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Families covered: Fortescue of Winston (Wimston)

Vivian (Devon) reports that the following Sir Richard "acquired the name of Fort Escu, or strong shield, through having protected the Conqueror with his shield at the battle of Hastings." BE1883 describes him as "a person of extraordinary strength and courage".
Sir Richard le Fort (a 1066)
1. Sir Adam Fortescue
  A. Ralph (or Adam) Fortescue (a 1155)
  Vivian (Cornwall) names both this generation and his son as Adam. Provisionally, we give precedence to Vivian (Devon) as that was produced after Vivian (Cornwall).
  i. Richard (or Adam) Fortescue
  a. William Fortescue
  BE1883 starts 'properly' with the following Sir John of Winston but shows him as son of Adam and father of Richard father of William father of the William who married Elizabeth/Isabella Beauchamp. We follow Vivian in showing some additional intervening generations.
  (1) Sir John Fortescue of Winston, Devon (a 1208)
  Vivian identifies the seat of Sir John and his successors as Wymondston, Wymston, Wimpstone or similar which appear not to appear in Devon today. The other sources tend to use "Winston" which does appear in Devon today, so we use that.
  (A) Richard Fortescue of Winston (a 1252)
  (i) Sir Adam Fortescue
  (a) Sir Adam Fortescue (a 1301)
  ((1)) Adam Fortescue
  m. Anna de la Port (dau/coheir of William de la Port of Old Port)
  ((A)) William Fortescue of Winston (a 1359)
  m. Alice Strechleigh (dau of Walter Strechleigh)
((i)) William Fortescue of Winston
  William is the first to be mentioned by BP1934 (Fortescue) and, apart from noting that he was lineally descended from Sir Adam son of Sir Richard le Forte, also the first mentioned by Commoners (Fortescue of Fallapit). BE1883 identifies his wife Elizabeth (or Isabella) as sister of Thomas Beauchamp, Lord of Kyme, and daughter of Richard, Earl of Warwick and Albemarle. It appears that BE1883 confused Ryme with Kyme.
  m. Elizabeth or Isabella Beauchamp (a 1394, dau of Sir John Beauchamp, sister/coheir of Thomas of Ryme, widow of Richard Branscombe)
  ((a)) William Fortescue of Winston - continued below
  m. Mabella Fowell (dau of John Fowell)
  ((b)) Sir John Fortescue, Captain & Governor of Meaux (a 1424)
  m. Eleanor Norreis (dau of William Norreis)
  ((B))+ other issue - Richard, Nicholas (a 1359)
  (2) Sir Richard Fortescue (a 1199)
  m. Yamenia (a 1199)
  (3) Sir Nicholas Fortescue



William Fortescue of Winston - continued above
m. Mabella (or Isabella) Fowell (dau of John Fowell)
1. John Fortescue of Winston (MP)
  m. Jane/Joan Preston (d 23.05.1501, dau/heir of John Preston of Preston)
A. John Fortescue of Winston (b by 1451, d 22.05.1519)
  m. Isabella Gibbs (dau of John Gibbs or Gibbes (probably not Thomas Gibbons) of Fenton)
  i. Thomas Fortescue of Winston (b 1489-50, a 1554)
  m. Florence Bonville (dau of John Bonville of Combraleigh or Camraly)
  a. Thomas Fortescue of Winston (dvp)
  m. Cicely Strode (dau of (Sir) Thomas (or Richard) Strode of Newnham)
  (1) Jane/Joane Fortescue
  m. Edmond Babington of Wyke
  b. William Fortescue of Moorelegh or Moreley
  m. Katherine Walsh (d before 08.02.1580-1, dau of John Walsh, baron of the Exchequer)
  (1) Katherine Fortescue (a 1581)
m. _ Pawlett
  c. Henry Fortescue of Winston (d 01.12.1587)
m. Joan Bright (dau of Robert Bright, widow of John Chichester of Raleigh)
  (1) Thomas Fortescue (b c1565, d 09.03.1604-5)
  m. (c10.1579) Anne Amerideth (dau of Edward Amerideth of Slapton)
  (A) Edward Fortescue (b c02.1586-7, d c1631)
m. Elizabeth Bruton (dau of William Bruton of Heavitree)
  (i) John Fortescue
  d. Agnes Fortescue named Aquila by Commoners
  m. Robert Ayshford or Ashford of Wonnel
  e. Elizabeth Fortescue
  m. John Barnhouse of Kingston
  f. Isabella Fortescue
  m. Anthony Honeychurch or Honichurch (d 1573)
  g. Joan/Johanna Fortescue
  m. Walter Heale of Cornwood named William by Commoners
ii. John Fortescue
  iii. Margaret Fortescue
  m. John Cole
  iv. Jane Fortescue
  m. (1480) John Hext of Staverton
  v. Joan/Johanna Fortescue
  m1. Thomas Cotterell of Washbourne
  m2. John Prideaux of Orcharton
  m3. Richard Troublefield
  B. William Fortescue of Preston (d 01.02.1519-20)
  m. Elizabeth Champernon (dau/coheir of Richard Champernon)
  C. John Fortescue of Spridlestone or Spirelston
  m. Alice Cookworthy (dau of John Cookworthy)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Fortescue) with some support from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Fortescue), BE1883 (Fortescue of Clermont), Commoners (vol 2, Fortescue of Fallapit)
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