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Families covered: Monson of Kinnersley, Monson of South Carlton (Carleton), Monson of South Kelsey

John Monson of Owersby (a 1378)
1. John Monson (a 1418)
  A. John Monson (a 1441)
  i. John Monson of South Kelsey (d 08.12.1473)
  m(2). Elizabeth Hansard (dau of Sir Richard Hansard)
  a. Sir John Monson of South Kelsey and South Carlton (b 1467, d 26.05.1542)
  m1. Beatrice (dau of John Hurst or Thirsk of Burton)
(1) Thomas Monson of South Kelsey had issue
  m. Elizabeth Sheffield (d 05.1573, dau of Sir Robert Sheffield of Butterwick)
  m2. Dorothy Meres (of the Marsh, Lincoln)
  (2) George Monson (a 07.1557, rector of Clayworth, chaplain to Queen Anne of Cleves)
  (3) Robert Monson of Belton (d 08.1555) had issue
  m. Margaret Belwood (d 07.1570, dau of Sir Francis Belwood of Belton)
(4) William Monson of South Carlton, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 11.1558)
  m. Elizabeth Tywhitt (d 08.10.1546, dau of Sir Robert Tywhitt of Kettleby)
  (A) John Monson of Beckenham and Boyle (dvp 17.11.1552)
  m. Mary Hussey (d 04.03.1572-3, dau of Sir Robert Hussey of Linwood)
  (i) Sir John Monson of South Carlton, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 1546, d 20.12.1593)
  m. Jane Dighton (d 10.1624, dau of Robert Dighton of Little Sturton)
  (a) Sir Thomas Monson, 1st Bart of Carlton (d 25.05.1641)
  m. (07.1590) Margaret Anderson (bur 03.08.1630, dau of Sir Edmund Anderson)
  (b) Sir William Monson of Kinnersley (bur 13.02.1642-3, Admiral)
  m. (1593) Dorothy Wallop (dau of Richard Wallop of Bugbrooke)
((1)) John Monson of Kinnersley (b 1604)
  m. Anne Mayne (d 29.08.1667, dau of James Mayne)
  ((A)) Anne Monson (d 23.07.1728)
  m. Sir Francis Throgmorton, Bart of Coughton
  ((2)) William Monson, Viscount Castlemaine (b 1607, d 1673)
  m1. (1625) Margaret Stewart (d 04.08.1639, dau of James Stewart, 2nd Earl of Moray)
  ((A)) Stewart Monson (b 03.1628, d young)
m2. (05.1646) Frances Alston (d 01.1650-1, dau of Thomas Alston of Portshead)
  ((B))+ issue - Alston (b 1647, d 01.1674-5), Frances (d 1660)
  m3. Elizabeth Reresby (d 26.12.1695, dau of Sir George Reresby of Thribergh)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Monson (a 1712)
  m1. Sir Philip Hungate, Bart (d 04.1690)
  m2. Lewis Smith of Wotton (a 1712)
  ((i)) Francis Smith (a 1712)
  ((3)) Jane Monson
  m. Sir Francis Howard of Eastwick and Bookham (d 07.07.1651)
  ((4)) Catherine Monson
  m. John Saville of Wakefield
  (c) John Monson (d 05.1596)
(d) Sir Robert Monson of North Carlton (d 15.04.1638)
  m. Sarah Clayton (dau of William Clayton of Wakefield)
  ((1)) John Monson (dvpsp 1634)
  ((2)) Anne Monson
  m. (13.08.1635) Arthur Redhead of Holden
  ((3)) Sarah Monson, Viscountess Corbet of Linchdale (b 13.06.1617, d 05.06.1682)
  m1. Sir Vincent Corbet, 1st Bart of Morton Corbet (d 28.12.1656)
  m2. (18.12.1679) Sir Charles Lee of Billesley
  ((4)) Mary Monson (bpt 25.07.1616, bur 13.10.1669)
  m. (14.01.1633-4) Molyneux Disney of Norton Disney (b 1614, d 1694)
((5)) Jane Monson (d 1648)
  m. Roger Molyneux (Colonel)
  ((6)) Catherine Monson
  m. John Povey of Ely
  (e) Anthony Monson of Northorpe ancestor of Monsons of Northorpe
(f) Elizabeth Monson (b 28.09.1563, bur 28.02.1634-5)
  m. Sir Valentine Browne of Croft (bur 09.04.1606)
  (g) Mary Monson
  m. (1588) Sir Thomas Reresby of Thribergh (d 1619)
  (h) Anne Monson
  m. Sir Edward Dymock of Scrivelsby
  (i) Catherine Monson
  m. (12.1599) Sir Edward Griffin of Dingley
  (ii) William Monson (minister)
  m. (14.07.1577) Jane or Mary Disney (dau of Thomas Disney)
(iii)+ other issue - Robert, George of Southam, Elizabeth, Mary
  (B) Robert Monson (dsp 25.09.1583)
  m. (12.09.1559) Elizabeth Dyon (dau of John Dyon of Tathwell)
  (C) Gilbert Monson (d 1555, prebendary of Lincoln)
  (D) George Monson (d 21.03.1578-9, prebendary of Lincoln) had issue
  m. (15.09.1565) Eleanore Farmery (dau of George Farmery of Northorpe)
  (5) Anne Monson
  m. Thomas Rygge of Boothby
  (6) Frances Monson
  m. Sir Christopher Ayscough of Ashby
  b.+ 3 daughters

Main source(s): BP1934 (Monson)
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