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Families covered: Verney of Bromshulfe, Verney of Compton Verney, Verney of Madeley

Because this page contains earlier generations than are contained on the original Verney1, which we have renamed Verney3, we have set this page to be called Verney1 on the assumption that the family shown on that other page was descended from the following William who was the first mentioned by Collins.
William de Vernai
1. William de Vernai (a 1119, 1148)
  A. Roger de Vernai (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
i. Roger de Vernai or Verney of Bromshulfe, Staffordshire
  a. Simon de Vernai or Verney (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  m. Agnes Bagot (dau of William Bagot of the Hide, sister of Hervey of the Hide "progenitor of the Barons of Stafford")
  (1) Hervey de Verney of Bromshulfe (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  (A) Richard de Verney of Madeley, Herefordshire (a 1313)
  (i) Simon de Verney of Madeley (a 1327)
  (a) William de Verney (a 1340, a 1353)
  m. Alice de Langley (dau of Thomas de Langley, m2. Gyles de Bassingburne, m3. John Hemington)
  ((1)) Simon de Verney (d 1367-8)
  ((2)) William de Verney of Byfield-cum-Trafford, Northamptonshire (b 1346-7, a 1377)
  m. Elizabeth
  ((A)) John de Verney - continued below
  m. Alice



John de Verney (escheator of Worcestershire) - continued below
m. Alice
1. Richard Verney of Compton, Warwickshire (d 1489-90)
  m. Eleanor Loutham (dau/heir of John Loutham of Northampton)
  A. Edmund Verney (b c1440, d 26.02.1494, escheator of Warwickshire & Leicestershire)
  m. Elizabeth Fielding (dau of Sir William Fielding)
  i. Richard Verney of Compton (d 28.09.1527)
  m. Anne Danvers (dau of judge William Danvers)
a. Sir Thomas Verney of Compton
  m. Alice Tame (sister/coheir of Sir Edmund Tame of Fairford)
  (1) Sir Richard Verney of Compton (d 26.07.1566-7)
  This is probably the Sir Richard who was, so it appears, confused with the Sir Richard, Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire, who was younger brother of Sir Edmund Verney of Penley and Middle Claydon, ancestor of the Earlts Verney.
  m. Frances Raleigh (dau of George Raleigh of Farnborough)
  (A) George Verney of Compton (b c1544, d 08.04.1574)
  m. Jane Lucy (dau of William Lucy of Charlcot)
  (i) Sir Richard Verney of Compton Verney (b 1563, d 07.08.1630)
m. Margaret Grevillle, de jure Baroness Willoughby de Broke (b c1561, d 26.03.1631, dau of Sir Fulke Greville, de jure 5th Lord Willoughby de Broke)
  (B) Dorothy Verney
  m. _ Danvers
  (C) Eleanor Verney
  m. _ Roydon
  (D) daughter probably of this generation
  m. John Greswold of Longdon Hall
  (E)+ other issue - Richard, John, Stephen
  (2)+ other issue - Peter, Timothy
  b. Anne Verney
  m. Edward Odingsells of Long Itchington (d 1523)
  c.+ 8 sons and 4 daughters
  ii. Elizabeth Verney
  m. Thomas Grey of Enville
  iii.+ other issue - Leonard, Michael
  B. Anne Verney
  m. Sir Richard Montfort
2. John Verney (a 1432, dsp, rector of Breedon, Dean of Litchfield)

Main source(s): Collins (1812, vol 6, Willoughby de Broke) with a little support from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Verney)
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