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Families covered: Mackenzie of Scatwell, Mackenzie of Scotsburn

Kenneth Mackenzie of Scatwell (d 03.03.1662)
m1. (1634) Margaret Munro (dau of Sir Robert Munro, Bart of Foulis)
1. John Mackenzie of Scatwell (d 13.05.1677)
  m. Anne Mackenzie (dau of Roderick Mackenzie of Redcastle)
  A. Lilias Mackenzie
  m. (1679) Colin Mackenzie of Kincraig
2. Jean Mackenzie
m. (Robert) Munro of Limlair
3. Anne Mackenzie
  m _ MacCulloch of Park
4. Catherine Mackenzie
  m. Kenneth Mackenzie of Langwell
m2. Janet Ross (dau of Walter Ross of Invercharron, relict of Thomas Ross of Priesthill)
5. Alexander Mackenzie of Scatwell (dsp 18.03.1680, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. Janet Ross of Ulladale (d 03.1699)
6. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Bart of Scatwell (d 1729/30, youngest son)
  m1. Lilias Mackenzie (d 21.10.1703, dau of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Findon, of Kilcoy family)
  A. Sir Roderick Mackenzie, 2nd Bart of Scatwell (d 24.04.1750, 2nd son)
  m. (1710) Janet Grant (d 10.02.1761, dau of Ludovick Grant of Grant)
  i. Sir Lewis Mackenzie, 3rd Bart of Scatwell (b 1715, d 13.09.1756)
  m. (1739) Isabel Mackenzie (d 04.05.1786, dau of Colin Mackenzie of Mountgerald)
  a. Sir Roderick Mackenzie, 4th Bart of Scatwell (d 11.06.1811)
m. (07.04.1764) Catherine Colquhoun (d 11.03.1804, dau of Sir James Colquhoun, Bart of Luss)
  (1) Lewis Mackenzie (dvpsp 1810, Colonel)
  m. (22.02.1794) Grace Lockhart (dau of Thomas Lockhart of Carstairs family)
  (2) Sir James Wemyss Mackenzie, 5th Bart of Scatwell (b 10.08.1770, d 08.03.1843)
  m. (26.03.1810) Henrietta Wharton Mackenzie (d 14.11.1840, dau of William Mackenzie of Suddy)
  (A) Sir James John Randoll Mackenzie, 6th Bart of Scatwell (b 20.06.1814, dsp 28.02.1884)
  m1. (10.10.1838) Anne Wentworth Fitzwilliam (d 29.04.1879, dau of Charles William, 5th Earl Fitzwilliam)
  m2. (05.08.1879) Mary Anne McNeill (dau of James McNeill of Toxteth Park)
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Helen (d 1790), Katharine Morrison (d 1819)
  b. Colin Mackenzie in London (b 13/16.04.1749, d 03.02.1814)
  m. Janet Sprot (dau of John Sprot of Edinburgh)
  (1) Lewis Mackenzie (b 20.08.1788, d 30.05.1853, Major, 3rd son) had issue
m. (16.10.1820) Nancy Bancroft (d 22.01.1870, dau of Samuel Forester Bancroft)
  Their eldest surviving son became the 7th Baronet.
  (2) other issue - Colin (d unm 17.04.1841), Mark (d unm 26.03.1856)
  c. Lewis Mackenzie (d unm)
  d. George Mackenzie (b 06.04.1748, d 09.04.1840, Colonel)
  m. (20.02.1775) Joan Campbell (d 20.10.1825, dau of John Campbell of Wellwood)
  (1) Lewis Mackenzie (b 1778, d 26.05.1807, Colonel) had issue
  m. (06.04.1801) Jane Logan (d 1843, dau of William Logan)
  (2) John Mackenzie (b 03.09.1779, d 14.11.1824) had issue
  m. (11.04.1814/1810) Marie Barbier Deshayeux (d 24.05.1852)
  (3) Jane Mackenzie (d 1868)
  m. William Forrester Bow (MD)
  (4)+ other issue - George (d young), George (d unm), Isabel (d youing), Catherine (D unm)
e. Lilias Mackenzie (d unm 1777)
  ii. Alexander Mackenzie (Captain)
  m1. Lilias Mackenzie (dau of Simon Mackenzie of Scotsburn) @@ below
  a. Roderick Mackenzie (dsps, Major)
  b. Alexander Mackenzie (dsp 1847)
  m. Isabella Forsyth
  m2. Janet Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Torridon)
  c.+ other issue
  iii. Janet Mackenzie
  m. (1730) Sir Alexander Mackenzie, 2nd Bart of Gairloch (d 09.06.1766)
  iv. Elizabeth Mackenzie
m. (1759) Colin Mackenzie of Mountgerald
  v. Margaret Mackenzie
  m. James Cuthbert of Milncraig
  B. Simon Mackenzie of Scotsburn (b 16.05.1702, d 23.07.1761)
  m1. Jean Mackenzie (dau of William Mackenzie of Balmaduthy)
  i. Roderick Mackenzie of Scotsburn
  m1. (sp) (Mary) Mackenzie (dau of ?? Mackenzie of Muirton)
  m2. Anne Chisholm (d 1816, dau of Alexander Chisholm of Chisholm)
  a. Alexander Mackenzie of Scotsburn (d 1843)
  m. (1812) Jane Henderson
  (1) Charles Roderick Mackenzie (dsp 25.04.1893)
  m. (28.03.1846) Madelaine Murray (dau of Rev. Sir William Murray, 9th Bart of Clermont)
  b. Lilias Mackenzie
  m. (28.10.1825) James Walker of Dalry
  ii.+ 2 daughters
  m2. Vere Campbell (dau of Patrick Campbell of Edinchip)
iii. Charles Mackenzie (d unm)
  iv.+ 2 daughters
  Included as 1 of the above daughters (unsure by which marriage) was ...
  Lilias Mackenzie
  m. Alexander Mackenzie @@ above
  C. Margaret Mackenzie
  m1. (13.02.1703) Eneas Macleod of Cadboll
  m2. Roderick Mackenzie of Applecross
  D. Isabel Mackenzie (d 1755)
  m1. Kenneth Bayne of Tulloch
  m2. Roderick Chisholm of Chisholm (b 1697, d 19.08.1767)
  E. Elizabeth Mackenzie (d 1772)
  m. William Mackenzie of Belmaduthy
  F. Margaret Mackenzie
  m. James Cuthbert of Farnese, Inverness
G.+ other issue - George (b c1685, d unm 1705), Alexander (b c1694, d 1711)
  m2. (1707, sp) Christian Maceknzie (dau of Rev Roderick Mackenzie of Avoch)
  m3. (1718) Abigail Urquart (dau of John Urqhart of Newhall)
  I. Jean Mackenzie (d 1786)
  m. Kenneth Mackenzie of Dundonell
  J. Anne Mackenzie
  m. (1750) Thomas Mackenzie of Ord
  K.+ other issue - Kenneth (d unm), Lilias (b 22.02.1711)
7. Isobel Mackenzie
  m. Ian (John) MacLeod, 1st of Contilich
8. Christian Mackenzie
  m1. John Gray of Arboll
  m2. George Gordon of Ospisdale
9.+ other issue (d young) - Roderick, George

Main source(s): BP1934 (Mackenzie of Scatwell), 'History of the Mackenzies' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1894, p566+)
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