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Families covered: Poulton of Bourton, Poulton of Desborough

John Poulton of Desborough, Northamptonshire
m. Jane (d 1452, dau/heir of Richard (Lord or lord?) of Desborough)
1. Thomas Poulton of Desborough
  m. Eleanor Mallory (dau of John Mallory of Newbold-upon-Avon)
  A. William Poulton of Desborough (d 1522-3?)
  m. Margery Tregian (dau of John Tregian)
  i. Martin Poulton of Desborough (d 1516-7)
  a. Giles Poulton of Desborough (d 1553, escheator) the first mentioned by Metcalfe
  m. Catherine Lovett (dau of Thomas Lovett of Astwell)
  (1) Martin Poulton of Desborough (d 1549)
m. Mary Osborne (dau of Morris Osborne of Kelmarsh)
  (A) Giles Poulton of Desborough (d 22.03.1557)
  m. Elena Fuller (sister/coheir of Andrew Fuller, relict of William Bradbury of Littlebury)
  (i) George Poulton of Desborough (b 1553, d 26.10.1598)
  Metcalfe shows George married twice, once being to an unnamed Wife (with a dotted line to a daughter, wife of Edward Bacon of Burton Latimer) and the other to a daughter of Isham. The Poulton site shows just the marriage to ...
  m. Elizabeth Isham (d 12.05.1584, dau of John Isham of Laneport)
  (a) John Poulton of Desborough (d 1641)
m. (01.06.1595) Frances Wollaston (dau of John Wollaston of Ruislip & Rossington)
  ((1)) George Poulton of Desborough (b 1594, d 1654)
  Metcalfe, working on the 1618-9 Visitation, ends showing George as father of Ferdinando by _ Moody. The Poulton site shows just the marriage in 1620 to Jane Hutchinson with Jane being mother of Ferdinand. Provisionally, we presume that the Poulton site omitted the earlier wife who died at the death of ...
  m1. _ Moody of Dorset
  ((A)) Ferdinand Poulton of Desborough (b by 1619, d by 1679)
  m. (28.01.1649) Mary Gifford (d 1674, dau of ?? Gifford of Black Ladies)
  ((i)) Ferdinand Poulton of Desborough (b 1651, d 1708)
  m. (29.06.1674) Juliana Garter (dau of Robert Garter of Brystock by Martha Jackman of Wing)
  ((a)) Robert Poulton of Desborough (dsp 1716, younger son?)
  ((b)) Ferdinand Poulton of Desborough (dsp 1728)
  ((c)) Martha Poulton
  m. Richard Wright of London (banker)
((d))+ other issue - Charles (d infant), George (b 1689, d 1739, jesuit), Giles (b 1694, d 1752, priest then jesuit), Thomas (b 1697, d 1749, jesuit), John (d 1748, priest), Andrew (dsp 1716), Frances (d 1753, nun), Mary Agnes (d 1745, nun)
  ((ii)) Mary Poulton
  m. William Saunders of Welford
  ((iii))+ other issue - Andrew (b 1654, d 1710, jesuit), Thomas (b 1656, d 01.104.1725, jesuit), Winefrid, Bridget, Catherine (d 1672), Elizabeth (d 1673, nun), Anne (d 1720, nun), Frances (d 1694, nun)
  m2. (1620) Jane Hutchinson (dau of Thomas Hutchinson of Owelthorpe by Jane, dau/coheir of ?? Sacheverell of Ratcliffe-on-Soar)
  ((B)) Giles Poulton of Samborn, Warwickshire (d 1688, younger son)
  m. Mary Reeve (dau of Francis Reeve of Samborn)
  ((i)) Francis Poulton of London (b 1680, d 1710, banker)
  m. Mary Coke (dau of John Coke of Witham by Anne Franess of Wolverhampton)
  ((a)) William Poulton of London (b 1706, d 1792, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Smith (dau of Robert Smith of Poolthorn)
  (((1)))+ issue - Alfred (d infant), Alfred Giles (b 13.04.1745), Ferdinand William (d 1750), John Francis (d 1752), Teresa/Eugenia (a 1768, nun), Mary Martha (d 1736), Mary Catherine (b 1739), Frances (d 1744), Frances (d 1748)
  ((b))+ other issue - Francis (d infant), John (d 1708), Anne (b 1709, d unm 1735)
  ((i)) Anne Poulton
  m1. Thomas Ireland of Samborn
  m2. Thomas Cutceth of Abram
  ((i))+ other issue - Giles (b 1674, d unm Melasso 18.10.1718, Captani), William (priest), Bridget (d 1715)
  ((C)) Anne Poulton
  m. Edward Lucy of Kingswoodbury
  ((D))+ other issue - Charles (d 1626), Giles (b c1624, d 1625), George (dsp 1712), Charles (d 1690, priest), Elizabeth, Mary (d 1624), Frances (d unm 1652)
  ((2)) Anne Poulton
m. Charles Thimbleby of Lindall
  ((3))+ other issue - Giles ( b 1600, d 20.11.1666, jesuit as 'Palmer'), Edward (b 1602, d 1630), Thomas (b 1603, d 1637, priest), Ferdinand (b 1605, d 06.05.1666, jesuit as 'Palmer'), John (b 1610, d 1657, jesuit as 'Palmer' or 'Coniers'), William (b 1613, d 27.09.1641, jesuit as 'Francis Palner'), Henry (b 1615, d 1640, jesuit as 'Mathew Palmer'), Elizabeth (b 1608)
  (b) Elizabeth Poulton (b 1578)
  m. (30.01.1598) Edward Bacon of Kettering
  (c)+ other issue - Giles (b 1580), Edward (b 1582, d 1583)
  (ii) Jane Poulton
  m. John (sb Thomas?) Brooke or Broke of Great Oakley
  (iii) Joane Poulton
  m. Henry Bradbury (son of William of Littlebury)
(B) William Poulton (jesuit)
  (2) Giles Poulton (d before 1543, 3rd son)
  m. Alice More (dau/coheir of Thomas More of Bourton by Anne Staffeton/Staverton of Berkshire)
  (A) Ferdinando Poulton of Bourton, Buckinghamshire (d 1617)
  m1. Anne Underhill (dau of Thomas Underhill of Nether Etington)
  (i) Anne Poulton
m. Alban Butler (d 1617)
  m2. Catherine Jackman (dau of William Jackman of Wing)
  (ii) Francis Poulton 'of Bourton' (2nd son)
  m. Anne Morgan
  (a)+ issue - Ferdinando (b 1601), Alexius, John, William (b 1615, d 1673, priest), daughter
  (iii) Martha Poulton
  m. (08.12.1595) William Penn of Penn
  (iv) Mary Poulton
  m. _ Troughton
  (v) Emma Poulton
  m. _ Styles
  (vi) Ursula Poulton
m. _ Styles
  (vii)+ other issue - William (b 1577, d infant), Giles, Thomas (d 27.02.1637), Ferdinando (b 1586, d 1637, jesuit), Eugenia (nun)
  (B) Philip Poulton
  m. Rachel Pope (dau of Thomas Pope of Bouhton)
  (i) Elizabeth Poulton
  (3) Anne Poulton
  m. Euseby Isham of Pitchley named Giles by Walker
  (4) Maria or Johanna Poulton
  m. _ Caldicott (Caldecott) of Ketton
  (5) Isabella Poulton
  m. Edward Wykeham of Swalcliffe (Sawcliff) named George by Walker
  (6) Agnes Poulton
  m. Miles Hampden of Rowell
  (7)+ other issue - Thomas, Johanna/Maria
2. Johanna Poulton
  m. John Curson of Desborough
  A. John Curson
  m. Alice Downhall (dau of Thomas Downhall of Geddington)
  i. William Curson
  m. Maria Osborn (dau of Morris Osborn of Kelmarsh)
  ii. Thomas Curson
  B. Edward Curson (dsp)
  C. Alice Curson
  m. Nicholas Gemeys of Muscot

Main source(s): 'Pedigree of Poultons of Desborough' (found online here (on 'The Poulton Project' web site), with thanks to a contributor (DCS, 19.09.13) for drawing this to our attention) with some support from Visitation (Walter Metcalfe (1887), Northamptonshire, 1564+1618-9, 'Poulton of Desborough')
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