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Families covered: Worsley of Booths (The Boothes), Worsley of Worsley (Workesley of Workesley)

BEB1844 ('Worsley of Appuldercombe'), used for Worsley3 and mentioned on Worsley2, reports that "The family of Worsley (or De Workesley, as it was anciently written), derives from Sir Elias de Workesley, lord of the manor of Workesley, near Manchester, at the period of the Conquest." We presume that this was the following Elias who was the first mentioned by Dugdale.
Elias de Workedsley
1. Richard de Workedsley
  A. Roger de Workesley
  i. Richard de Workesley
  a. Geoffrey de Workesley
  (1) Richard de Workesley
  (A) Henry de Worsley
  m1. ??
  (i) Richard de Worsley
m. Margaret
  (a) Geffrey de Worsley
  ((1)) Sir Geoffrey de Worsley
  m1. Mary Fitton (dau of Sir Thomas Fitton)
  ((A)) Elizabeth de Worsley
  m. Arthur de Worsley @@ below
  ((b)) daughter
  m2. (sp) Isabel Lathom (a 1385, dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Lathom, m2. Sir John Stanley)
(b) Alice de Worsley (a 1373)
  m2. _ de Schoresworth
  (ii) Robert de Worsley of Booths
  m. Cicely Bramhall
  (a) William de Worsley
m. Elizabeth Hilton (dau of John Hilton of Farnworth)
  ((1)) Robert de Worsley
  m. Isabel Trafford (dau of Henry de Trafford)
  ((A)) Arthur de Worsley
  m. Elizabeth de Worsley (dau/coheir of Sir Geoffrey de Worsley) @@ above
  ((i)) Robert de Worsley - continued below
  m. Margaret Booth (dau of Thomas Booth of Barton)
  (b) John de Worsley
  (c) Hellen de Worsley
  m. Thomas Booth
  partner unknown
  (d) Robert Worsley ancestor of Worsley of Frennys
  (iii) Richard de Worsley (dsp)



Robert de Worsley - continued above
m. Margaret Booth (dau of Thomas Booth of Barton)
1. Robert Worsley of Booths
  This and the next generation is supplemented by Visitation (Flower, Lancashire, 1567, 'Worseley of Bouthes').
m1/2. Hellen (Elenor) Hilton (dau of Roger Hilton (Hulton) of Park)
  A. Robert Worsley 'of Booths'
  m. Alice Massy (dau/coheir of Hamon (Hamlett) Massy of Rixton)
  i. Sir Robert Worsley (a 1517)
  m. Alice Tildesley (dau of Thurstan Tildesey of Wardeley)
  a. Robert Worsley of Booths (a 1591)
  m. ?? Gerard (dau of Sir Thomas Gerard of Brynne)
  (1) Thomas Worsley of Booths
m. Katherine Kighley (dau/heir of Henry Kighley of Kighley)
  (A) Thomas Worsley (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Wood (dau of Sir John Wood of Beeston)
  (i) Thomas Worsley of Hovingham, Yorkshire (d 03.11.1664)
  m1. (Alice) Holcroft (dau of John Holcroft of Holcroft)
  (a) Thomas Worsley of Hovingham Hall (d 03.05.1715)
  Dugdale ends with this generation, showing Thomas (b c1649) as the eldest child. We presume that this was the same person as (rather than father of) the Thomas (d 1715) who married ...
  m. Mary Arthington (dau of Henry Arthington of Arthington Hall)
  (b)+ other issue (a 1664) - John, Margaret
  m2. Penelope Egerton (dau of Peter Egerton of Shaw)
  (ii) John Worsley
  m. Elizabeth Heywood (dau of Robert Heywood of Heywood)
  (iii) Jane Worsley
  m. William Lascelles
(iv)+ other issue - Edmund, Elizabeth
  (B)+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, Jane
  (2) Margaret Worsley
  m. Robert Henley of Henley
  (3) Elizabeth Worsley
  m. William Leicester of Toft
  (4) Mary Worsley
  m. John Asheton of Asheton-under-Lyne
  (5) Katherine Worsley
m. George Hilton of Farnworth
  (6) Dorothy Worsley
  m. John Cardinal
  (7)+ other issue - Robert, Gilbert, Anne, Jane, Frances
  partner(s) unknown
  b.+ other issue - Richard, Robert, Thomas
  B. Clemence Worsley
  m. John Redish (b c1475, d 09.1558)
  C.+ other issue - Adam, Gilbert, Giles
  m2/1. Mabell Duckett (dau of Richard Duckett of Grayling)
  F. Thomas Worsley

Main source(s): Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, 'Worsley of Worsley Booths')
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