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This section first uploaded 08.11.19.
Baker shows the arms of this family as "Barry of ten, Argent and Azure, over all a lion rampant Gules".
Edward Stratford of Hoarston, Warwickshire
1. Edward Stratford, Sheriff (b 1633-4, d 03.09.1721)
  m. Mary Taylor (d 06.03.1720, dau of Edward Taylor of Ansty)
  A. Henry Stratford of Overston (bpt 15.04.1684, d 05.02.1757, 2nd son)
  m. Frances Penruddock (bur 22.11.1717, dau of Thomas Penruddock of Wiltshire)
  i. Arundel Stratford (bpt 22.09.1706)
  m. (07.01.1722) Bartholomew Tate of Delapre
  ii.+ lother issue (dvp) - Francis (bpt 15.03.1707, bur 12.07.1717), Edward (bpt 14.02.1709, d 30.01.1718)
  B. Anne Stratford
  m. (29.10.1695) John Pilkington
  C.+ other issue - Francis (bpt 18.03.1673, dvpsp), Felicia (bpt 21.01.1675), Elizabeth (bpt 02.11.1678, d 01.1753), Jane (bpt 03.08.1680), Eleanor (bpt 21.11.1682, d 21.12.1718)



This section first uploaded 10.11.19.
Baker shows the arms of this family as "Argent, on a bend cotised Sable three crescents of the field".
Edmund de Cressy (a 1380)
m. Matilda Ayote (dau/coheir of Lawrence Ayote of Ayote St. Lawrence, cousin of Wentiliana de Keynes, heiress of Dodford)
1. John Cressy of Dodford (d 01.10.1407)
  m. Christiana Wylde (a 1441, dau of William Wylde)
  A. Thomas Cressy
  B. Sir John Cressy of Dodford (b by 1401, d 1444-5) Cressy
  m. Constance Grey (a 1474, dau of Reginald Grey of Ruthin)
  i. John Cressy of Dodford (dsp 06.02.1452-3)
2.+ other issue - Thomas, William (dsp)



This section first uploaded 09.02.20.
Rev. Robert Thorp of Buxton, Derbyshire (b 1742-3, d c8.1815)
m. Martha Disney (b 07.03.1736-7, d 07.06.1805, dau of Gervase Disney of Pontefract by Mary, dau of William Thorp of Nottingham by Frances, dau of Sir William Boothby son of Sir William by Hill, dau of Sir William Brooke son of George (brother of Henry, 11th Lord Cobham) by Elizabeth, sister/heir of Robert Burgh, 6th/4th Lord of Gainsborough)
1. Robert William Disney Thorp of Headingley (bpt 12.11.1766, bur 05.07.1849, MD)
m. (07.10.1789) Ann Catherine Grant (d 24.01.1827, dau of Gregory Grant of Edinburgh by Marie, dau of Sir Archibald Grant, Bart of Monymusk)
  A. Thomas Thorp (b 04.1797, d unm bur 02.03.1877, Archdeacon of Bristol, 3rd son)
  B. Disney Launder Thorp of Prestbury & Cheltenham (b 08.06.1805, dsp 20.12.1888, 5th son)
  m. (11.11.1835) Eleanor Chorley (dau of Francis Chorley of Woodhouse)
  C. Maria Thorp (b 07.06.1791, d 02.08.1834)
  m. (16.02.1816) General Sir Alexander Leith of Freefield & Glenkindie
  In 1916, one of their descendants was successful in his claim to the barony of Burgh.
  D. Mary Anne Thorp (b 25.08.1792, d 15.05.1828)
  m. (14.02.1820) Henry Charles Russell (d before 19.03.1860, Major General)
  E.+ other issue - Gregory Grant (b 18.04.1794, d 06.10.1795), John Peter (b 17.04.1795, d 12.04.1797), John (b 26.01.181, d unm bur 16.07.1861)
2. Gervase Thorp of Ludlow (b 1768, dsps 1827, MD)
  m1. (1790) Mary Hamer (d 05.1815, dau of Henry Hamer of Liverpool)
  m2. (02.1820) Hester Furnival (dau of William Furnival)
3. John Thorp of Maldon, Essex (b 26.05.1776) had issue
  m. (26.07.1798) Martha Prickett (dau of Rice Prickett of Enstone, widow of John Taylor of Great Tew)
4. Mary Wheelhouse Thorp
  m. (11.1790) Rev. Richard Robinson
5.+ other issue - Catherine (bur 06.11.1764), Martha (but 13.04.1773)



This section first uploaded 09.02.20.
Robert Alexander of Halifax (d 15.03.1822, physician)
m. Harriot Disney (b 04.09.1744, bur 13.05.1787, sister of Martha in section above)
1. Disney Alexander (b 26.05.1769, d 02.11.1844)
  m1. (08.08.1796) Agnes Haigh (dau of Edward Haigh of Halifax)
  A.+ issue - Disney (b 29.08.1799, d young), Harriet (b 29.05.1801, d unm 02.09.1888)
  m2. (18.07.1811) Mary Edwards (dau of William Edwards of Halifax)
2. Gervase Alexander of Halifax (b 03.06.1773, d 31.12.1856) had issue
  m. (26.08.1800) Ellen Hudson (d 18.11.1857, dau of Robet Hudson of Fordbridge)
  In 1916, one of their descendants was successful in his claim to the barony of Chobham.
3.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 12.02.1771, d unm 04.07.1795), Lewis, Anne Hodgson



This section first uploaded 09.02.20.
Thomas Lund (d 24.10.1832, rector of Barton-le-Street)
m1. (24.02.1784) Lucy Disney (b 19.04.1754, bur 10.11.1792, sister of Martha & Harriot in sections above)
1. Lucy Lund (bpt 21.12.1787, d 18.02.1866)
  m. William Henry Cockerell Leatham of Kirkham Abbey (d 06.08.1852)
  In 1916, one of their descendants was successful in his claim to the barony of Strabolgi.
2.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (b 07.12.1786, bur 20.01.1829), Harriott (bpt 21.12.1787, d 02.01.1863)
m2. ??



This section first uploaded 10.02.20, part reviewed 12.02.22.
Richard Carrol
1. James Carrol of Tulla, co. Tipperary
  m. Elizabeth Carrol (dau of William Carroll of Balliecrenocle)
  A. James Carrol of Tulla (d unm 1728, Captain)
  B. William Carrol of Tulla (d 1749)
  i. William Carrol of Tulla (d 1802)
  m. Ellen Dalton
  a. William Carrol of Lissen Hall & Tulla (d 28.02.1816)
  m. (05.07.1772) Susanna Parker
  (1) Sir William Parker Carrol b 27.01.1776, d 02.07.182, (Lt. General) had issue
  m. (17.03.1817) Emma Sophia Sherwell (dau of E. Sherwell of Kew)
  (2) Richard Carrol (Lt. Colonel, 4th son)
  m. Mary
  (3)+ other issue - John (a 12.1842), Morgan
  b. Margaret Carrol
  m. _ Nugent
  c. Dorothy Carrol
  m. (c1773) W. Griffin
  d. Catherine Carrol (d unm)
The following are not mentioned by BLGI1912. Burke's 'Family Records (Indexed') ('Burke', p122, note), found online at ancestry.co.uk, identifies the undermentioned Frances as "cousin to Sir William Parker Carrol, Knt., and of Marianne, Marchioness Wellesley". Noting the additional generation to the daughters of Charles of Carrolstown, and noting that BLGI1912 has already mentioned 3 sisters for Sir William's father, we presume to interpret that as meaning that Sir William Parker Carrol was not 1st cousin but 2nd cousin to Frances & Marianne. Noting the dates also, it is not unlikely that Frances was either a generation earlier than Sir William & Marianne or her grandfather was older than the above William (who d 1802).
  ii. ?? Carrol
  a. _ Carrol of Newlawn, co. Tipperary possibly of this generation
  (1) Frances Carrol (b 1751-8, d 05.02.1838)
  m. Anthony Burke of Clondagoff Castle (b 1775, d 24.04.1835)
iii. Charles Carol or Carroll of Carrolstown, Maryland (d 1833) possibly of this generation
  The following is supported by a note in BLGI1912 ('O'Carroll of Athgoe Park') which reports that this Charles was descended from Donogh O'Carroll, "son of Wlliam the Fair, Chief of Ely, who d. A.D. 1377". See OCarroll1.
  a. Charles Carroll
  (1) Charles Carroll had issue
  m. _ Lee (dau of Robert Henry Lee, Governor of Maryland)
  b. Mary Carroll
  m. Richard Caton of Philadelphia and/or Baltimore
  (1) Marianne Caton (b c1790, d 17.12.1853)
  m1. Robert Patterson
  m2. (29.10.1825, sp) Richard Wellesley, 2nd Earl of Mornington, Marquess Wellesley (b 1760, d 1853)
  (2) Elizabeth Caton (d 29.10.1862)
  m. (26.05.1836, sp) Sir George William Jerningham, later Stafford-Jerningham, 7th Bart, 8th Baron Stafford (b 1771, d 1851)
  (3) Louisa Catherine Caton (b c1792, d 08.04.1874)
  m. (24.04.1828) Francis Godolphin D'Arcy Osborne, 7th Duke of Leeds (b 1798, dsp 1859)
  (4) Emily Caton
  m. John McTavish (British Consul at Baltimre)



This section first uploaded 12.02.22.
Alexander Carroll of Dublin (d c06.178)
m. Anne Fairbrother (sister of William Fairbrother)
1. George Carroll of Dublin, Sheriff of co. Wicklow (d 1816)
  m. (1769) Jane Irvine (d 1601)
  A. Alexander Carroll of Dublin, Sheriff of co. Wicklow (dsp 1856)
  B. George Carroll of Thorp Arch (Yorkshire) & Munduff (co. Wicklow) (b 1774, d 1848) had issue
  m. (1806) Frances Hodsden (d 1849, dau/heir of Richard Hodsden of Woldingham by Dorothy Lister of Woodhouse)
  C. Stanford Carroll of Bellpark (co. Wicklow) & Bath (d 1846) had issue
  m1. Louisa Heathcote (dau of Sir Thomas Heathcote of Staffordshire)
  m2. (1822) Catherine Maria Bennett (dau of Rev. John Bennett of Donhead St. Andrew & Ower Moigne, son of Thomas)
2. Anne Carroll
  m. Philip Perceval
3.+ other issue - Coote, Alexander, Mary, Prudence, Sarah



This section first uploaded 12.02.22.
James Carroll
1. James Carroll 'of Ballynure'
  m. (Eleanor) Bagenal (sister of Beauchamp Bagenal of Dunleckney & Bagenalstown)
  A. Walter Bagenal Carroll (d 19.11.1801)
  m. Charity Rice (dau of Richard Rice of Mount Rice)
  i. Henry Carroll of Ballynure, Sheriff of co. Wicklow (b 22.09.1799)
  m. (03.08.1822) Catherine Mtchell (dau of David Mitchell of Jamaica)

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