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Families covered: Pigot of Clotherham, Pigot of Melmorby, Pigot of Ripon

(1) Much of the upper section of this page was first launched within Temp90 on 10.04.12. It was moved here when we came across the article in 'The Genealogist' (identified below) which enabled us to avoid relying on various (contradictory) web sites and sort out the contradictions within Foster (who shows inconsistency between the 2 pages which cover this family - 'Pigot of Clotherham etc.' and 'Leeds Pigot Metcalfe etc.') and between Foster and Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Pygot), the latter now being largely ignored.
(2) 'The Genealogist' reports that "The family of Pigot is said to have been descended from a Norman nobleman, and top have settled in different provinces of England at or soon after the Conquest. A branch was settled in Yorkshire at an early period."
Lorette Pigot or Pycott
1. Geoffrey Pigot or Piechott de Melmorby, Yorkshire (d by 1310)
  m. Joan (a 1310)
  A. Sir Randolph Pigot or Pygot of Melmorby & Carlton (a 1340)
  This appears to be the Ralph (b c1269) shown by various web sites as m. Emma de Clotherham. Foster names his wife Joan whilst 'The Genealogist' identifies her as ...
  m. Joan (possibly dau of Sir John Mincot)
i. Sir Geffrey Pigot of Melmorby (a 1348)
  m1/2. Elizabeth
  m2/1. Joan shown by various web sites as dau of Thomas de Hawkswell
  a. Sir Randolph (Randall) Pigot of Melmorby & Clotherham (a 1359, d before 10.03.1404/5)
Various web sites identify Randall's wife (and mother of Geoffrey) as Joan/Johanna, dau of William de Swales. Foster identifies her as ...
  m. Joan de Clotherham (a 1412, dau/heir of John de Clotherham)
  (1) Sir Geoffrey Pigot of Clotherham (a 1418) shown by various web sites as d 1420
In 'Pigot of Clotherham etc.', Foster shows Margaret as relict of Sir Geoffrey who is shown as mother of Randall. However, in 'Leeds Pigot Metcalfe etc.'. the wife of Galfridus (the first of the family shown in that entry, apparently this Geoffrey) & mother of Ralph is shown as Emma de Ledes. 'The Genealogist' just mentions the marriage to Emma Leeds. We presume that he married twice as follows:
  m1. Emma de Leeds (dau of Sir Roger de Leeds of Northall, sister/heir of William)
  (A) Randolph (Randall/Ralph) Pigot of Clotherham (a 1431, d before 09.05.1467 (1461?))
  Randall is the last mentioned by Foster. The next 2 generations are largely supported by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Pygot) which showed Raff as son of Galfrid (by Johanna, dau of Sir John Mynyot) brother of John (father, by dau of Conan Aske, of John & Richard of Ripon) & son of Ralph (reputedly by Emma, dau of Sir William Lancaster of Sockbridge).
m. Margaret Plumpton (dau of Sir Robert Plumpton of Plumpton)
  (i) Sir Geoffrey Pigot of Clotherham (b before 1428, d by 1469?)
  m. Margaret Sewarby (d c11.1485, dau/heir of John Sewarby of Sewarby or Sywardby)
  The following is supported by 'The Gentleman's Magazine' (vol 134, July 1823).
  (a) Sir Randolph Pigot of Clotherham (dsp 09.08.1503, Wakeman of Ripon)
m. Joan Strangeways (dau of Sir Richard Strangeways (Strangweis or Stranguysh) of Harsley Castle by Elizabeth, dau of William Neville, Earl of Kent)
  (b) Thomas Pigot of Clotherham (d 16.05.1513)
  m. Isabell Gascoyne (dau of "a younger brother of the house of Gascoyne")
  ((1)) Margaret Pigot (b 1493, d 03.02.1531)
m. (1507) Sir James Medcalfe of Nappa
  ((2)) Elizabeth Pigot (b 1498, dsp)
  m1. Sir James Strangways of Harsley Castle (dsp 1541)
  m2. Sir Charles Brandon (natural son of Charles, Duke of Suffolk)
  m3. Francis Neville of Barby (son of Sir John of Chevete)
((3)) Joan (Jane) Pigot (b 1501, bur 29.10.1597)
  m1. Sir Giles Hussey of Cawthorpe (Caythorpe/Gunthorpe)
  m2. Thomas Folkingham of North Hall
  ((4)) Margery Pigot
m. Thomas Waterton
  (c) William Pigot (dsp young?)
  (d) Joanna Pigot
  m. Sir John Wandesford of Kirklington (dsp)
  (e) Anne Pigot
  m. John Copley of Batley
  (f) Elizabeth Pigot
  m. _ Scargill
  (ii) Johanna Pigot (d 06.08.1488)
  m. Sir John Norton of Norton Conyers (d 1489)
  (B) Richard Pigot of Ripon then Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire
  m1. Alice Finnell (dau/heir of Richard Finnell of Winslow)
  m2. Joan (or Isabel) Darrell (dau of Paul Darrell of Lillingstone Darrell)
  (C) Emma Pigot (a 1418)
m2. Margaret (a 1485)
  (2) John Pigot of Ripon (a 1427)
  m. Elizabeth Aske (dau of Conrad Aske, widow of _ Mountford of Hackworth)
  (A) John Pigot of Ripon (dsps)
  m. (15.01.1485) Katherine Helton
  (B) Richard Pigot of Ripon (Serjeant-at-law)
  m. Joan
  (i) Richard Pigot (a 1483, dsp)
  (C) Roger Pigot (a 1428, d young?)
  (D) Margaret Pigot
  m. Robert Wyvell of Ripon ("from whom descended Wyvell of Constable Burton")
  ii. Alice Pigot
  m1. Marmaduke Darrel of Sessay (a 1371)
  m2. Peter de Routh
  B. Roger Pigot

Main source(s): 'The Genealogist' (New Series, George Marshall, vol 2 (1878), 'Pigot of Melmorby in Coverdale, and of Clotherham near Ripon, co. York', p294+) with some support from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Pigot of Clotherham, etc'.) and with input/support/contradiction as reported above
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