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Families covered: Wingfield of Denington (Dunnington), Wingfield of Letheringham, Wingfield of Wingfield

(1) Some of our sources spell the family name as Wingfeld or Wingfeild. We normally keep to the modern version, Wingfield.
(2) Commoners reports that "There are pedigrees of the Wingfields, which give them possession of the castle of Wingfield, in the time of the Conqueror, but there is nothing to substantiate the fact."
Robert de Wingfeld, lord of Wingfeld Castell in Suffolk (a 1087) mentioned by Commoners & Visitation (Norfolk)
1. John de Wingfield
  A. (Sir) Robert de Wingfield of Wingfield Castle the first mentioned by BP1934
  m. Joan Falstaff (dau of John Falstaff or Fastolf)
  i. Thomas de Wingfield of Wingfield
m. Alice de Weyland (dau of Nicholas de Weyland of Norfolk)
  a. Sir John de Wingfield of Wingfield identififed by Visitation (Huntingdonshire) as 'of Dunnington Castle in Suff."
  m. Anne Peche (dau of Sir John Peche or Peache)
(1) Sir John de Wingfield (d c1330?/ a 1335, 3rd son) the first mentioned by Visitation (Suffolk)
  m. Elizabeth Honeypot (dau/heir of John Honeypot of Wingfield)
  (A) Sir John Wingfield of Wingfield (d 1361)
  m. Alianore de Glanville (d 1375, dau of Sir Gilbert de Glanville)
  (i) Katherine Wingfield
  m. Michael de la Pole, 1st Earl of Suffolk (d 1388)
(B) Sir Thomas Wingfield of Letheringham (d before 27.09.1378)
  m. Margaret Bovile (dau/heir of John (not William) Bovile of Letheringham (by Parnell, dau of Sir Robert Scales of Norfolk), widow of Sir William Carbonell of Badingham)
(i) Sir John Wingfield of Letheringham (d 1389)
  m. Margaret Hastings (d by 1396, dau of Sir Hugh Hastings of Elsing, m2. Sir John Russell)
  (a) John Wingfield (dsp(vp))
  (b) Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham (d 03.05.1409)
  m. Elizabeth Russell (dau of Sir John Russell of Strensham)
  ((1)) Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Goushill (dau of Sir Robert Goushill of Heveringham by Elizabeth FitzAlan)
  ((2)) (Sir) William Wingfield
  m. Elizabeth Barnake (dau of Sir Nicholas Barnake or Bernack)
  ((A)) William Wingfield mentioned in Visitation (Norfolk)
  ((i)) John Wingfield (a 1451)
  ((3))+ other issue - Anne, Margaret (nun)
  (ii) Eleanor Wingfield mentioned only by Visitation (Suffolk), error?
  m. Sir William Hoo of Godwin's Manor in Hoo (d 1410)
  (iii) Margaret Wingfield
  m. Sir Thomas Hardell
  (C) William Wingfield (a 1378)
  (2) Richard de Wingfield of Denington or Dunnington, Suffolk (a 1315, 1342, 4th son?)
  Commoners suggests that Richard was father of William who dsp 1398. BP1934, supported by Visitation (Huntingdonshire) reports as follows.
  (A) Sir William Wingfield of Denington (d 01.07.1393)
  (i) William ('Wolfe') Wingfield of Denington (dsp c1418)
  m. Katherine (d 19.05.1418)
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - Roger, Giles



Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham (d 1431) - continued above
BP1934 reports that Sir Robert d 1431 but Visitation (Suffolk) reports that Sir Robert's will was made in 1452/3 and proved on 21.11.1454. We follow the former as it appears that his widow remarried in 1431.
m. Elizabeth Goushill (dau of Sir Robert Goushill of Heveringham by Elizabeth FitzAlan)
1. Sir John Wingfield of Letheringham, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (d 10.05.1481)
  m. Elizabeth FitzLewis (d before 22.12.1500, dau of Sir John FitzLewis of West Horndon)
  A. Sir John Wingfield of Letheringham, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk (d 1509)
  m. Anne Touchet (dau of John Touchet, Lord Audley)
  B. Sir Edward Wingfield in Granada (a 1507, dsp)
  m. Anne Widvile (dau of Richard Widvile, 1st Earl Rivers, widow of Lord Bourchier, m3 George, Earl of Kent)
  C. Henry Wingfield (d 1500, rector of Beaconsthorpe and/or Rendlesham)
  m. _ Paston
  D. Sir John Wingfield of Dunham Magna (d 1509, 2nd of the name)
  m. Margaret Doreward (dau/heir of Richard Doreward (or Durward) of Essex (son of the Speaker) by Joan, dau/coheir of Sir Roger Harsick of Southacre & the Dunhams)
  E. William Wingfield (dsp 04.12.1491, sewer to Henry VII)
  m. Joan Waldegrave (dau of Sir Thomas Waldegrave)
  F. Sir Robert Wingfield (dsps 18.03.1538, Deputy Governor of Calais, Ambassador, 7th son)
  m1. Eleanor Ramsbury or Ramsberrie (d before 05.05.1522)
  m2. Joan/Jane (widow of Thomas, Lord Clinton)
G. (Sir) Walter Wingfield (dsp)
  m. _Mackwilliam or MacWilliams
  Although Walter is shown as dsp, this is possibly the Walter (8th son) who had the following dau/heir by _ Fitzwilliam.
  i. Ann Wingfield
  m. Edmund Ashfeild of Suffolk
a. Bridget Ashfeild
  m. John Hart
  H. Lewis Wingfield of Southampton (a 1525)
  m. Margaret Noone (dau of Henry Noone of Martlesham & Shelfhanger)
  I. Edmund/Edmond/Edward Wingfield of Stowlangtofte, Suffolk (d before 17.05.1530, Captain) had issue
  m. Margaret Wentworth (dau of Henry Wentworth of Codham Hall, widow of John Ashfield of Stowlangtoft)
  i. John Wingfield mentioned in Visitation (Norfolk)
a. Richard Wingfield
  J. Sir Richard Wingfield of Kimbolton Castle (d 1525)
  m1. (sp) Katherine Wydeville (dau of Richard de Wydeville, 1st Earl Rivers)
  m2. Bridget Wiltshire (dau/heir of Sir John Wiltshire of Stone Castle)
  K. Sir Humphrey Wingfield of Brantham Hall (d 23.10.1545, Speaker of House of Commons)
  m. Anne Wiseman (dau of Simon Wiseman of Great Canfield, widow of Sir Gregory Edgar of Brantham Hall)
  L. Anne Wingfield (a 08.1500
  m. John Eckingham of Barsham
  M. Katherine Wingfield (d 1525)
  m. Robert Brewes of Little Wenham (d 1513)
N. Elizabeth Wingfield (2nd of the name)
  m. Francis Hall of Grantham
  O.+ other issue - Sir Thomas (dsp Bosworth 22.08.1485), Elizabeth (nun)
2. Sir Robert Wingfield (dsp before 23.11.1481)
  m. Anne Harling (d 1498, dau/heir of Sir Robert Harling of East Harling, widow of Sir William Chamberlain of East Harling, she m3. John Scrope, Lord of Bolton)
3. Sir Thomas Wingfield (dsp by 1474, 4th son)
  m1. Mary Clifford (dau of Sir Roger Clifford)
m2. Philipa Tiptoft (dau of John Tiptoft, 1st Lord, widow of Thomas, Lord Roos, she m3. Edward Grimston)
4. Sir Henry Wingfield of Orford, Suffolk (d before 06.05.1494)
  m1. Alice ("almost certainly daughter of John Harte", widow of George Seckford of Hackford Hall)
  m2. Elizabeth Rokes (dau of Richard (probably not Robert) Rokes of Fawley)
  A. Thomas Wingfield (Captain of Deal Castle, MP)
  B. Robert Wingfield of Upton (a 1562)
  m. Margery Quarles (dau of John Quarles of Ufford)
5. Anthony Wingfield of Glossop
  m. Mary Duke (dau of John Duke)
6. Elizabeth Wingfield
  m. Sir William Brandon (a 1497)
7. Anne Wingfield
  m. John Framlingham of Crow's Hall in Debenham
8. Katherine Wingfield
  m. John Bonvyle
9.+ other issue - Richard (dsp 1509/10), William (dsp before 29.08.1510), Alice (d unm), Margaret (d unm)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Powerscourt), Commoners (vol 2, Wingfield of Tickencote), Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Wingfield of Wingfield and Letheringham), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Wingfield), Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1613, Wingfeild)
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