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Families covered: Wood of Bonnytoun (Bonnington), Wood of Gatton Park, Wood of Letham

Alexander Wood (b 1653, d 1710, "an Episcopalian clergyman")
m. Jean Brown or Broun (granddau/heir of Rev. Robert Kerr of Cessford)
1. Robert Wood (dsp, Under Secretary of State for Scotland 1705)
2. George Wood (dsp, Admiral)
3. William Wood of Glasgow (b 1713)
  m. _ Stuart of Ardnamurchan
  A. John Wood (Governor of the Isle of Man, 1761-1777)
m. Elizabeth Riddell of Glenriddell
  i.+ 3 daughters (d young)
  partner unknown
  iv. John Wood (Major General) had issue
  B. William Wood of Nethergallow Hill, Renfrew (3rd son)
  m. Catherine Cochrane (dau of Thomas, Earl of Dundonald)
  i. Anne Wood
  m. Samuel Rous Dottin (Captain)
  C.+ other issue - Andrew (dsp, rector of Darlington & Gateshead, "Chaplain to King George III"), 2 daughters
4. Mark Wood of Perth
  m. (1707) Jean Mercer (dau of W. Mercer of Potter Hill, of the family of Aldie)
  A. Alexander Wood of Burncroft, Perthshire (b 1712, d 1778)
The clan-wood site suggests that Alexander's wife was Jean, dau of John Mercer of Potterhill, who (except for naming her father differently) is shown by BLG1886 as his mother. BLG1886, supported by 'Memorials', shows Alexander's wife as ...
  m. (1747) Jean Ramsay (dau of Robert Ramsay "of the Ramsays of Banff")
  i. Sir Mark Wood of Gatton Park, 1st Bart, Surrey (d 1820)
  The following is partly supported by BEB1841 (in the Supplement, 'Wood of Gatton').
  m. Rachael Dashwood (dau of Robert Dashwood, sister of Admiral Sir Charles)
  a. Sir Mark Wood of Gatton, 2nd Bart (b 1794, dsp 1837)
  m. (1833) Elizabeth Newton (dau of William Newton)
  b. Eliza Georgiana Wood
  c. Rachael Wood
  m. (13.06.1816) William Joseph Lockwood of Dews Hall
  ii. Sir George Hay Wood of Ottershaw Park, Surrey (d 1824, Major General, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (10.1811) Frances Vic Remington (b 1788-9, d 07.03.1860, dau of John Remington of Barton End)
  iii. Thomas Wood (d 1798, Captain, youngest son)
  m. Mary Nixon (dau of Sir Eccles Nixon)
  a.+ issue (dsp)
  iv.+ other issue - Sir James Atholl (dsp, Admiral), Andrew (dsp 1787, RN)
  B. Robert Wood (3rd son)
  m. Anne Smythe (dau of J. Smythe)
  i. son(s) had issue
  ii. Anne Wood
  m. Martin Lindsay (Captain RN, "of the Balcarres family")
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), 3 daughters



William Wood of Bonnytoun
It appears that EITHER William married 3 times OR there were 2 generations of Williamses. The latter is certainly possible but, provisionally, we show just one because, with the possible exception of the matter involving Elizabeth (mentioned below), the dates seem to support that view. However, we are not sure about the order of his marriages. Noting that at least 1 daughter (Margaret) married about 1539, we presume that all the children were by Elizabeth/Margaret Ogilvy but it is certainly possible that there the following is over-presumptive on this, particularly as the names of Margaret's father (at least) is not confirmed by the sources on the husband's families. It is certainly arguable that we should show this section as DRAFT rather than in the main part of the database but we are not confident that we will be able to improve it.
m1/2/3. Elizabeth (or Margaret) Ogilvy (a 1529, dau of John Ogilvy, 2nd Lord of Airlie)
It is not clear which wife was mother of ...
1. (Sir) Patrick Wood of Bonnytoun (Bonnington) probably of this generation
  This is probably the Patrick who is reported by Wikipedia ("Margaret Wood (courtier)", 06.01.24) as father of Margaret (sister of Magdalen) by ...
  m1/2. Nichola(s) Wardlaw (dau of Henry Wardlaw of Torrie)
  A. Margaret Wood
  B. Magdalen Wood
  m. George Leslie of Kincraigie
It appears that Patrick also married ...
  m2/1. (mcrt 17.08.1560) Jean Stewart (dau of Henry Stewart, 1st Lord Methven) apparently wife of Patrick, presumed mother of ...
  C. Sir Henry (Harry) Wood of Bonnytoun (Bonnington) probably of this generation
i. Patrick Wood of Bonnytoun (Bonnington) (d before 1653) eldest son of Sir Henry, the first mentioned by TCB
  m. (mcrt 08.11.1634) Anna Carnegie (dau of John Carnegie, 1st Earl of Northesk)
  a. Henry Wood of Bonnytoun (Bonnington) (dspms?)
  b. Sir John Wood of Bonnytoun (Bonnington) & Letham, 1st Bart (b c1638, d 01.1693)
  m. (mcrt 02.1660) Anne Ogilvy (dau of James Ogilvy, 2rd Earl of Airlie, by Helen Ogilvy)
  (1) Sir James Wood of Bonnytoun (Bonnington) & Letham, 2nd Bart (d 03.05.1738 (or 23.02.1738), Brigadier General, Governor of Dendermonde)
  m. (22.02.1731) Anne Jones (d by 1748, dau of Edward Jones (master of the Royal Vineyard))
(A) daughter
  m. _ Allardyce
  (i) 'Sir' James Allardyce-Wood of Bonyngton, Letham, etc., 'Bart' (d 1802)
  TCB reports that James appears to have assumed the baronetcy but appears not to support that claim.
  m. Jane Mackenzie (a 1802)
  (B) daughter
  c. Elizabeth Wood shown by various web sites as of this generation, married to ...
  m1. William Crichton (d 1642)
  m2. James Elphinstone of Glack (d before 02.06.1670)
  D. Isabel Wood probably of this generation
m. (before 1597) George Gordon of Gight (d 1640)
  E.+ other issue - James (d 27.04.1601), William mentioned on various web sites
2. Margaret Wood possibly of this generation
  m. (c1539) John Leslie (dvp 1550, son/heir of John Leslie of Balquhain)
3. Isabel Wood possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Guthrie (d 10.1587)
4. Elizabeth Wood possibly of this generation
  m1. George Ramsay (d 1580)
  The father of the Elizabeth who married George Ramsay is not named in the Ramsay source but the wife of the following George Barclay is identified in the Barclay source as "sister of Patrick Wood of Bonnington (whose son James Wood was beheaded at Edinburgh, 27 April 1601)" which makes it not unlikely that she was of this generation. However, as reported at the connection, the marriage contract date given for that marriage (11.01.1564-5) looks wrong. If it should have been 01.1584-5 then it is certainly not impossible that Elizabeth married George Barclay after the death of George Ramsay, although she would have quite old to have had at least 3 children by ...
  m2. George Barclay, 10th of Mathers (d 1607)
m2/3/1. (div 18.12.1534) Margaret Ruthven (d 1548, dau of William Ruthven, 1st Lord, widow of Alexander Stewart (Earl of Buchan) then John Erskine then James Stewart who d 03.1524-5))
m3/2/1. Catherine Scott (dau of Sir William Scott of Balwearie, widow of James Sandilands of Cruvie (who d before 28.05.1534))

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLG1886 ('Wood of Ottershaw Park'), 'Memorials of the family of Wood of Largo' (Frances Mary Montagu, 1863), www.clan-wood.org.uk
(2) For lower section : cross-references from elsewhere in the database, many supported by references in TSP, with input from TCB (vol 4, 'Wood of Bonyngtoun', p254+)
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