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Families covered: Sunderland of Ackton, Sunderland of Bradley, Sunderland of Fetherston, Sunderland of High Sunderland, Sunderland of Whittington

Abraham or Richard Sunderland of Sunderland, Yorkshire
Dugdale names him Richard in his entry on 'Sunderland of Harden' but Abraham in the entry on 'Sunderland of Aykton'. In the latter, his wife is shown as ...
m. Judith Oldfeild (dau of Thomas Oldfeild)
1. Richard Sunderland of Sunderland the first mentioned in FMG
  m1. Mary Moore (dau of Robert Moore of Midgeley)
  A. Abraham Sunderland
In 'Sunderland of Harden', Dugdale shows that Alexander dsp but in 'Sunderland of Aykton' as married as follows. FMG mentions both views.
  m. Susan Waterhouse (dau of Raphe Waterhouse of Burstall)
  i. son (d young)
  m2. Agnes or Anne Rishworth (dau of John Rishworth or Rushworth of Riddlesden)
B. Richard Sunderland of High Sunderland & Copley (bur 25.06.1634)
  m. Susan Saltonstall (dau of Sir Richard Saltonstall, Lord Mayor of London)
  i. Abraham Sunderland of High Sunderland & Coley (d 25.03.1644)
  m. Elizabeth Langdale (dau of Peter Langdale of Beverley & Santon, sister of Lord Marmaduke)
a. Langdale Sunderland of Fetherston & Aykton (b c1621, d 11/12.1698, Captain)
  m1. Elizabeth Thornhill (dau Thomas Thornhill of Fixby)
  (1) Abraham Sunderland of Ackton (b 1649-54, dvp bur 09.1673)
  (2) Brian Sunderland of Ackton (b c1653)
m1. Ann Appleyard (dau of Sir Matthew Appleyard, Bart)
  (A) Peter Sunderland of Fetherston
  m. Ann Thornhill (dau of Thomas Thornhill of Burnham Market)
  (i) Anne Sunderland (bpt 05.12.1711, bur 28.08.1749)
  m1. John Wordsworth
  m2. Thomas Sunderland @@ below
  (ii) Susanna Sunderland (b c1719, d 08.12.1783)
  m1. John Wormald 'of Wakefield & Batley'
m2. William Todd (b 1705-6, d 1761)
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - Richard (bpt 13.10.1708), Peter (d young), Jane
  m2. Susan Adams of Rawcliffe
  (B) John Sunderland of Doncaster
  m. Mary Thompson (dau of Sir Stephen Thompson of York)
  (i) Mary Sunderland
m. Samuel Foley (Colonel)
  (ii) Catherine Sunderland
  m. Sir George Cooke of Wheatley, Bart (d 1756)
  (C)+ other issue - Mary, Elizabeth, Susan
  (3)+ other issue (d young) - Richard, Marmaduke
  m2. Elizabeth Hippon of Fetherston (bur 26.02.1706/7)
  (5) Samuel Sunderland of Badsworth then Bradley in Kildwick (b 1681-2, d 05.1742, youngest son?)
  m. Elizabeth Jenkinson (dau of Samuel Jenkinson of Hodgwick (Hodsoke))
  (A) Langdale Sunderland of Bradley
  m. Elizabeth Foster (dau of Henry Foster of Urkerby, widow of Thomas Burdon of Burdon)
  (i)+ 2 sons (d infant)
  (B) John Sunderland of Whittington (bpt 15.01.1710-1, d 15.11.1782)
m. Mary Rawlinson (dau/heir of Thomas Rawlinson of Whittington Hall)
  (i) Thomas Sunderland of Whittington (a 1804)
  m. Ann Dixon of Beckbank Milham (d 07.04.1809)
  (a) John Sunderland (b 21.12.1769)
  m. (17.12.1800) Ann King (dau of Edward King of Askham Hall)
  (b) Mary Sunderland (b 11.08.1772, dsp 19.07.1807)
  m. (03.10.1804) Hon. William Lumley
  (c) Ann Sunderland (b 02.06.1776)
  m. (29.07.1799) (Henry) Askew (rector of Greystock)
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas (b 25.05.1774), Eleonora (b 28.02.1771)
  (ii) Judith Sunderland (b 05.1741)
m. Edward Gregge Hopwood of Chambre
  (iii) Elizabeth Sunderland (b 16.01.1735)
  m. Thomas Dennison of Leeds
  (C) Richard Sunderland of London (bpt 26.05.1712)
  m. Rebecca Duel of Wiltshire
  (i) Elizabeth Sunderland (b 05.12.1747, d 26.03.1796)
  m. (16.11.1765) Sir Joseph Pickford, later Radcliffe, Bart (b 1744, d 19.02.1819)
  (D) Thomas Sunderland of Bigland, Lancashire
m1. Ann Sunderland (dau of Peter Sunderland) @@ above
  (i) Mary Sunderland (b 03.1748)
  m. _ Askew (rector of North Cadbury)
  (ii)+ other issue - Samuel (b 1749), Ann (b 1746)
  m2. Mary Fox (dau of John Fox of Whitehaven, widow of Thomas Bigland of Bigland)
  (iv) Elizabeth Sunderland
  m1. (sp) _ Russel of London
  m2. _ Peake of Edensor
  (v) Sarah Sunderland (b 13.11.1762)
  m. Thomas (sb Joseph) Tiffin Senhouse of Calder Abbey
  (vi)+ other issue - Peter (b 1754), Langdale (d young), John (b 1761)
(E) Olivia Sunderland
  m. Thomas Sayle
  (F) Catherine Sunderland
  m. (08.07.1743) William Barraclough of Rogerthorpe
  (G)+ other issue (dsp) - Peter (d young), Elizabeth, Penelope, Mary, Susanna
  (6) Judith Sunderland (bpt 09.04.1674)
  m. (11.06.1695) John Stanhope of Grimston
  (7) Elizabeth Sunderland
  m. _ Coates of Pontefract
  (8)+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Susanna
  b. Ann Sunderland (d unm)
  ii. Samuel Sunderland of Halifax and/or Harden (b c1598, d 02.1676-7)
m. Ann Waterhouse (dau of Edward Waterhouse of Priestley)
  iii. Peter Sunderland of Fairweather Green, Halifax (b c1604, d(sp?) 24.12.1677, 5th son)
  m1/2. Mary Buck (dau of Richard or William Buck of Bradford)
  m2/1. Grace Buck (dau of Laurence Buck)
  FMG reports that "accounts vary as to which of these was the first wife. However, the second survived him & mar. 8. Oct. 1678 Mr Shuttleworth of Clitheroe". Dugdale reports only Mary Buck.
  iv. Susan Sunderland
  m. William Beilby of Micklethwaite Grange
  v. Mary Sunderland (d 16.01.1673)
  m. (28.01.1629) Edward Parker of Browsholme (b 1602, d 1667)
  vi.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Robert (d 19.01.1623), Judith (b c1604, d unm)
  C. Agnes Sunderland
  m. Robert Dean
  D. Jennet Sunderland
  m. Robert Hemingway

Main source(s): FMG (vol 2, Sunderland, MS264), Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, 'Sunderland of Harden' & 'Sunderland of Aykton')
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