), 1st Lord (b c29.09.1259, d 09.1304)
  m2. Margaret (widow of (Baldwin de Redvers), Earl of Devon, Lord of the Isle of Wight)
  b. Margery Aguillon probably of this generation
  m. Jourdan de Saukvil (Jordan de Sackville) (d 1272)
2. William Aguillon
  m. Sara?
  A. William Aguillon
  i. Richard Aguillon
  m. Eleanor (d by 1309)
  a. Thomas Aguillon (dvp)
  (1) Isabella Aguillon (b c1306, d by 1313)
  B. Agatha Aguillon
  i. Cecily
  m. _ de Weston
  a. Richard de Weston (b c1273, a 1313)
  C. Matilda Aguillon
  m. _ Jeudwyne
  i. Richard Jeudwyne (b c1253, d before 1338)
  m. Agnes
  a. William Jeudwyne (dvp)
  (1) Isabella Jeudwyne (b c1306, a 1313)
  D. Mabel Aguillon
  m. _ de Cheney
  i. Gregory de Cheney
  a. Matilda de Cheney (b c1283, a 1313)
  m. Henry de Bulkestrode
  a. Isabella de Cheney
  m. _ de Chenney
  (1) Nicholas de Chenney or Chenny (b c1297, a 1313)
3. John Aguillon



William Abell of Oundell, Northamptonshire
1. Thomas Abell of Oundell
  m. Suzanna Barker (dau of Thomas Barker of Peterborough)
  A. William Abell of London (a 1634, alderman)
  m. Isabell Laundiss (dau of Thomas Laundiss of Beverly)
  i. William Abell of East Claydon, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (d 1661)
  a. Mary Abell
  m. Edmond Verney of East Claydon (d 1688)
  ii. Richard Abell
  Visitation shows Richard as the only brother of Sheriff William. Lipscomb shows that a nephew of Sheriff William was the following William who we presume was Richard's son.
  a. William Abell, last of East Claydon (b c1670, d 19.02.1740)
  m. Elizabeth (b c1662, d 02.01.14714)
  (1)+ issue - Richard (a 1743), Bridget (b c1689, d 28.02.1743)
  iii. Suzanna Abell
  m. Henry Feild of Chancery Lane (apothecary)
  iv.+ Mary Abell



HoP ("John Abarough') reports that Mayor John (MP) "is the most obscure of the Members who are known to have sat for Salisbury in the early 16th century. He probably came from a county family". He was a witness of the will of Dorothy Barow of North Chalford & Dalton (proved 17.02.1532) whose husband was possibly a John and who was probably mother of a John Abarowe of North Charford (a 1537) & Richard Barowgh of Downton (d 1552). We think that Mayor John (MP), who is reported by HoP to have had "at least 2 da.", was the same person as the Mayor John who is identified by the Wiltshire Magazine (identified below) as having 2 daughters by a daughter of Thomas Lambert. It seems reasonable to presume that he was connected to the Abarrows of North Chalford mentioned in the Hampshire Visitation. Noting the inter-marriages with the Webbe family, we speculate that the connection was as follows.
?? Abarrow
1. ?? Abarrow
  The following comes from HoP ('John Abarough').
  A. (John?) Abarrow
  m. Dorothy (d before 17.02.1532)
i. John Abarrow (Abarowe) of North Charford, Southamptonshire (a 1537)
  ii. Richard Abarrow (Barowgh) of Downton, Wiltshire (d 1552)
2. ?? Abarrow
  A. John Abarrow (Abarough or Barow), Mayor of New Sarum (b by 1483, a 1540, MP)
  The following comes from 'The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine' (vol XLIX, no. 175, December 1941, 'Pedigree showing Coke, Stone and Webbe families, with intermarriages', before p479) .
  m. ?? Lambert (dau of Thomas Lambert of Maiden Bradley & New Sarum by Alice, dau of Thomas Coke of New Sarum)
  i. Alice Abarrow
  m. Thomas Hynde of New Sarum
  ii. Catherine Abarrow
  m. William Webbe
3. Maurice Abarrow of North Charford
The following comes from Visitation (Hampshire, 1559, 'Abarrow') which starts with Maurice.
  A. John Abarrow of North Charford & Downton (Wiltshire)
  i. Erasmus Abarrow of North Charford
  a. Edward Abarrow of North Charford
  m. Ellinor Lutterell
  ii. Anthony Abarrow
  m. Catherine Webb ("Cossen of Sir John Webb of Wilt.", sister of William)
  a. Sir William Abarrow of North Charford
  m. Audrey Forster (dau of Andrew Forster of Badsley) @1@ just below
  (1)+ issue - William, Anthony, John, Joane, Anne, Elizabeth
  b. Edward Abarrow of New Sarum
m. Audrey Forster (dau of Andrew Forster of Badsley) @2@ just below
  (1)+ issue - William, Thomas, Gyles, Audrey, Frances
  iii. (Margaret) Abarrow
  Some of the details for Margaret and her husbands come from HoP.
  m1. (c1510, sp) Sir Thomas Elliott of Long Combe & Carlton (b c1490, d 26.03.1546, son of Sir Richard of Wiltshire & London by Alice, dau of Sir Thomas Delamere of Aldermaston (widow of Thomas Dabridgecourt))
  m2. (c02.1547, sp) Sir James Dyer (b 1509/10, d(sp?), 24.03.1582, Chief Justice, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, son of Richard of Roundhill & Wincanton)
  iv. Barbara Abarrow
  m. Andrew Forster of Badsley
  a. Audrey Forster
  m. Sir William Abarrow of North Charford @1@ just above
  b. Mary Forster
  m. Edward Abarrow of New Sarum @2@ just above

Main source(s):
(1) For Aguillon (uploaded 08.08.15) : 'A History of the Castles, Mansions, and Manors of Western Sussex' by Dudley George Carey Elwes & Rev. Charles Robinson (1876, 'Aguillon Pedigree', p256) with input/support as reported above
(2) For Abell (uploaded 01.09.15) : Visitation (London. 1634, 'Abell'), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Abell and Verney', p164)
(3) For Abarrow (uploaded 03.09.15) : as reported above
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