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Families covered: Menteith of Auldcathie (Aldcathy), Menteth of Burrowine, Menteith of Carriber, Stuart-Menteth of Closeburn, Menteith of Kersiebank, Menteith of Lochend, Menteith of Randiford, Dalyell of The Binns
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James Menteith of Caerkae and Randiford (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
m. (1501) Janet Simpson (sister of Duncan Simpson of Achintyre, widow of Archibald Crawford of Braecroft
1. Patrick Menteith of Randiford presumed father of ...
'Heraldry of the Stewarts' does not follow this line beyond Patrick. The following comes from sundry cross-references.
  A. William Menteith of Randiford presumed father of ...
  i. William Menteith of Randiford (d before 18.07.1571)
  m. (07.03.1553-4) Margaret Colville (dau of Sir James Colville of Ochiltree)
  a. ?? Menteith of Randiford
  This line ended with a Charles Menteith but it is not known what generation he was of.
  b. Margaret Menteith
  m. (07.02.1625) Sir John Henderson, 5th of Fordell (d 11.03.1650)
2. Alexander Menteith of Polmont
  A. William Menteith of Lochend
  i. Alexander Menteith of Lochend
  a. James Menteith of Milnhall
  (1) James Menteith of Milnhall
ii. James Menteith of Kersiebank
  a. James Menteith of Kersiebank & Auldcathie
  (1) James Menteith of Auldcathie
  (A) James Menteith of Auldcathie or Aldcathy
  The following comes from BP1934 (Dalyell).
  m. Magdalen Dalyell (dau of Sir Thomas Dalyell, 1st Bart of The Binns, sister of Thomas, 2nd Bart)
  (i) Sir James Menteith, later Dalyell, 3rd Bart of The Binns (b c1690, d 28.02.1747)
  m. Helen Campbell (dau of Robert Campbell of Netherplace)
(a) Sir Robert Dalyell, 4th Bart of The Binns (d 10.10.1791)
  m. (22.09.1773) Elizabeth Graham (d 31.07.1825, dau of Nicol Graham of Gartshore)
  ((1)) Sir James Dalyell, 5th Bart of The Binns (b 07.07.1774, d unm 01.02.1841)
  ((2)) Sir John Graham Dalyell, 6th Bart of The Binns (b 1778, d unm 07.06.1851)
((3)) Robert Dalyell (d 1848, General)
  ((4)) Sir William Cunningham Cavendish Dalyell, 7th Bart of The Binns (b 27.04.1784, d 16.02.1865) had issue
  m. (19.09.1820) Maria Sampayo (d 20.10.1871, dau of Anthony Teixiera Sampayo of Fulham)
  ((5)) Harriet Dalyell
  m. (1804) James Wilkie (dvp 1814, son of James of Foulden)
  (b) Magdalen Dalyell
  m. Robert Stewart of Binny
  (c)+ other issue - James (dsp 1763), Thomas (d 1765)
3. Andrew Menteith of Coalheughburn
  m. Margaret Kinkead (dau of John Kinkead of Warriston)
A. Robert Menteith of Coalheughburn
  m. Janet Kinkead (dau of David Kinkead of that ilk by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Livingston of Mangerston)
  i. Alexander Menteith of Salmonet (d 1638)
  m. Rachel Sandilands
  a. Robert Menteith (canon of Notre Dame)
  b. Alexander Menteith
  m. (1638) Agnes Primrose (dau of James Primrose)
  c. Andrew Menteith of Caribber (a 1640)
  m1. Christian Boyd (dau of Robert Boyd of Kipps)
  (1) Robert Menteith of Caribber
  m. (1680) Elizabeth Mowat (dau of Sir George Mowat of Ingliston)
  (A)+ issue (d unm) - Charles, Archibald (d young), Robert (d Dettingen), Elizabeth
  (2) Alexander Menteith
  (A) only child (dsp)
  (3) James Menteth of Burrowine (d c1713)
  m. (mcrt 10.12.1685) Gyles Durie (dau of James Durie of Craigluscar)
(A) William Menteth of Burrowine (d c1747)
  m1. Anna Morrison
  (i) Anna Menteth (heiress to Robert Morrison)
  m2. Janet Murray (dau of James Murray of East Grange)
  (ii) James Menteth, later Stuart-Menteath of Closeburn (d 15.07.1802, rector of Barrowby)
  m. (15.04.1765) Catherine Maria Wheler (dau of Rev. Granville Wheler of Otterden Place by Catherine Maria Hastings)
(a) Sir Charles Granville Stuart-Menteath, 1st Bart of Closeburn (b 15.05.1769, d 03.12.1847)
  m. (13.09.1791) Ludivina Loughnan (d 06.02.1852, dau of Thomas Loughnan by Philadephia, dau of Robert Fergusson of Craigdarroch)
  ((1)) Sir James Stuart-Menteth, 2nd Bart (b 19.08.1792, dsp 27.02.1870)
  m. (17.12.1846) Jane Bailey (d 14.10.1905, dau of Sir Joseph Bailey, Bart of Glanusk Park)
  ((2)) Thomas Loughnan Stuart-Menteth (b 31.08.1796, d 22.02.1854, Captain) had issue
  m. (07.09.1832) Isabella Maria Tobin (d 22.02.1868, dau of James Tobin of Dublin)
  ((3)) Charles GranvilleStuart-Menteth of Entry Hill House, Bath (b 01.12.1800, d 08.05.1880) had issue
  m. (19.09.1826) Cecilia Louise Cecil (dau of Walter Cecil of Moreton Jeffries)
((4)) William Stuart-Menteth (b 31.07.1805, d 08.1857, Colonel) had issue
  m. (09.1826) Sarah Hamilton (dau of Col. _ Hamilton)
  ((5)) Francis Hastings Stuart-Menteth (b 06.10.1807, d 08.03.1875, vicar of Thorpe Arch) had issue
  m. (11.03.1834) Cora Chawner (d 11.02.1876, dau of Rupert Chawner)
  ((6)) Alexander Stuart-Menteth (b 10.03.1809, d 11.08.1885) had issue
  m. (1841) Harriet Agnes (dau of General Patrick Alexander Agnew)
  ((7)) Granville WhelerStuart-Menteth (b 27.03.1811, d 01.09.1887, rector of Morcott) had issue
  m. (29.08.1837) Jane Thorold (d 10.02.1899, dau of Rev. Edward Thorold)
  ((8)) Philadephia Stuart-Menteth (d 15.12.1853)
  m. John Francis Miller Erskine, Earl of Mar and Kellie (b 28.12.1795, dsp 19.06.1866)
  ((9))+ other issue - Ludivina Grace (d 14.03.1843), Selina (d unm 1862)
  m2. Anne Elphinstone
  d.+ other issue - Andrew of Newlands (a 1646), Sir Patrick (d Dachstein 1675)

Main source(s): "Heraldry of the Stewarts" (by G. Harvey Johnston), BP1934 (Stuart-Menteth)
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