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Families covered: Greswolde of Greet(e), Greswold of Longdon Hall, Greswolde of Malvern Hall, Greswold of Solihull (Solthull)

It appears that this family's name added an e in recent times. Normally it is the other way around!
John Greswold of Kenelworth, Warwickshire
m. _ Hugford (dau of William Hugford of Hulderley Hall, Solihull)
1. Radulpus Greswold
  m. Margaret Dadley
  A. Richard Greswold of Solthull (Solihull)
  m. _ Grome (dau/heir of _ Grome of Kimenhall & Berch Furlongs)
  i. William or Thomas Greswold
  m. Isabel Grange (dau/heir of John Grange)
  a. Thomas Greswold of Solihull
  m. Christiana
  b. John Greswold of Solihull
m. Margaret Bromley (dau/heir of Henry Bromley)
  (1) John Greswold of Longdon Hall
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) Richard Greswold of Solihull the first mentioned by Visitation (Worcestershire)
m. Joane Stockley (dau/heir of Thomas Stockley of Poxhall (Yoxall of Foxhall))
  (i) John Greswold of Longdon Hall, Warwickshire
  m. ?? Verney (dau of Sir Richard Verney of Compton)
  (a) Richard Greswold 'of Solihull'
  (b) Anne Greswold
  m. Richard Medlemore
(c) Alice Greswold
  m. Thomas Dabredgcourt
  (d) Christiana Greswold
  m. William Belcher of Gellesrough (d 03.04.1609)
  ((1)) Dabredgcourt Belcher
  (ii) Thomas Greswold of Solihull - continued below
  m. Alice Parker (dau/heir of _ Parker of Chartley)
(iii) Roger Greswold of London (5th son)
  m. Margaret (dau of Miles of Cheprested, usher to King Henry 8)
  (a) Roger Greswold (dsp)
  (b) Dorothy Greswold
  m1. John Wild (Weld) of London
  m2. Hugh Offeley (Offley), Sheriff of London
  (iv) Alice Greswold
  m. John Haddy of Fernhall
  (v) Joane or Jane Greswold
  m. William Tong
  (vi)+ other issue - George, Humphry of Mosley (dsp by 1570), Peter (dsp)



Thomas Greswold of Solihull - continued above
m. Alice Parker (dau/heir of _ Parker of Chartley)
1. Richard Greswold of Solihull
  m. Margaret Hall of Oxfordshire
  A. Thomas Greswold of Solihull (d by 1616)
  m. Elizabeth Shuckburgh (dau/heir of Benedick Shuckburgh of Cubbington)
  B. Henry Greswold of Greete in Yardley (d by 1602(
m. Dorothy James (dau/coheir of Henry James of Forfeild/Belbroughton)
  i. Humphrey Greswolde of Greete (a 1634) the first mentioned by Commoners
  m. Elizabeth Bourne (dau/coheir of Fulke Bourne of Elmbridge)
  a. Humphrey Greswolde of Greet (b 1622, d 1671)
  m1. Lettice Staunton (dau of John Staunton of Longbridge)
  m2. Elizabeth Smith (dau/coheir of Edmund Smith of Maple Borow Green)
  b. Henry Greswolde (rector of Solihull, d 1700, 4th son)
  m. Anne Marshall (dau of Rev. Samuel Marshall of Weedonbeck)
(1) Humphrey Greswolde of Solihull (d unm 1712)
  (2) Henry Greswolde of Solihull
  (A) Anne Greswolde
  (3) Marshall Greswolde (cleric)
  m. Martha Makepeace (dau/coheir of Wlliam Makepeace) @@ below
  (A) Humphrey Greswolde of Malvern Hall, Warwickshire (d unm 1746)
(B) Marshall Greswolde of Malvern Hall (d 1749)
  (C) Mary Greswolde of Malvern Hall (d 1757)
  m. David Lewis 'of Allesley & Solihull' 'of Malvern Hall'
  (i) Henry Greswolde Lewis of Malvern Hall (d 1829)
  m. Charlotte Bridgman (dsp 1802, dau of Henry, 1st Lord Bradford)
  Malvern Hall passed to descendants of Henry's great-grand-aunt Anne Greswolde (see ## below).
  (ii) Anna Maria Lewis (b c1765, d 14.09.1804
  m. (04.02.1773) Wilbraham (Tollemache), 6th (not 5th) Earl of Dysart (dsp 1821)
  (iii) Magdalena Lewis (d 02.02.1823)
  m. (19.04.1791) Lionel (Tolemache), 5th (not 4th) Earl of Dysart (dsp 1799)
  (iv) Elizabeth Lewis (d unm)
  (D)+ other issue - John of Solihull (dsp 1760), Martha (d unm)
c. Anne Greswolde (b 1631, d 1669)
  m. Henry Palmer of Olton End, Warwickshire
  (1) Mary Palmer
  m. William Makepeace of Pensham, Worcestershire
  (A) Anne Makepeace
  m. Edward Wigley of Ullesthorpe
  One of their great-grandsons (and then his uncle, one of Anne & Edward's grandsons) inherited Malvern Hall (see ## above) and assumed the name Greswolde.
  (B) Martha Makepeace
  m. Rev. Marshall Greswolde @@ above
  (2) Elizabeth Palmer
  m. Thomas Doley of Olton End
  (3)+ other issue - George of Olton End, Henry, Humphrey, James, Joseph, Benjamin of Olton End, Martha
  d.+ other issue (a 1634) - James, Fulke, Thomas, Dorothy, Patience, Elizabeth
  ii.+ other issue - William, George, Richard

Main source(s): Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, 'Greswold'), Visitation (Worcestershire, 1634, 'Greswold'), Commoners (vol 2, 'Greswolde of Malvern Hall', p673+)
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