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Families covered: Prideaux of Prideaux

(1) For the early generations in his work on Devon, Vivian spells the name of this family "Predieux" then "Pridias". However, in his work on Cornwall he uses the more traditional spelling of Prideaux (as does Commoners).
(2) Commoners (vol I, Prideaux-Brune of Place) suggests that the following Paganus was "Lord of Prideaux, before the Conquest". Commoners (vol IV) suggests that he came into England with William the Conqueror. Vivian reports that he was Lord of Prideaux "in the Conqueror's time" (Cornwall) and "in the Conquest time" (Devon).
Paganus de Prideaux of Prideaux Castle, Cornwall
1. (Sir) Richard Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1122)
  A. (Sir) Baldwin Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1165)
  i. Nicholas Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1199 (probably not 1169))
  a. Richard Prideaux of Prideaux this generation omitted by Commoners
(1) Richard Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1250)
  (A) Baldwin Prideaux of Prideaux
  (i) (Sir) Thomas Prideaux of Prideaux
  m. Jane Bodrigan (dau of Philip Bodrigan or Bodrygan)
  (a) Robert Prideaux of Prideaux
  ((1)) Jeffrey (Galfrid) Prideaux of Prideaux
((A)) Roger Prideaux of Prideaux
  m. Alice Bodiford (dau of Sir Richard Bodiford)
  ((i)) Richard Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1329-30) - continued below
  m. Cicilia de Rupe (dau of Otto de Rupe, alias Roche)
  (b) Godfrey Prideaux
  (ii) Reynolds Prideaux mentioned by Commoners
  (B) Geoffrey Prideaux
  m1. Isabella Orcharton (d 1249, dau/heir of John de Orcharton)
  m2. Nichola de Bray (dau of Ingelgram de Bray)
  (C) Sir Reginald Pridias or Prideaux
  Reginald is shown (in Vivian's work on Devonshire) connected to the family by a dotted line, implying that his connection is not certain.
  (i) Sir Thomas Prideaux (d by 1311)
  m. Rose (a 1345)
  (a) Geoffrey Prideaux of Truro (b c1264, d before 1347)
  ((1)) Thomas Prideaux of Truro (d before 28.08.1347)
m. Margaret Pedicrue (dau of Thomas Pedicrue, m2. John Mancroun)
  ((A)) Thomas Prideaux (dsp before 1367)
  m1. Grace
  m2. Isabella FitzWilliam (dau of John FitzWilliam, m2. Reginald de Mohun)
  ((2)) Robert Prideaux of Newnham (d before 01.1371)
  m. Margery (a 1371)
  ((A)) John Prideaux
  ((3)) Reginald Prideaux
  ((A)) Ralph Prideaux (a 1377)
  b. Hickadon or Herden or Herdon Prideaux shown here by Commoners
  m. _ Orcharton (dau/heir of Ralph Orcharton of Orcharton)
2. Phillip Prideaux



Richard Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1329-30) - continued above
m. Cicilia de Rupe (dau of Otto de Rupe or Rupo or Roche)
1. Richard Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1345-6)
  m. Agnes Bevil (dau of Ralph Bevil of Trevakin or Treverbian)
  A. Richard Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1374-5) this generation omitted by Commoners
  m. Jane
  i. Richard Prideaux of Prideaux (d 1387-8)
  m. Margery Collan (dau of John Collan of Collan or Callan)
  a. Jane Prideaux
  m. Philip Arvos (or Arvas or Arras)
  Through this marriage Prideaux passed into the Arvos family and later into the Hearle (Herle) family.

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Herle of Prideaux Herle), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Prideaux of Prideaux) with some support from Commoners (vol IV, Prideaux of Luson), Visitation (Devon, 1620, Predieux-Herle)
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