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This section first uploaded 01.10.13.
George Howse (archdeacon of Dromore and/or Down)
m. Laetitia Wynne (dau of Rev. (John) Wynne by Dorcas, dau of Robert Hoey of Danganstown)
1. George Howse (d 1804, rector of Inch)
  m. Alicia Cassan (b 20.11.1755, d 1827, dau of Stephen Cassan of Sheffield)
  A. George Howse of Castlebar ((MD)
  B. Alicia Howse
  m. (1802) Peter Browne (Dean of Ferns)
  C. Elizabeth Geraldine Howse
  m. (1829) Richard B. Gordon (rector of Duncormack)
2. Dorcas Howse (d 23.12.1828) probably of this generation
  m. (c10.1786) Sir Thomas Forster of Tullaghan & Coolderry, 1st Bart (b 1751, d 1843, Rev.)



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HoP reports that Sir Edward's "ancestors were settled in Wiltshire by at least 1419 (and) was the grandson of a Marian exile".
John Nicholas of Winterbourne Earls, Wiltshire (d 1644, of the Middle Temple)
m. Susannah Hunton (dau of William Hunton of East Knoyle)
1. Sir Edward Nicholas of Winterbourne Earls (b 04.04.1593, d 01.09.1669, "secretary of state to Charles I and Charles II")
  Lipscomb, in his work on Buckinghamshire, suggests that Sir Edward married Anne Denton but the dates make that unlikely given that HoP & Wikipedia report that he married ...
  m. (24.09.1622) Jane Jay (d 15.09.1688, dau of Henry Jay of Holvertson (alderman of London))
A. Sir John Nicholas of West Horsley, Surrey (bpt 19.01.1624, d 09.01.1705, MP)
  m. (23.05.1661) Penelope Compton (d 26.11.1703, dau of Spencer Compton, 2nd Earl of Northampton)
  i. Edward Nicholas of West Horsley (b c1662, dsp 20.04.1726, MP)
  m. Rachel Wyndham (dau of Thomas Wyndham of Witham Friary, sister/coheir of Hopton)
  ii. John Nicholas of West Horsley
  a. Bridget Nicholas
  m. Richard Heath of Hatchlands & Westminster (b c1706, d 04.02.1752, MP)
  iii.+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  B. Edward Nicholas of West Horsley & Hithcam (Buckinghamshire) (bpt 06.03.1625, d 21.05.1696, MP)
  m. (09.12.1669) Bridget Clayton (dau of Sir Thomas Clayton of the Vache)
  i.+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
  C.+ 4 sons (2 dbp), 3 daughters



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Probably closely connected to the family shown on Dowdall1 was ...
Luke Dowdall of co. Louth identified by Wikipedia as father of ...
1. Sir Robert Dowdall (a 1435, d 1482, Chief Justice)
  m. (1454) Anne Wogan of Rathcoffey identified by Wikipedia as wife of Sir Robert
  Wikipedia shows Sir Robert & Anne as parents of Sir Thomas, the Master of the Rolls, who was ancestor of the Sir James Dowdall (d 1584) who was Lord Chief Justice of Ireland. However, BLG1862 shows that the Thomas who was Sir Robert's son had an only child, Eleanor.
  A. Sir Thomas Dowdall of Newtown & Termonfeighan
  m. Elizabeth Hollywood (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Hollywood of Tartayne or Artaine (by Elizabeth, dau of Christopher, 3rd Lord Killeen), widow of James of Delvin)
  i. Eleanor Dowdall (only child)
  m1. John Nangle, 'Baron of Navan'
  m2. William, 2nd Viscount Gormanston (d 21.09.1532)



This section first uploaded 03.11.13.
Probably closely connected to the above Sir Robert was ...
Sir John Dowdall of Newtown, Termonfeichan & Artaine (a 1450)
m. Maud D'Artois (dau of Jenico D'Artois, m2. Sir Rowland Eustace of Harristown, Lord Portlester)
1. Sir Thomas Dowdall (d by 1510, Master of the Rolls) successor (presumed son) of Sir John, see note in section just above
  A. Sir John Dowdall successor (presumed son) of Sir Thomas
  i. Sir John Dowdall 'of Kilfinny' (b c1570, dspm)
  m. Elizabeth Southwell (dau of Sir Thomas Southwell of Polylong)
  a. Anne Dowdall
  m1. John Southwell of Rathkeale
  m2. William Pigott of Kilfinny (d 25.02.1667)
  b. Elizabeth Dowdall
  m. (1630) Sir Hardress Waller of Castletown
  c. Honor Dowdall (youngest dau)
  m. Laurence Dowdall (son/heir of Edward of Mountown)



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Richard Spencer of Waldingfield, Suffolk
m. Alice Wincoll (dau of John Wincoll of Waldingfield) apparently wife of Richard and mother of ...
1. Sir John Spencer, 'Rich Spencer', Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 03.03.1609/10)
  m. Alice Bromfield (d 27.03.1609/10, dau of Thomas Bromfield of London, widow of William Cox of London & Henry Leake of London)
  A. Elizabeth Spencer (d 1632)
  m. (1594) William Compton, 1st Earl of Northampton (d 24.06.1630)



This section first uploaded 20.12.13.
Thomas David Griffith of Llangathen
m. Gwen (dau of Rys Llewellyn ap Rys Chwith)
1. Thomas Vaughan
  m. Eva (dau of David Llewellyn of Cefnmaelgoed)
  A. Gwilym Goch
  m. ?? (dau of Llewellyn Gwilym ap ThomasYchan)
i. John Gwilym Thomas
  m. (Elizabeth) (dau of Evan ap Rhuddr ap Rys ap Griffith ap Llewelyn Foethus)
  a. Thomas Vaughan of Llethrycadvan 'of Llangathan'
  Buckley, supported by Major Francis Jones who reported on his son-in-law, shows this Thomas as m. Catherine, dau of Owain ap Hugh of Bodeon. However, we speculate that she has been confused with the following Catherine who was a generation earlier. See note just below.
  m. Catherine (dau of Hugh of Bodeon)
(1) Jane (probably not Anne) ('coheir')
  m. Rys Williams of Rhydodin (a 1614)
  (2)+ other issue - 3 sons (d young unm), 4 daughters (3 d young unm)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Coed Helen, p202).
  b. David
  m. Elizabeth (dau of John Newton of Pembroke)
  (1) Thomas Vychan 'of Pant Glas'
  Griffith (p202) shows this Thomas as m. Catherine, dau of Hugh Owen of Bodeon. However, we speculate that she has been confused with the following Catherine who was a generation later. See note just above
  m. Catherine (dau of Owain ap Hugh Owen of Bodeon)

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