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This section first uploaded 27.10.06, last updated 10.11.06.
William Bacon
m. Isabel Shelton
1. Stephen Bacon
  m. Margery Thorpe
  A. John Bacon (d 1513)
  m. Margery Tylott (dau of Roger Tylott)
  i. Thomas Bacon of Hessett
Visitation starts with this Thomas other than to identify him as son of a Bacon of Hessett by a _ Rowse.
  m. Elizabeth Jarvis (dau of Roger Jarvis)
  a. Edmund Bacon of Hessett (d 1553)
  m. Elizabeth Page of Suffolk
(1) John Bacon of Hessett
  m1. Barbara Jermyn (dau of Thomas Jermyn by ?? Spring)
  (A) Edmund Bacon of Hessett (b 1554, d 1624)
  m. Elizabeth Cornwallis (d 1624, dau of Richard Cornwallis and Margaret Lowthe)
  (i) Edmund Bacon (a 1612)
  m. Phoebe Marsham (dau of John Marsham of Badwell)
  (a) Edmond Bacon
  (ii) Elizabeth Bacon (bur 01.02.1624)
  Visitation identifies Elizabeth's husband as Kalabery Wauton of Hutton, aka ...
  m. (14.10.1591) Calybut Walpole of Houghton (bpt 14.03.1561, bur 04.05.1646)
  (ii) Frances Bacon
  m. George Townrowe of Norfolk
  (iii) Katharine Bacon
  m. William Colman of Braisework
  (iv) Susan Bacon
  m. Henry Lambe of Norwich
  (v) Ann Bacon
  m. John Aldridge of Norwich
  (vi)+ other issue - Nicholas, Henry, Lyonell, Cordellay, Abbygall
  (B) Thomas Bacon
  (C) Ann Bacon
  m. Humfrey Yermouth
  m2. Katharine Perin
  (D) Robert Bacon



This section first uploaded 29.10.06.
John Norton of Allesley, Coventry (d c1580)
Visitation shows John as 2nd son of Richard Norton of Norton Conyers but the Harleian editor added a note to say that the link "is not authentick". BP1934 (Grantley) shows that John as dspm.
m. Elizabeth Pitsford (she m2. Raymond Fitch of Allesley)
1. John Norton (b 1577)
  m. (before 09.1593) Alice Griffin
  A.+ issue - Edward (bpt 06.10.1600, dsp), Elizabeth (bpt 20.04.1595, d unm)
2. Simon Norton of Coventry (bpt 26.11.1578, d c1641)
  m. Prudence Jesson of Coventry
  A. John Norton of Allesley
B. Simon Norton (dsps)
  m. Mary Hastings (dau of Sir Henry Hastings of Braunston, she m2. Richard St. George)
  C. Sir Thomas Norton, 1st Bart of Coventry (b 1615-6, d 1691)
  m. Anne Jermy (d before 07.02.1693/4, dau of John Jermy of Stutton Hall)
  i. Mary Norton (d c1680)
  m. Sir Charles Modyford of London, Bart (d c1686)
  ii. Anne Norton
  m. William Russell of Cambridgeshire
  iii. Prudence Norton mentioned by Visitation but not by BEB1841
  m. Francis Hanson (nephew of Sir Robert)
  iv. Elizabeth Norton
  m. William Norton (of Southwick family)
  v.+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Thomas (d infant), Frances (a 1683)
  D. Joan Norton
  m. Humphrey Burton (coroner of Coventry)
  E. Prudence Norton
  m. Henry Smith (alderman of Coventry)
  F.+ other issue (dsp) - William, Raphe
3. Elizabeth Norton (bpt 09.10.1575)
  m. Ralph Downes of Winhall
4. Anne Norton (bpt 12.09.1576, d unm)



This section first uploaded 22.05.16, reviewed 06.08.21.
Thomas Foderinghay of Brockley (a 1397, 1411)
m. Agnes le Strange (dau/coheir of John le Strange of Brockley by Elizabeth Boteler) @@ just below
1. Gerard Fodringhay the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Sibilla
  A. Thomas Fodringhay or Foderingey 'of Southacre, Alderford & Dorwards Hall' of Brockley
  m. Elizabeth Dorward (sister/heir of John Dorward)
  i. Margaret Fodringhay
  m. Nicholas Beaupre of Beaupre in Outwell (Beawpre of Bockinge) (d 20.02.1514-5)
  ii. Hellena Fodringhay
  m. Henry Thuresby of Norfolk
  iii. Christian Fodringhay (b c1481, dsp before 04.11.1498)
  m. (1493/4) John de Vere, Earl of Oxford



This section first uploaded 06.08.21.
Rober le Strange of Tymworth (a 1347)
m. Mabilla
1. John le Strange of Brockley
  m. Elizabeth Boteler (sister/heir of William Boteler, son/heir of Geoffrey Boteler of Walden, Essex)
  A. Agnes le Strange (a 1432)
  m1. Robert Mordaunt of Turvey
  m2. Thomas Foderinghay of Brockley (a 1397, 1411) @@ just above
  B. Elizabeth le Strange (dsp)
  m. John Warren



This section first uploaded 01.06.16.
Nathaniel Bladen of Hemsworth, Yorkshire
m. Isabella Fairfax (d 25.10.1691, dau of Sir William Fairfax of Steeton)
1. Isabel (or Elizabeth) Bladen
  m1. _ Ruthven (Colonel)
  m2. Edward Hawke
2. Catherine Bladen
  m. _ Fowke (Captain)
3. Frances Bladen
  m1. William Hammond (d 1711)
  m2. _ Herman or Harmond (Captain)
4.+ other issue - William, Martin (Colonel), Elizabeth



This section first uploaded 06.05.19.
John Patterson of Amble (d before 25.01.1592/3)
m. Jane
1. Robert Patterson of Amble (d 1606)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1611)
2. Edward Patterson of Togston (a 1616)
  m. Margaret Turner (dau/heir of John Turner of Togston) probably parents of ...
  A. John Patterson of Togston (d before 11.11.1686)
  i. Jane Patterson
  m. (after 10.1657) Edward Cook of Amble Newhall
  ii. Alice Patterson
  m. William Smith of Amble
3. son? (could be daughter?)
  m. _ Scroggs
  A.+ issue (a 1606) - Nicholas, Elizabeth



This section first uploaded 04.06.20.
Robert Broune (Brown) of Burrowland (d 10.1630)
m. Janet Couper relict of Robert, possibly mother of ...
1. James Brown of Burrowland & Nethermains
  A. Janet Brown
  m. Alexander Blair
  B. daughter
2.+ other issue - Jean (a 1634), Christian



This section first uploaded 26.02.21.
The following is placed here simply because there are not enough columns left on the continuation page. We will probably split that page (Bracebridge1) in due course.
Edmund Bracebridge
m. Dorothy Rugeley (dau of Ralph Rugeley of Dunton, sister of Rowland of Dunton)
1. Rowland Bracebridget
  A. Rowland Bracebridget
  m. Winifred Scott (dau of Thomas Scott of Great Barr)
  i. Rowland Bracebridget
  m. John Hawkesford of Bilston
  a. Elizabeth Hawkesford
  m. (27.11.1695) William Gibbons of Ettingshale in Sedgley, Staffordshire

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