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Families covered: O'Conor Don of Ballintober, O'Conor of Connaught, O'Conor Roe

Teige ('of the Three Towers'), King of Connaught (d 954)
BLGI1912 reports of this family that "No family in Ireland claims greater antiquity and no family in Europe, royal or noble, can trace its descent through so many generations of legitimate ancestors." BIFR1976 identifies Teige's son Concover/Conor as "said to be 18th in descent from Daagh Galach, the first Christian King of Connaught, who d AD438". The continuation provides a descent from that Daagh (or Duagh).
1. Concovar or Conor, King of Connaught (d 971)
  BIFR1976 identifies Conor as the person "from whom the family name of O'Conor is derived".
  A. Cathal O'Conor, King of Connaught (d 1010)
  i. Teige ('of the White Steed'), King of Connaught (d 1030)
  a. Hugh O'Conor ('of the Broken Spear'), King of Connaught (d 1067)
  (1) Roderic O'Conor ('Rory of the Yellow Hound'), King of Connaught (d 1118)
  (A) Turlough Mor O'Conor, King of Ireland (d 1156)
m1. Tailltin (d 1128, dau of Morrough O'Melaghlin, King of Meath)
  (i) Roderic O'Conor, King of Ireland, King of Connaught (d 1198)
  (a) Coin Moin Moy, King of Connaught (d 1189)
  ((1)) Cathal Carrach, King of Connaught (d 1201) had issue
m2. (1131) Dervorgilla McLouglin (d 1151, dau of Donnell McLoughline, Monarch of Ireland)
  (ii) Cathal Crovedearg, King of Connaught (d 1224)
  m. Mor (?) O'Brien (dau of ?? O'Brien, King of Munster)
  (a) Hugh O'Conor, King of Connaught (d 1228)
  m. Rainault (Reginalda) O'Ferrall (dau of Auley O'Ferrall)
((1)) Rory or Roderic O'Conor (d 1224)
  ((A)) Owen O'Conor, King of Connaught (d 1274)
  ((i)) Hugh O'Conor, King of Connaught ("a younger son") - continued below
  m. Finola O'Brien (d 1335, dau of Turlough O'Brien)
  ((2)) Una or Agnes O'Conor
  O'Conor shows Una/Agnes as wife of ...
  m. Richard de Burgo
  (b) Felim O'Conor, King of Connaught
  BP1870 (Clanricarde) appears to suggest an alternative identity for the wife of Richard de Burgo, as follows (which presumes that Cahill Crowderg ('Red Hand'), King of Connaught is the same person as the above Cathal Crovedearg).
  (c) daughter (Una?)
  m. Robert de Gernon
  ((1)) Hodierna de Gernon
  m. Richard de Burgo
  m3. Durcloulagh (d 1169, dau of Melachlin O'Mulroony)



Hugh O'Conor, King of Connaught - continued above
m. Finola O'Brien (d 1335, dau of Turlough O'Brien)
1. Felim O'Conor, King of Connaught
  A. ?? O'Conor
  i. Turlough O'Conor, (O'Conor Roe'), King of Connaught
  BIFR1976 does not follow the O'Conor Roe line.
  a. Felim Finn O'Conor Roe father of Devorgilla, probably of this generation
  (1) Devorgilla O'Conor
  m. Owen Caech O'Conor Don (d 1485) @@ below
2. Turlough O'Conor, King of Connaught (d 1342)
  m1. (div 1339) Devoorgal (or Dervorgil) O'Donnell (dau of Hugh O'Donnell, Prince of Tyrconnell)
  BIFR1976 does not make it clear which wife was mother of Turlough's children though it must be likely that Devoorgal was mother of at least some of them. O'Conor (the Source) shows her as mother of ...
  A. Hugh O'Conor, King of Connaught (d 1356)
  m. Margaret De Burgh (d 1365, dau of Walter De Burgh)
  i. Turlough O'Conor (O'Conor Don'), King of Connaught (d 1406)
  m. Evaine O'Kelly
  a. Hugh O'Conor Don
b. Felim Geancach O'Conor Don (d 1474)
  m. Edwina (dau of O'Conor Sligo)
  (1) Owen Caech O'Conor Don (d 1485)
  m. Devorgilla (dau of Felim Finn O'Conor Roe) @@ above
  (A) Carbery O'Conor Don 'of Ballintober' (b 1475, d 1546)
  BIFR1976 does not name Carbery's wife. O'Conor (the Source) suggests that she may have been Una O'Flannagan but notes that there is uncertainty as to whether or not her husband Carbery was this Carbery. BLGI1912 (O'Connor-Henchy of Stonebrook) identifies her as Dervorghil (dau of Felim Finn O'Conor Roe) but that appears to be a duplication for Carbery's mother.
(i) Dermot O'Conor Don (d 1585, possibly 2nd son?)
  m. Dorothy O'Conor Roe (dau of Teige Buidhe O'Conor Roe)
  (a) Sir Hugh O'Conor Don 'of Ballintober' (b 1541, d 1627, 3rd son)
  m. Mary O'Rourke (dau of Brian O'Rourke, lord of Breffney)
  (b)+ other issue (dvp) - Con (d 1563), Turlough (d 1583)
  (ii) Felim Finn O'Conor ('Geannach') (5th son) shown here by BLGI1912 (O'Connor-Henchy of Stonebrook)
  (iii)+ other issue - Turlough (d unm 1582), Owen Caech, Owen Toole
  c. Finola O'Conor probably of this generation
  m. Melaghlin (Maeleachlan or Maelseachlain) O'Kelly (d 1401)
  B. Rory O'Conor, ruler of Connaught
  C. Finola O'Conor
  m. _ O'Kelly
  D. Una O'Conor
  m. _ O'Reilly
  m2. Slaine O'Brien

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (O'Conor Don), BLGI1912 (O'Conor Don) with some support from 'The O'Conors of Connaught' (compiled from a manuscript of John O'Donovan, with additions, by Charles Owen O'Conor Don, 1891)
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