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Families covered: Strode of Boterford, Strode of Chalmington, Strode (Strowde) of Newnham Park, Strode of Plympton, Strowde of Strowde
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BLG reports that the Strodes were at their manor at Strode in the time of King Henry III (1216-1272). In the time of Henry IV (1399-1413), Sir John Strode of Strode married the heiress of nearby Newnham Park (Devon) and the family moved to that estate.
Reginald Strowde of Strowde in Ernington, Devon
m. Florence
1. John Strowde of Strowde
  m. Melior Newnam (dau/coheir of Simon Newnam of Newnam)
A. John Strowde of Newnham
  m. Joane Burley of Clanacombe
  i. Richard Strowde of Newnham (a 10.1464)
  m. Margaret Fortescue (dau of Henry Fortescue of Wood)
  a. William Strowde of Newnham (dsp 18.03.1518)
  m1. Alice Gibbs (dau of _ Gibbs of Venton)
  m2. Agnes Worth (dau of Thomas Worth of Washfield)
m3. Joane Strowde of Dorset
  b. Richard Strowde of Plympton
  m. Joan Pennalls (dau/heir of Ellis Pennalls of Plympton)
  (1) Richard Strowde or Strode of Newnham (d 05.12.1552) - continued below
  m. Agnes Milliton (d 1553, dau of John Milliton of Meavy)
  (2) Alice Strowde
  m. Francis Stretchleigh
  ii. Elizabeth Strowde (dsp)
  m. John Ryke of Denbury



Richard Strowde or Strode of Newnham 'of Meavy' (d 05.12.1552) - continued above
m. Agnes Milliton (d 1553, dau of John Milliton of Meavy)
1. Sir William Strode of Newnham (b 16.06.1504, d 05.05.1579)
  m. (25.10.1523) Elizabeth Courtenay (dau of Sir Philip Courtenay of Lough Torr (son of Philip of Molland) by Joan, dau of Sir Richard Fowhill of Fowhillscombe)
  A. Richard Strode of Newnham (b 22.05.1528, d 05.08.1581)
  m. Frances Cromwell (dau of George, Lord Cromwell)
  i. Sir William Strode of Newnham, Sheriff of Devon (b 01.02.1561, d 27.06.1637)
m1. (18.07.1581) Mary Southcott (bur 24.02.1617-8, dau of Thomas Southcott of Bovey Tracey)
  a. Sir Richard Strode of Newnham, Chalmington & Parnham (Dorset) (b 25.06.1584, bur 09.10.1669, MP)
  m1. Catherine Strode (dau of Sir Robert Strode of Parnham)
  (1) Elizabeth Strode
  m. John Newbury of Maiden Newton
  (2) Frances Strode (a 1644)
m. Robert Savery of Slade
  (3) Katherine Strode
  m2. Elizabeth Earle (bur 29.06.1652, dau of Thomas Earle of Charborough)
  (4) Sir William Strode of Newnham (a 12.1660)
  m1. Ann Button (dau of Sir Francis William Button of Parkgate)
  (A) Richard Strode (of Newnham?) (bpt 11.04.1638, a 1694, d unm),
(B) Elizabeth Strode (bpt 03.10.1641)
  m. Joseph Maynard of Tavistock (son of Sir John)
  (C)+ 2 daughters
  m2. (19.10.1647) Blanche Kekewich (bur 09.11.1665, dau of William Kekewich of Catchfrench)
  (E) Sidney Strode (of Plympton?) (b 10.12.1655, bur 07.03.1711-2, 4th son)
  m. Thomasine (bur 06.07.1689)
  (i) Sidney Strode (of Newnham?) (bpt 02.12.1684, bur 26.01.1720-1)
  m. (28.02.1717-8) Ann Trevanion (bur 17.09.1723, dau of Sir Nicholas Trevanion)
  (a) William Strode of Newnham (bpt 16.11.1718, dsp unm bur 27.10.1767)
  BLG1952 reports that William Strode of Newnham (who d unm 27.07.1767) was the last of his line who was succeeded by Richard Strode of Boterford shown below
(ii) William Strode (bpt 15.02.1688-9, bur 17.02.1688-9)
  (F) Charles Strode (6th son)
  m. Mary
  (i) Jane Strode (b 31.05.1679)
  (G)+ other issue - William (dsp bur 16.11.1718), Francis (bpt 21.08.1654, bur 29.10.1675), John (bpt 22.03.1661-2, bur 09.06.1663)
  (5) Mary Strode
  m1. Edward Stockman of Purpite
  m2. George Kekewich of Catchfrench
  (6) daughter
m. Hugh Stowell of Harrobere
  (7) Elizabeth Strode
  m1. John Harbin of Yeovil
  m2. (21.05.1684) Richard Mallock
  (8) daughter
  m1. _ Northcott
  m2. John Willoughby of Payhembury
  (9) Dionysia Strode (bur 25.11.1679)
  m. Sir John Drake, 1st Bart of Ashe (b c1619, bur 07.07.1669)
  m3. Anne Drake (dau of Sir John Drake of Ashe)
(10) Joseph (aka John) Strode of Chalmington (a 1669, dsp?)
  (11) Susan Strode
  m. Hugh Chudleigh of Ashton or Westminster
  b. William Strode of Meavy Church (bpt 06.11.1594, d unm before 10.09.1645, of the Inner temple, MP)
  c. John Strode of Tavistock (a 1644) had issue
  d. Mary Strode (bpt 30.07.1586, a 1644)
  m. Sir George Chudleigh, 1st Bart of Ashton (d 1657)
  e. Joanna Strode
  m1. (c10.1615/1626) Sir Francis Drake, 1st Bart of Buckland Monachorum (d 11.03.1637)
m2. (21.08.1639) John Trefusis 'of Milor' of Trefusis
  f. Ursula Strode (bur 09.07.1635)
  m. Sir John Chichester of Hall (b 10.12.1598, d 24.09.1669)
  g. Frances Strode
  m. (06.01.1606-7) Sir Samuel Somaster
  h. Juliana Strode (d 14.05.1627)
  m. Sir John Davie, 1st Bart of Creedy (bur 13.10.1654)
  There seems to be some confusion as to which of the youngest daughters, Margaret & Elizabeth, married which man. Vivian shows as follows.
  i. Margaret Strode (a 1644)
  m. (by 1623) Sir John Yonge (of Stetscome), 1st Bart of Colliton (bpt 02.10.1603, bur 26.08.1663)
  j. Elizabeth Strode
  m. Edmond Speccot of Anderdon
Vivian identifies William's 2nd wife as Dunes, dau of Stephen Vosper, but she was ...
  m2. (31.03.1624) Dewnes Glanville (dau of Nicholas Glanville of Tavistock, widow of Andrew Vosper)
  B. John Strode (bur 24.11.1610)
  m. (sp) Honor Speccott
  C. William Strode 'of Holberton' of Carswell, Devon
  m. Joane Darte of Barstable
  i. Adam Strode of Carswell (bur 29.11.1666)
  m. Ursula Bruton (bur 23.11.1657, dau of William Bruton of Exeter)
  a. Joan Strode (bpt 15.03.1625-6)
  m. (22.05.1662) Matthew Roope of Southmolton
b.+ other issue - Reinold (b 1617), John (bpt 20.03.1630-1, bur 31.12.1639), Elizabeth (bur 09.10.1656), Mary, Ellinor, Juliana (bpt 22.12.1628)
  ii. Sampson Strode of Bolbeton (bur 23.07.1654)
  a. Johan Strode (a 1654)
  m. (10.12.1646) Thomas Drake (d by 1654)
  b. Agnes Strode (a 1654)
  m. Thomas Pollexfen
  iii. Julia Strode
  m. John Colquite of Fowey
  D. Philip Strode (bur 06.1605)
  m. (c04.1596) Wilmot Houghton (dau of William Houghton of Houghton Towers, m2. William Bond of Holewood)
  i.+ issue - William (bpt 11.01.1602-3), Richard (bpt 21.04.1603), Mary (bpt 25.07.1599)
  E. Samson (Sampson) Strode, Canon of Exeter (b 19.05.1552, d 1631)
  BLG1863 & 1886 identify Samson as Sir William's 10th son, Vivian as the 6th son.
  m. Joan Edgcumbe (dau of John Edgcumbe of Ugborough or Leigh)
  i. son (dvp)
  ii. William Strode of Ugborough (b 1592, bur 02.04.1678)
  m. Frances (d 10/11.1654)
  a. William Strode had issue
  m. (03.05.1682) Sophia Fortescue (bur 08.02.1686-7, dau of John Fortescue of Brixton)
  b. John Strode of London (d before 02.11.1716)
  (1) George Strode of Dittisham (b 1698, d 04.03.1720)
m. (05.01.1709) Grace Full (d 1761, dau of John Full)
  (A) William Strode of Boterford-in-North-Huish (b 02.03.1710, d 01.1764)
  m. (23.03.1735) Mary Anne Cholwich (dau of William Cholwich)
  (i) Richard Strode of Boterford & Newnham Park (b 23.06.1750, d 1790)
m. (02.06.1772) Admonition Lear (dau of Thomas Lear of Sandwell)
  (a) William Strode of Newnham Park (d unm 1802)
  (b) Richard Strode of Newnham Park (b 1777, d 25.03.1819, Rev)
  m. (14.01.1811) Harriet Rogers (d 06.04.1847, dau of Sir Frederick Rogers, 5th Bart)
  ((1))+ issue (d young) - Harriet, Jane, Maria Admonition, Florence
  (c) George Strode of Newnham Park, Sheriff of Devon (b 19.11.1780, d 02.05.1857) had issue
  m. (12.09.1821) Dorothea Bird Symons (d 24.10.1862, dau of William Symons of Chaddlewood)
  (d) Thomas Lear Strode (d unm)
  (e) Mary Anne Strode
  m. (02.07.1804) John Arscott of Plympton
  (f) Admonition Strode
  m. John Valentine Hewlett
  (ii)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
(B) Joan Strode
  m. Joseph Woodland of Tornisham
  (2) Alice Strode
  c.+ 5 daughters including Alice (but 29.08.1655), Grace (bpt 20.03.1648-9), Anne (bur 09.01.1650-1)
  iii.+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  F. Thomas Strode had issue
  m. Jane Foot
  G. Agnes Strode (bur 17.11.1586)
  m. Edward Yard
H. Katherine Strode
  m. George Whyte of Essex
  I. Mary Strode
  m1. Thomas Prestwood of Whitford & Baterford (son of Thomas of Exon (Exeter))
  m2. Nicholas Martyn
  J. Joan Strode
  m. Stephen Vaughan
  K. Elizabeth Strode (d 1632)
  m. Walter Hele of Gnaton in Holberton
  L.+ other issue including Arthur (dsp)
2. Elizabeth Strode
  m. John Crocker (a 1548)
3. Cicely Strode
  m. Thomas Fortescue of Wimpston
4. Sarah Strode
  m. Edward Calmady
5.+ other issue - Francis, Richard

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