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Families covered: Bodrugan of Bodrugan (Bodrigan of Bodrigan), Bodrugan of St. Endellion

(1) 'Baronies in Fee' (Banks, vol 2 (1853), p48), which provided little of substance for the following, reports that "The name of Bodrigan, or Bodrugan, is very ancient, and is said to to derived from a manor so denominated in the county of Cornwall." We keep to 'Bodrugan' as that seems the most used after the 13th century.
(2) Our first effort on this family resulted in a Draft page, released on 24.04.13, that was based on data found in various web sites. Those sites disagreed with each other and were often quite confused with, for example, some people being shown as born some years after their father died. We recorded our suspicion that "this is one of those families who had overlapping generations, with some generations producing successors when young whilst others did not have issue until they were older, and with some people living long whilst others died young." For releasing the page into 'the database proper', we have redone the page using Maclean's work. Other than TCP, which provides little on the family, that is the only traditional-type source we have found so far that focuses on the family. We have left in some of the data dug out from various web sites in 2013 but show it in italics where it is not supported by Maclean or another 'traditional source' such as TCP, MGH or HoP.
Henry de Bodrugan of St. Endellion, Cornwall
1. Henry de Bodrugan of St. Endellion & Pendron, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1227, d 1237) the first mentioned by Maclean
  m. Lucy
  A. Henry de Bodrugan of St. Endellion & Pendron (a 1241, d 1253) probably son of Henry
  m. Juliana de Cardinham (dau of Robert de Cardinham by Isabella, dau of Robert FitzWilliam)
  i. Sir Philip de Bodrugan of Bodrugan (d 1283)
  Maclean shows Philip as father of Sir Henry (a 1283), Sir William & Jane. Although we are generally following Maclean's work, we are not convinced that he was correct. Some web sites show Philip as father of Sir Roger father of Sir Henry (a 1283). Others insert yet another generation, a Roger who dvp, between Sir Roger & Sir Henry with some identifying Sir Henry's mother as Isolde or Iseult de Pyn (m2. Henry de Pomeroy, m3. William Damarell) whilst other sites identify her as his step-mother. We compromise in noting that there may have been one intervening Roger.
m. Roslyn or Rosea, heiress of Endellion
  a. Roger de Bodrugan possible intervening generation
  (1) Sir Henry de Bodrugan (a 1283)
  Other than to identify him as "s. and h. of Sir Henry B. who was living 1283", TCP ('Bodrigan') starts with ...
(A) Henry de Bodrugan or Bodrigan of Bodrugan (d 01.1308/9) the first mentioned by MGH
  Maclean & TCP report that Henry was summoned to Parliament but had already died before the writ was issued. Had he attended Parliament he would probably have been termed a parliamentary Baron rather than just a feudal baron.
  m. (before 26.10.1288) Sibella de Mandeville (b c1264, d by 1308, sister/heir of Walter de Mandeville, widow of Piers le Power, dau/heir of Walter de Mandeville by Alice, dau of Hugh Gifford by Sybil de Cormeilles)
  (i) Sir Otes or Otho or Otto de Bodrugan or Bodrigan of Bodrugan (b 06.01.1289/90, d before 10.11.1331)
  Maclean & TCP identify Sir Otes's wife as Margaret. She is widely identified (including by MGH) as ...
m. Margaret Champernowne (a 1340, dau of Sir William Champernowne of Clist Champernowne)
  TCP mentions just 2 sons for Sir Otes, Henry & William. Maclean shows Otho also, which is supported by HoP ('William 1 Bodrugan of Markwell') which reports that Otho "left three sons, none of them produced legitimate male children" and identifies Sir Otto (d 1331) as grandfather of that William, illegitimate son of Otto (d 1389).
(a) Henry de Bodrugan or Bodrigan (b c1310?, dspm c11.1331)
  TCP reports that Henry died "3 weeks after his father, and before he had obtained seizin." MGH, supported by various web sites, appears to confuse Henry with his father, showing him as father of William, Otho & Nicholas. However, TCP confirms that Henry dspm (whilst the Whalesborough records show him as dsp). TCP identifies Henry's wife as Isabel. She is widely identified, including by MGH, as ...
m. (before 13.01.1328) Isabel Whalesborough (dau of Sir William de Whalesborough of Whalesborough, m2. Henry Willington)
  (b) Sir William de Bodrugan or Bodrigan of Bodrugan, Sheriff of Cornwall (b 02.09.1311, a 1403, dsp by 1420!)
  m. Juliana Stonor (dau of Sir John Stonor by Matilda de Lisle) named by MGH & various web sites
  ((1)) Elizabeth Bodrugan
  Maclean shows Elizabeth as dau of William's brother Henry. MGH, supported by HoP ('Sir Richard Cergeaux (Sergeux)'), shows this Elizabeth as Sir William's daughter.
  m. Sir Richard Sergeaux or Cergeaux of Colquite
(c) Sir Otho de Bodrugan or Bodrigan of Bodrugan, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1315?, d 01.09.1389)
  HoP ('William Bodrugan of Markwell') identifies Sir Otho as uncle of the Elizabeth who married Sir Richard Sergaux. Maclean identifies Otho's wife, and mother of Johanna, as Johanna, dau/coheir of John St. Aubyn, but the dates suggest that she married a later Otho Bodrugan. We follow MGH in identifying this Otho's wife as ...
  m. Joan Trelausard (dau of William Trelausard) family name given as Tielausen by some web sites
  ((1)) Johanna Bodrugan (b c1359, d 1428 or 1433)
  m1. (Sir) John Trevaygon (dsp)
m2. Ralph Trenouth or Trenoweth
  Parts of the Bodrugan estates passed into the Trenouth (Trenewith) family, some members of which assumed the name Bodrugan.
  m3. Sir John Trevarthian (b c1360, a 1396)
  m4. Robert Hill of Hunston (judge)
  partner unknown
  ((2)) William Bodrugan of Markwell, Sheriff of Cornwall? (a 1420, dsp?, MP) mentioned by HoP
  (d) Joan Bodrugan (d 05.06.1349) probably of this generation
m. Sir John de Whalesborough of Whalesborough (b c1315, d 1362)
  (e) Sibel Bodrugan possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Richard de Cornwall of Burford (b 1313, d 1343)
  (ii) Nicholas Bodrugan mentioned by MGH
  (a) Anne Bodrugan
  m. Sir John Cole of Nythway
  (iii) Johanna Bodrugan probably of this generation
  m. Henry Champernon (d 1330)
  (iv) Margaret or Margery Bodrugan shown here by some web sites
  m. John Antron SEE PAYNTER1
(2) William de Bodrugan (d c1307) mentioned by Banks as uncle of the Henry who m. Sibylla de Maundeville
  b. Sir William de Bordrigan (d 1308)
  Maclean shows that William dsp. Provisionally, we assume that "dsp" should have read "dspm" and agree with some web sites, but not others, in identifying this as the William who is shown by Visitation (Vivian, Cornwall, p507) as having the following family.
  m. Felicia
  (1) Felicia Bodrugan 
  m. Andrew Trevelyan
  c. Jane Bodrugan
  m. Sir Thomas Prideaux
  ii. (Johanna) Bodrugan
  m. (30.04.1241) Alan Bloyou
  iii.+ other issue - William (a 1296, Archdeacon of Cornwall), Reginald (d 1302), Roger (a 1266, dsp)



We presume that the following Ottys was connected to the above family in some way.
Ottys Bodrugan
1. John Bodrugan (heir)
  A. John Bodrugan (heir)
  i. Christian Bodrugan (heir)
  m. Walter Stebbing
  Some of their descendants were referred to as "alias Bodrugan". They had a great-great-grandson, Nicholas Adams (MP), who was born by 1521.

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor' (Sir John Maclean, vol 1 (1873), 'Parish of St. Endellion', 'Pedigree of Bodrigan', p554+) with just a little support from MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876, #XIII, March 1870), p234+) & TCP ('Bodrigan') and other input/support as reported above
(2) For lower section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Adams of Tunstall')
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