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Burrows starts this pedigree (p324) with brother & sister, noting that the family was of Drayton (Hampshire), Bromley (Dorset) & Ash Herbert (Sussex).
?? de Caune.
1. Sir Herbert de Caune (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  A. Baldwin de Caune (dsp)
  B. Herbert de Caune of Drayton (d 1294)
  i.+ issue - Margery (dsp), Johanna
  B. Eufemia de Caune
  m. ??
  i. Margery
  m. John de Roches (d 1312) @1@ below
2. Sibilla de Caune
  m. Sir William de Dummer (a 1216)



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William de Roches (Rupibus) of Anjou possibly father of ...
1. Peter de Roches (Rupibus), Sheriff of Hampshire, Bishop of Winchester, Chief Justiciar, Lord Chamberlain (d 09.02.1238)
  Some details on Peter come from Wikipedia.
2. ?? de Roches (Rupibus)
  A. Geoffrey de Roches (d before 1253)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, Brocas).
  m. Emma (dau of William FitzRoger of Roche Court in North Fareham & Bradley, sister/heir of _)
  i. Martin de Roches of Steventon, etc. (dsp 1277)
m. Lucy (a 1285)
  ii. Sir Hugh de Roches (d before 1300)
  m. _ de Hoo (dau/heir of Roger de Hoo)
  a. John de Roches (d 1312)
  m1. Beatrix (a 1285)
m2. Margery (dau/heir of Eufemia dau of Sir Herbert de Caune) @1@ above
  (1) Sir John de Roches of Roche Court (b c1289, d before 1349)
  m. Johanna (d 09.1361)
  (A) William de Roches of Bromley, Dorset (a 1347, dsp?)
  (B) Mary de Roches
  m1. Sir John de Borhunte (d 1359)
  (i) John de Borhunte (b c1345, dsp before 1360)
  m2. Sir Bernard Brocas (d 1395)
  (C) Alice de Roches (dsp before 1360)
  m. John Romyn (dsp before 1360)
  (2) Ida de Roche
  m. Sir John de Plecy
  b. Peter de Roches
  B. Hugh de Roches (d 1253)
3. Bartholomew de Roches (Rupibus) (d 1231)



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Sir John de Foxle of Bray (d 1324)
m. Constantia of Bramshill (d 1333)
1. Thomas de Foxle of Bramshill & Bray (d 1360)
m1. Katherine Ifield, heiress of Apuldrefield in Kent (dau of Sir John Ifield)
  A. Sir John de Foxley of Bramshill, Bray & Apuldrefield (b 1330, d 11.1378)
  m1. Matilda de Brocas (dau of Sir John de Brocas of Beaurepaire)
  i. William Foxley of Apuldrefield (d(vp)sp c1376)
  m. Joane
  ii. Katherine Foxley (d 1403)
  m. John de Warbelton (d 1375) @2@ below
  iii. Margaret Foxley
  m. Robert Bullock (d 1405)
  p/m2. Johanna Martin
Their sons were born before they were married.
  iv. Thomas Foxley (2nd son of this relationship)
  m1. Margaret Lytton
  m2. Theobalda Marys (dau of J. de Marys)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  a. Elizabeth Foxley (d 1473)
  m. Sir Thomas Uvedale of Wickham (d 1474)
  v.+ other issue - Richard (d 1408), John (d 1419)
  m2. Johanna (widow of Sir James de Wodestock of Holeshute (Holdshot))



This section first uploaded 10.03.11, reviewed 03.09.20.
Sir John de Warbelton of Warbelton & Sherfield-on-Loddon
1. ?? de Warbelton
  A. John de Warbelton (d 21.09.1375)
  m. Katherine Foxley (dau of Sir John de Foxley of Bramshill, Bray & Apuldrefield) @2@ above
  i. Thomas de Warbelton
  m. Johanna Hay (dau of Sir John Hay)
  a. William de Warbelton of Sherfield, Bray & Apuldrefield (b 1383, dsp 1469)
  m. Margaret Hannys (d 1483, widow of Sir P. Besil) ## see here ##
ii. Margaret de Warbelton
  m. William Puttenham
  iii. Elizabeth de Warbelton (a 1447, d before 1469)
  m. John de Syrerwast (d 17.06.1441, son of Sir John of Clewer)
  a. Margaret de Syfrewast
  m. David Breknok
  b. Agnes de Syfrewast
  m. Miles Skulle ## see here ##?
  c. Sibella de Syfrewast (d by 1489)
  m1. John Thorley
  m2. Sir W. Laken
  m3. Thomas Rekys

Main source(s): 'The Family of Brocas of Beaurepaire and Roche Court' (Montagu Burrows, 1886), available at www.archive.org, with support for the sections on Foxley & Warbleton from 'Chronicles of Finchampstead' (William Lyon, 1895, 'Pedigree of Foxle, or Foxley, of Bray and Bramshill', p95)
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