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Families covered: Caisneto (or Chesney) of Caisneto (or Chesney), Chesney of Addington, Chesney of Horsford

This family probably originated in Quesnai, Normandy. In England the name was originally spelt de Chesney or de Chasney, being 'latinised' as de Caisneto, and later Cheyney or Cheney. In Scotland the name was commonly spelt Chen from the early 14th century and Cheyne from about 1600. Its progenitor, who came to England at the time of or shortly after the Conquest, was ...
Ralf de Caisneto (a 1086)
m. Maud (dau of William de Watville) name found on web site
1. Ralf de Caisneto
  m. Emma
  A. John de Caisneto
  i. Emma de Caisneto = Emma de Chesney
  m. Michael Belet
  ii. Alice de Caisneto = Alice de Chesney
  m1. Hugh de Periers mentioned in TCP (vol X, appendix J)
m2. Geoffrey de Sai (b c1155, d 1230)
2. William de Caisneto
  According to our Main Source, which is careful to report that this connection has not yet been fully proved, this William is thought to have been either the same person as or possibly the father of ...
  A. William le Chen --
  This may also have been the William de Caisneto who is reported in various web sites to have been father of ...
  B. Matilda or Maud de Chesney (d by 1198)
m. Henry FitzGerold (d 1174-5, Chamberlain)
3. Sybil de Caisneto = Sybil de Chesney, lady of Rudham
  m. Robert FitzWalter of Horsford
  This connection is supported by TCP (Engaine).
  A. William 'de Caisneto' of Horsford and Colne, Sheriff of Norfolk (d 12.1174) = William de Chesney or Cheney of Horsford
  m. Albreda (dau of Adam de Poynings) name of wife found on a web site
  i. Margery de Caisneto = Margery de Chesney of Horsford Y
  m1. Hugh de Cressi or Cressey (d 1189)
  The following comes from Commoners (vol I, Clavering of Callaly).
  a. Roger de Cressey
  m. Isabella de Rie
  (1)+ 4 sons (dsp)
  m2. Robert FitzRoger of Warkworth and Clavering (d 22.11.1214) Y
  ii. Clemence de Caisneto = Clemence de Chesney of Hoo (dsp)
  m. Jordan de Sackville (dsp)
  iii. Sara de Caisneto = Sara de Chesney of Colne
  m. Richard Engaine of Laxton and Pytchley (d 23.04.1209)
Some web sites report that Ralf was also father of ...
4. Philip de Caisneto of Addington, Surrey
  A. Reynold de Caisneto of Addington (b 1095)
  i. Philip de Caisneto or Chesney of Addington
a. Bartholomew de Chesney of Addington
  Thanks to a contributor (OWC, 11.12.08) for bringing references to Addington within BHO to our attention. There is some contradiction within BHO. 'The Environs of London' (vol 1, Addington) reports that Batholomew had 2 daughters, one married Peter (grandson of Ailwin of London) and the other married William Aguillon who inherited (part of) Addington. VCH (Sussex, vol 7, Fulking) reports that Bartholomew's dau/heir Isabel m. Peter, eldest son of Henry Fitz Ailwin, Mayor of London, and that their younger daughter Joan m2. William Aguillon (d 1244). We follow the latter view which is supported by VCH (Surrey, vol 4, Addington).
  (1) Isabel de Chesney
  m. Peter FitzHenry (son of Henry FitzAilwin of London)
  Wikipedia identifies Peter (1165-1207) as eldest son of Henry (c1135-1212) who became the first Mayor of London in 1189. Elwes & Robinson, who support the Aguillon continuation, name Peter's mother as Margaret.
  (A) Margaret of Addington (dsp?)
  m. Ralph de Clere
  (B) Joan of Addington
  m1. Ralph Parmentier of London
  m2. William d'Aguillon of Addington (d 1244)

Main source(s): 'The Cheyne family in Scotland' by Lt. Colonel A.Y. Cheyne, published in 1931
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